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Thread: ANTM Cycle 10 - Finale 3 *Contain Spoiler*

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    Re: ANTM Cycle 10 - Finale 3 *Contain Spoiler*

    For me:

    Preshow- Whiney
    Make-Over- Fatima
    Homeless- Anya
    Lingerie- Fatima
    Meat- Anya
    Paint- Anya
    Music- Whitney
    Fuerzabruta- Fatima
    Jet-setters- Anya
    CG Commercial- Fatima
    Roman Castle Couture- Anya
    But I still think Whitney deserves to win! She's great!
    Homeless: Lauren Lingerie: Aimee Meat: Lauren Paint: Aimee Music Genres: Katarzyna Fuerzabruta: Fatima Jetsetters: Katarzyna Commercial Katarzyna Roman House: Dominique Famous Movie Icons (Paparazzi)Anya CoverGirl Mascara: Whitney

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    Re: ANTM Cycle 10 - Finale 3 *Contain Spoiler*

    You know what I noticed? Whitney has the same expression in literally every shot. Unfortunetly, she will probably do very well in the covergirl shoot. If she wins, IMO, it will be even worse than Saleisha winning :S

    I pray for an Anya/Fatima Final 2, but its unlikely considering the high amount of favoritism Tyra shows towards Whitney.

    Its very possible Fatima will win. Shes been getting much airtime throughout the season, and has had her "sob story".

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    Re: ANTM Cycle 10 - Finale 3 *Contain Spoiler*

    Gosh it's so hard to tell who is going to win!!!!!!!!!! It could really be anyone...though I highly doubt Fatima will win.

    Whitney: Pre-show, Homeless, Meat, and Music.

    Anya: Makeover, Lingerie, Paint, Airport

    Fatima: Fuerzabruta and Roman Castle.
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    Re: ANTM Cycle 10 - Finale 3 *Contain Spoiler*

    Oh, and IMO:

    Preshow - Fatima
    Make Over - Fatima
    Homeless - Anya
    Lingerie - Anya
    Meat - Anya
    Paint - Anya
    Music - Whitney
    Fuerzabuta - Fatima
    Jet Setters - Anya
    CG Commerical - Fatima
    Roman Castle Couture - Anya (by only a small amount, because I LOVVEEDD Fatimas)

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    Re: ANTM Cycle 10 - Finale 3 *Contain Spoiler*

    i really dont know who is going to win. And Im not going to read the spoiler thread next week. I want to be surprised at who makes final 2 and who wins.
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    Re: ANTM Cycle 10 - Finale 3 *Contain Spoiler*

    My ranking:

    Pre-show: Whitney
    Homeless: Anya
    Makeover: Fatima
    Lingerie: Anya
    Meat: Anya
    Paint: Anya
    Music: Anya
    FuerzaBruta: Fatima
    Jet Setters: Anya
    CG Commercial: Fatima
    Roman Castle Couture: Anya/Fatima

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    Re: ANTM Cycle 10 - Finale 3 *Contain Spoiler*

    Here's my unbiased opinion of each of the shoots:

    Preshow: Fatima, it is absolutely gorgous and strong.
    Homeless: Anya, Fatima's is overacted and Whitney's is bland so Anya takes the cake.
    Makeover: Fatima, well Anya and Whitney sucked at this one so Fatima wins for this.
    Lingerie: Fatima, see above.
    Meat: Anya, she has a very strong look in her eyes I love it.
    Paint: Anya, Fatima would've won if it wasn't for The Pit (dun dun dunnnnnnn)
    Music: Whitney, she didn't over do it and I liked her sassy attitude for the shot.
    Fuerzabuerta: Fatima, she looks very regal and elegant.
    Jetsetters: Anya, she definitley beat out Whitney.
    Commercial: Fatima, she blew the other two out of the water.
    Roman Castle: Anya, but Fatima comes in an extremely close second.

    Anya - 5
    Fatima - 4
    Whitney - 1

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    Re: ANTM Cycle 10 - Finale 3 *Contain Spoiler*

    Preshow: Fatima (caught my attention first)
    Homeless: Anya!!
    Lingerie: Fatima
    Meat: Anya
    Music: Whitney(sad but true)
    Fuerzabuerta: Fatima
    Jetsetters: Anya
    Commercial: Fatima
    Roman Castle: Fatima

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    Re: ANTM Cycle 10 - Finale 3 *Contain Spoiler*

    My Opinions.
    Preshow: Fatima, is fierce and super gorgeous.
    Homeless: Fatima, Anya's & Whitney's come in 2nd and 3rd but I can't decide.
    Makeover: Fatima, should I say anymore, it might be one of the best shots in ANTM history.
    Lingerie: Fatima, its so gorgeous.
    Meat: Anya, she nailed this shot.
    Paint: Fatima, just blur the pit out on Paint shop and its stunning, Anya's comes in close second.
    Music: Whitney, this is just pure...amazing!
    Fuerzabruta: Fatima, its so graceful and elegent, its stunning! Anya's comes in close second.
    Airport: Anya, its a pretty shot.
    Commercial: Fatima, do I need to say anymore, its great!
    Roman Castle: Fatima, this is one of the best shots in ANTM history, look at that bone structure, swan neck, and fierce face and great Body Language.

    Overall Scores
    Fatima - 8
    Anya - 2
    Whitney - 1

    FATIMA OVERALL WINS!!!! It's not just because she's one of my fav. contestants in ANTM history, its because she takes the best pics!
    ANTM = Eugena + Fatima =
    CNTM = Mo + Rebecca =

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    Re: ANTM Cycle 10 - Finale 3

    This top three is really amazing. They all have potential to succeed in modeling. Fatima and Anya have been my favorites for a while, though I'm leaning towards wanting Fatima to win.

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