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Thread: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    Lauren and Kat were clearly upset that Whitney won, I loved Lauren's reactions, it was completely obvious. I'm just happy that Anya remained so positive, and I actually like Fatima's new look without the weave.
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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    Ugh! Im still so dissapointed in this show. This was the first season that I actually cared enough to see religiously evey week. The other few seasons that I have seen have only been because there was a marathon on tv and there was nothing else to do. So Im extremely dissapointed now. Im guessing this is what most people felt when Salisha won last cycle (I didn't see it), although IMO Saleisha has one of the fiercest walks I have ever seen! This show needed to have a Kat, Anya, Fatima final 3 (only because Lauren's walk sucked) to be remotely believable. But I guess we sould have know that it was destined for doom when they chose Whitney over Kat. I mean, that alone should have been a sign that she was the chosen winner. My winner's choice was Anya, but if Fatima would have won, it would have been fair, i mean that girl breathes fashion. If Kat won it would have been fair, the girl is IMO the most beautiful girl in the show. And IMO Anya would have been the best winner. Whitney?? WTF?!?! Are you serious?? Yeah, this show is definetly pretty dumb. And in my opinion, this has been the worst top model winner (again, I didn't see cycle 9). I actually liked the other winners, they were maybe not the best but they deserved the win (either with photos [Caridee] or with runway walk [Eva, Naima]) to me Whitney didn't excel in either. MAybe Anyas walk wasnt the best (but her pictures were) and Whitneys walk sucked too. Caridee had a bad walk in the finale but at least she had awesome pictures to support her win. So Tyra finally got her plus sized model, I wonder what she wants for the next season, I bet if we figure out what type of girl she wants we can spot the winner from the beggining (even is she's doing horrible).

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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    I loved that battle between Miss J and Paulina at the end! They were really going at it! Paulina was 100% Anya and Miss J was 100% Whitney!
    J: Whitney was amazing on the runway. She did a damn good job.
    Paulina: she looked gorgeous, but all I saw was a ham!
    J: Whitney is juicy and beautiful, but was resting on pretty in this one shot here. She did a good job in that one over there.
    Paulina: her aggressive personality really came through. Her beauty shot is ugly and if you take an ugly beauty shot, then you're just ugly!
    J: Well, Anya looks great in pictures, but not at all angles because her nose is busted up! Anya takes more fashionable pictures, but they aren't pretty! Whitney takes prettier pictures.
    Paulina: Whitney belongs in the bedroom. Anya will sell a dress!

    I can't wait to see how it goes down next cycle!

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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    Quote Originally Posted by dongdongahdong;3000034;
    I don't know where to put this, but there's a video on youtube, search for CWsource as the user name.

    They interviewed most of the girls this cycle right after the finale of their opinions about the winner. It's good to see Lauren, Kat and Anya again.
    I went to the CWSource Web site and saw an interview with Whitney, where she was sweet. She said of Fatima "She looks like little Iman! How can you let that go." Then said the judges called Fatima robotic and her Ms. America, and said something about how they wanted Ms. America ... this time.

    Then with Anya. She said hmmm... bottom two five times and never been there ... making weighing motions with her hands. Then she talked about being a logical person ... and logic ..... Very cute.

    And I found the interview on youtube under CW source (at first I didn't do the space between the two words). Man. You can tell Kat does not like her but was trying to be PC. And has Kat lost some weight? She looks a bit on the thin side. Pretty, but thinner. Frankly, I thought the interviews were going to be mean. All the girls were being politic and polite. And Fatima made a good point about what ANTM is. Anya is a goofy sweetheart.
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