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Thread: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    Yay, Whitney wins!!! Go girl, Whitney! I'm so damn glad that Anya is lost officially!

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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    Well I'm mad, grrrr. . not because Whitney won, I figured that might happen >_>

    But because the stupid CW ( channel that airs Top Model ) uhm. . made a bit of an oopsie by announcing and congratulating the winner during the FIRST commercial, like 8 minutes into the show. .
    and continued to air the ' Congratulations WHITNEY~' commercial during every SINGLE commercial

    Ohmygod, I was so grrrrr~

    Anyway, too add. . I'd rather see Anya lose, to be totally honest. . now she can go for an actual modeling career, and not be stuck with what comes with the ANTM winner contract~

    Anya will have a fine career, whether she lost or not. . so don't feel badly for her, just cheer her on as she keeps pursuing her dreams~ and with that killer portfolio and the crazy modeling potential she has, she'll be swooped up by a modeling agenicy like that~

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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    You know, with that walk Whitney can really be amazing.

    I just think Anya deserved it more. I can't wait to hear she got signed with a big agency. I know Anya Kop will be a top model.


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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    Looking back on it, Saleisha was even a better winner than Whitney. I guess we should rename ANTM to ANTTrainwrecks

    [FA edit]
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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    Anya was sad in the confessional when she said she was done but that she was excited to work. Whitney said things like "I doubted myself in highschool when I saw that I looked different from everyone else but now, I can see that I -am- beautiful"

    Best final 2 ever since Joanie and Danielle

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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    I love whitney.

    Anya and her were my favorite two. Whitney would have been perfect if her arms were more in control
    She DID have the best covergirl shoot, though.
    "I wanna be like freakin' mother Theresa, but in a diva sort of way, okay?"

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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    Can't wait to see Whitney's picture with Tyra.
    "Trust me, you'll not forget about me. You will see this face"

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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    That was the most boring/cheesy finale ever.. even though we had a great top three. The editors don't even put any effort into this show anymore. Also, no fadeout picture at the end.. [mod edit]
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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    This is sad, poor Fatima. But I love her.
    This episode made me love Whitney all over again, since I started disliking her in the Fuerzabruta. She was one of my favs. before that.
    It's kinda shocking though, cause its like Anya: 1st Callout 5 times, No Bottom 2 Appearences. Whitney: 1st Callout 1 Time, 4 Bottom 2 Appearences. So I kinda was like not believing the spoiler Babycakes had posted.
    Whitney should've been called first. Her shot was one of the best of all season.
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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ****SPOILERS ****

    whitney is so fixed. the only reason she won is because she is plus sized. bull. if whitney was skinny her butt would been sent the second week

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