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Thread: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    i think the best shot is Jenah's flower shot, when she was a moss. It just feels so soft in a highfashion kind of way. my runner up is Sarah's vine shot.
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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Yoanna's helmet shot. IMO, that has to be one of the best shot ever produced. Her bone structure in that photo is amazing and I would have that photo hanging on a wall..

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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    Melrose and Eugena in the water is best shoot ever.

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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    ^ i'd already mention yoanna's helmet
    and else..
    other than Brit's candy shot, her male magazine is also one of the best !
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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    Eugena's bull fighting ! and Anchal's hair shot.

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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wisperian;2966272;
    Eugena's bull fighting ! and Anchal's hair shot.
    I forgot these, amazing.

    Quote Originally Posted by guii;2966230;
    Some of my favs.

    1. Elyse's snake
    2. Shandi's solstice
    3. Amanda's beauty shot. Eva's snake.
    4. Brittany's nature
    5. Nik's bollywood. Nicole's secret. Lisa's country couture.
    6. Sara's bald. Danielle's fairy tale. Furonda's doll. Joanie's krumping. Joanie's black and white.
    7. AJ's circus freak. Brooke's runway. CariDee's water. Michelle's bulimia.
    8. Renee's aborigenal. Brittany's candy. Jaslene's school.
    9. Jenah's rock climbing. Chantal's recycling. Lisa's smoking. Ebony's gargoyle.

    10: not too many good shots... maybe Marvita's lingirie, Katarzyna's music and Anya's meat shot

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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    I really can't choose. Whitney's Music, Anya's Lingerie, Anya's Homeless, Aimee's Lingerie, Aimee's Paint, Sarah's Smoking, Ebony's Smoking, Brittany's Men's Mag, and Shandi's Solstice are all standouts. If I had to choose one, though, it'd probably be...Sarah's Smoking. It's just so nonchalant and perfect.

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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    My fav's are [Not In Any Particular Order]
    1. Eugena's Bull Fighting
    2. Eugena/Melrose Water Nymph Shot [Mostly Eugena Beside's The Leg]
    3. Fatima's Renaissance Women Shot
    4. Dominique's Renaissance Women Shot
    5. All DANIELLE [C.6] SHOTS
    6. All BRITTANY [C.8] SHOTS
    7. Stacy Ann's Paint Shot
    8. Fatima's Makeover Shot
    9. Eugena's Makeover Shot
    10. Eugena's Covergirl
    11. Eugena's Circus Shot
    12. Jade [C.6] Shots [Except Ice Princess Cover]
    Can't think of more, think later.
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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    1. Yaya's Spider shot

    2. Elyse's Helmet shot

    3. Yaya's Jamaica Swimsuit Shot - Now that was a beautiful picture! Not only was her body just to die for, with those great legs, and the lighting was beautiful with the sunset and the rays. Her side angle was elegant striking!

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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    Fatima's Fuerzabruta
    Brittany's (Cycle 8) Candy
    Yoanna's Helmet Shot
    Shandi' Haute Couture

    The rest I don't know... too much photos haha

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