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Thread: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    Quote Originally Posted by GuruBishisama;2982821;
    That dead eyes hair wars picture is one of the most overrated photos in the entire history of ANTM. No way in hell is it better than Michelle's model stereotypes.

    In general, Melrose really wasn't that pretty.
    I don't agree. I don't think her eyes are dead, I think their evocative and match the mood of the photo. And even if they weren't, eyes don't have to be alive in every picture, open any fashion magazine. Dead eyes is definitely a look.
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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    I think that this is Melrose's best shot in ANTM....... Ranking high in the BEST in ANTM History!

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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    to me, the "best shot" is a photograph that makes my eyes dilate.
    it's something i could stare at all day. and the photograph that i
    could stare at all day would be natasha's men's magazine photograph.
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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    Joanie's elephant shot can leave me staring for hours.
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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    Whitney's Meat
    Anchal's Stereotypes
    Shandi's Beauty
    CariDee's Bull
    Jaslene's Men's Magazine
    Brittany's Candy Shot
    Anchal's Hair Shot
    Kat's Paint
    Anya's Celeb
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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    The best shot in ANTM history, IMO, is Victoria's Rockclimbing shot. It embodied, to a tee, everything that the fashion industry is about. Awkward pose that works? Check. Long, skinny limbs? Check. Doe-eyed expression? Check. Fabulous wardrobe/hair/makeup? Check. Even the mixed reviews that the photo receives is a testament to its greatness. Most times in fashion, some get it and some don't. This photo is a perfect example of a lot of things that SHOULD be wrong, but totally work themselves out on the right side.

    Best Photo From each cycle:
    Elyse's Snake
    Shandi's Solstice
    Either Kristi or Yaya's Swimsuit
    Michelle's 1800Flowers
    Kim's Phonebooth
    Mollie Sue's Ice Queen
    Melrose's half of the Water shot
    Brittany's Candy
    Anya's Nude shots or Fatima's Couturiere
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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    Elyse's Snake Shot
    Shannon's Snake Shot

    Yoanna's Helmet Shot
    Shandi's Solstice Sunglasses

    Eva's Covergirl
    Yaya's Spider/Diamond

    Kahlen's Wrath Shot
    Naima's Dancing Shot

    Nicole's Black and White
    Lisa's Couture on a Farm Shot

    Joanie's Elephant Shot
    Jade's OP Swimwear Shot

    Amanda's Crazy Hair Shot
    Melrose's Crazy Hair Shot

    Jaslene's Weirdo Shot
    Britt's Candy Shot

    Heather's Rock Climbing Shot
    Jenah's Covergirl

    Whitney's Homeless Shot
    Anya's Paparazzi Movie Icons
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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    Quote Originally Posted by infinite;3009326;
    to me, the "best shot" is a photograph that makes my eyes dilate.
    it's something i could stare at all day. and the photograph that i
    could stare at all day would be natasha's men's magazine photograph.
    Well.....are you staring at it because it's a great shot, or because Natasha in a swimsuit looks sexy? Just kidding!
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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    Best from each cycle:

    Cycle 1-
    Adrianne + Elyse's snake shot

    Cycle 2-
    Yoanna's helmet shot
    Shandi's solstice

    Cycle 3-
    Umm..Yaya's spider shot I guess

    Cycle 4-
    I'd say either Michelle's zodiac, wonder bra, or zebra shot.

    Cycle 5-
    Lisa's savage picture is really good.

    Cycle 6-
    Joanie's krumping shot!

    Cycle 7-
    CariDee's scary/sexy

    Cycle 8-
    Jaslene's weirdo photo

    Cycle 9-
    I think Victoria's rock climbing is really good.

    Cycle 10-
    Hmm..I cant decide.
    Either Fatima's roman castle or Anya's paparazzi.
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    Re: Best "SHOT" in ANTM History?

    Cycle 1 - Elyse's Snake Shot DEFINITELY
    Cycle 2 - Shandi's Solstice
    Cycle 3 - Amanda's every shot
    Cycle 4 - I hate all of them almost
    Cycle 5 - Nik's Covergirl
    Cycle 6 - Joanie's Elephant
    Cycle 7 - Anchal's Hairshot/Eugena's Bullfighting
    Cycle 8 - Natasha's magazine shots
    Cycle 9 - Chantal's Warrior shot
    Cycle 10 - Whitney's Covergirl/Fatima's Fuerzebruta

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