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Thread: Photoshoot Ten: Classic Movie Icons

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    Re: Photoshoot Ten: Classic Movie Icons

    If the judges don't seem to have a problem with Whitney keeping her mouth open in pics, maybe it's not a problem. I wouldn't have even noticed if not mentioned here. The judges have never given her a comment about it.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ten: Classic Movie Icons

    I like Tyra's photo. Very interesting. Although her arm looks GIGANTIC.
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    Re: Photoshoot Ten: Classic Movie Icons

    1. anya.
    2. whitney.
    3. fatima.
    4. dominique.

    looks like i agreed with the judges! by the way, i loved this photoshoot. so classy!
    i keep bleeding love.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ten: Classic Movie Icons

    Quote Originally Posted by xTiFEh;2977245;
    Anya's picture looks the best out of the bunch.

    I heared that Nigel commented on Anya taking a good picture by luck.. But when he was photographing
    her nude he said, "Anya is a good model, but she doesn't even know how good she really is."

    Everyone else's pictures suck. Whitney looks stiff with her mouth open, Fatima does
    not look good smiling, and the only part of Dominique you can see is her face.

    I feel sickend by the spoilers posted and I probably won't watch the finale.
    Ok, I really wish you had not said that about the spoilers. You gave me an idea of what might happen and I want to know nothing about it beforehand! :nono

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    Re: Photoshoot Ten: Classic Movie Icons

    Anya is the best, again.
    Whitney is stunning here, is the first picture of her that I actually loooove.
    Well, Dom was a nice girl, not a bitch, but she was not a model...

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    Re: Photoshoot Ten: Classic Movie Icons

    love tyra's photo

    1. anya's photo is sensational. mistake or not, she got the shot, and that's important. her face looks like a million dollars.
    2. at first, i thought whitney's was just mediocre, and i agreed with miss jay/paulina about her being a bit stiff. but now, i really like that sense of vulnerability you can see in her face.
    3. fatima has a gorgeous smile, but completely missed the concept of the photoshoot.
    4. i also think that dominique had some better shots than what they showed.

    but oh well.
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    Re: Photoshoot Ten: Classic Movie Icons

    my callout order:

    dominique(although the face is disgusting, i love the body, plus, she knows how to be a model!)


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    Re: Photoshoot Ten: Classic Movie Icons

    Well it's no surprise to me that Anya is in a league of her own.

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    Re: Photoshoot Ten: Classic Movie Icons

    Except Fatima, I think all of the models, including Tyra look drag. I don't consider it either a good or bad thing.
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    Re: Photoshoot Ten: Classic Movie Icons

    I love Dominique's photo, her bone structure looks so defined.

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