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Thread: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

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    Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos






    Please dont delete this,it took ages!
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    My ratings:

    1 - Anya - not a single bad photo. Her weakest photo is the lingerie, but it's growing on me.
    2 - Katarzyna - great shots. She has some average shots (lingerie, meat) but the rest are stunners.
    3 - Fatima - It's not great, but there are some amazing shots in there (homeless, makeover, Fuerzabruta)
    4 - Whitney - She has one great shot, which is the homeless shot. Other than that, her shots are really average. She needs to close her mouth, too.
    5 - Dominique - Bad bad bad. Not any good shots. Her best is the airport (which was a terrible photoshoot), followed by the paint. It's kind of horrific that those are her best.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    1. Anya- AMAZING, not a single bad photograph, she deserves to be our winner
    2. Kat- A good portfolio, you can tell how stunning she is
    3. Fatima- Again some good photographs although I dislike the meat one and the rest don't jump out
    4. Whitney- Really good plus size tbf, but seriously she needs to close her mouth in her pictures lol
    5. Dominique- You know looking at her fotos now there not too bad, well she still looks 40 and needs to go!
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Thanks for this thread; it's great. Good job putting all of the photos together.

    Anya's portfolio is a dream. Her homeless and lingerie shots are pure brilliance.

    Dominique has some really beautiful features, and that's really apparent in her stellar makeover and airport shots.

    Fatima's face is such art. Her lips and cheekbones are just perfect. In addition, her neck goes on for miles. I'm a huge fan of her last three shots.

    Katarzyna's paint shot is very well done.

    Whitney's portfolio is amazing as well, particularly because of the fact that her homeless, music, paint, and Fuerzabruta shots are genius.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Anya - She's great and shows a lot of range. Her makeover shot always bothers me though, why did they give her bleach blonde? Tyra should really darken it because the colour does not go well with her skin tone.
    Dominque - She's okay, good for what look she has.
    Fatima - I love her but she's always hit and miss with me...Her homeless is overrated and too literal. But for the shots she does well in, she does REALLY well. I LOVE her lingerie shot, in my opinion it's the best out of all of them.
    Katarzyna - This girl can't take a bad photo...
    Whitney - Beautiful but not current. I think her face in the homeless shot is haunting, but she always makes this shocked pageant face that bothers me.

    I would rank
    1. Katarzyna
    2. Anya
    3. Fatima
    4. Whitney
    5. Dominique
    Though I actually like them all...

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    anya - even preshow, i never doubted her ability to take really nice photos but i do think her make over shot is terrible
    dominque - i love demonique! well her photos at least and parts of her personality. she doesnt give up and tries her best but yeah. she be old lookin.
    fatima - ahhh the queen. i love her look but her pictures dont impress me that much and shes been running through some obstacles which affects her ability to perform, i really want to see more pictures like that glass/water shot
    katarzyna - the only picture that was "stiff" was the meat clothing one, but then again that was a stupid photoshoot. that hair did her wonders and shes looking less sex kitten
    whitney - personally, i think whitney sucks, big time. mouth open, in all the pictures though i do like the grunge one. she has really nice features though but i think making her blond made her more arrogant. before i thought she was one of the best and most confident plus size girls in the competition but now shes just " a phony" - jaslene
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Such a great idea.
    Tyra: Lets hear it for the 6 baddest chick in this competition. Now it's time to get on that private plane.. but guess what? you guys aren't top models yet. My judges are already stars, and they travel FIRST CLASS, PRIVATE. See you later, have fun on your commercial flight. (Tyra & Judges leave for the plane) See you (long pause) in Rome ladies (Final 6 models cheer) Chao Bella.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    I'll try really hard but for me Kata, Anya and Whitney are really close, then theres a large gap to Fatima, then the Grand Canyon, to Dominique.

    1=Kata: Gorgeous paint and music genres and airport pretty god too. Rest are still pretty stellar.
    1=Whitney: Music, homeless, just stunning. Paint shows amazing bone structure and I like Fuertzathingy.
    1=Anya: I understand why she's liked. But I find her poses make her photos good, as opposed to her look. (she reminds me of Melrose in that sense, and that's why I preferred Cari) Her look isn't as strong as Kata's and Whitney's for me. But she works every shoot and all of her shots are stellar.
    4. Fatima: for every good shot there's a bad one. Her paint is one of the worst in ANTM history for me. Her best is fuertza but, I still think thats luck. I like her makeover shot though. Looks like a model in person, pictures just aren't delivering for me.
    5. Dominique: What can you say? Same face in first 5 photos. Paint and Airport ok. GO HOME NOW.

    Anya, Kata, Whitney final 3 is a dream, but would like Kat to take the title.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Katarzyna and Anya - Are neck in neck with me, I like their pictures equally. Talented with beautiful pictures, I wouldn't mind if either won.

    Whitney - Her pictures are nice, not bad at all. I do agree with the judges because I hate the over-the-top phony imitations she does, it would be nice to see if she improves.

    Fatima and Dominique - I feel the same about them. I like their pictures fine, beautiful girls that both need more experience or talent to compete with Anya or Katarzyna.
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    1- Katarzyana, pretty much all her photos are great
    2- Anya, all her photos with the exception of one or two are great
    3- Whitney, good photos
    4- Fatima and Dominique, they have equally good/mediocre photos
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