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Thread: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Quote Originally Posted by Sportysarah8;2950659;
    What photo(the Dani one) are you talking about?
    Homeless: Kimberly Lingerie: Katarzyna
    Meat: Claire Paint: Dominique
    Music: Anya Fuerzabruta: Fatima Jetsetter: Lauren Commercial: Katarzyna Rennaisance: Dominique Paparazzi: Anya Covergirl: Whitney

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    1- Anya. Im not a fan, but in terms of portfolio, she obviously has the most consistent one.

    2- Whitney/Kat. Both of them have had some "mehh" shots and some "wow!" shots. I think Whitney has had more wow shots that Kat, but she's also had more mehh shots than Kat, so it brings her down a bit.

    3- Fatima. If only this girl could be consistent, she's be amazing. But every weeks something different. Good, bad, okay, bad, amazing, okay.

    4- Dominique. No doubt this girl has had some great shots, but she is so much weaker than the rest if the girls. Not to mention Im tired of them retouching her abnromally humungous nose.
    HOMELESS- Aimee/Marvita | WATER- Anya/Dominique
    LINGERIE- Marvita | TRAVEL- Dominique
    MEAT- Whitney | RENAISSANCE- Dominique/Fatima
    PAINT- Anya/Claire | PAPARAZZI- Anya
    MUSIC- Whitney/Fatima | COVERGIRL- Whitney

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    I think Anya has the best portfolio, and is most consistent. Her weakest one to me is the jetsetters. Fatima has improved so much since her meat shot. The water one is just amazing! Whitney I wish she would just close her mouth and stop the sucking in the cheeks. Katarzyna, nothing really stands out, but I do like her Beauty shot the most. And she has a beautiful face. Dominique, ehh she's looks so tranny except for the homeless and jetsetters.
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Best of each week:
    Homeless: Anya, Kat
    Makeover: Dominique, Fatima
    Lingerie: Whitney, Fatima
    Meat: Anya
    Paint: Anya, Kat, Dominique
    Music: Anya, Kat, Whitney
    Water: Anya, Fatima, Kat
    Jet setters: Kat, Anya, Dominique, Whitney (they were all good)

    Anya: 6 (wow, i hadnt planned for her to have so many, i had thought Kat had the best portfolio) oh well

    So yeah, i think Anya and Kat are above the rest, the other are just meh (although i think Fatima is better than the other two)

    And Lauren was the one with the best portfolio, too bad she's not here no more

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Anya's photos are the most creative, and her body of work is the most versatile by FAR. She's a real model. And she's pretty strong in virtually every other area (endearing personality, sufficient walk). That's why she should win. I'm not crazy about her Elle MacPherson shot, but even that's not terrible. I think she's one of the most promising contestants to ever come through the show.
    Katarzyna's photos are certainly pretty, but her body of work is lukewarm compared to Anya's. She's always pretty, but she's never surprised me. She shouldn't have trouble finding work after the show.
    Whitney's photos are usually strong, but her body of work has a couple bumps along the way (lukewarm Elle MacPherson photo, phony but cute jetsetting photo). Between her confidence her strongest shots, I think she can make the final two with Anya.
    Fatima's photos are pretty, but not the most compelling. She's a beautiful woman, but I don't know if she's a natural yet. Without further improvement, she shouldn't make the final three, but I don't think she'll have much trouble getting signed after the show.
    Dominique's portfolio is by far the least versatile. I love her face more than anyone else's in the house, but for me, the only slam-dunk shot is her homeless shot. The others are just a little off for me. Beautiful woman, though, no doubt.
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    ANYA- beautiful, versatile, couture, high fashion, she is the epitome of versatile. she works any look. commercial, high fashion, quirky, editorial, fierceness, everything. shes so nymph like and so charming. her portfolio is so strong
    1) homeless- gorgeous, looks like a russian goddess, she is selling the outfit and she is wearing basiclly trashy clothes.
    2) lingerie- FIERCE, the wind in the hair, the face, the way her body is standing. its just one word: gorgeous
    3) Meat- epitome of the word "VERSATILE" its gorgeous, the body language, the face, the jawline, the pose, the stance, the face. its just so beautiful
    4) Painting- i highly doubt it was her best picture out of her film cause when she was posing for the camera, she was rocking it. but still fierce. love her face and what she does with her hands.
    5) Punk Rock- she has so much energy, even though her outfit and her whole look was not very "punk rock" she still managed to step out the box and be fierce. unlike other girls, they don't take it to the next level. anya does anything to take it to the next level. growls, fierce faces, she totally rocked it in my opinion.
    6) Fuerza Buerta- gorgeous girl, nymph like. the picture is so beautiful. to me, her photo is the most beautiful in top model history. its just so beautiful. its better than fatima's imo because her face is open but still intense. and her pose is gorgeous.
    7) airplane- finally her first approach to commercial. she looks very sweet and pure, and charming. looks stunning even though she has a hat on and everything is covering her up!

    Next is Katarzyna
    1) homeless- gorgeous bone structures, love the hair and face lift. beautiful
    2) lingerie- kind of tacky and too sexy, but she was able to keep her face beautiful with hair all over it.
    3) meat- a bit stiff and unnatural but she obviously is pushing it and trying.
    4) Paint- sophisicated and demoir, soft and geisha like. love her eyes and lips in it. i love it.
    5) Emo- beautiful, best shot in her portfolio. easy to portray though, but she sold it.
    6)fuerza buerta- her body looks a bit chunky, but the face is gorgeous and she looks like she is gliding through the water.
    7) airplane- very sophisicated and catty in a good way. love her cockyness in the photo.

    Next best is Fatima
    1) homeless- she got the message, but the body language says nothing to me but face is gorgeous.
    2) Lingerie- face is gorgoeus, but stiff body, very stiff
    3) meat- i actually like the picture a lot. i think it looks pretty good and i love her legs. her face is stunning even though shes growling.
    4) paint- besides the armpit, her face is stunning.
    5) rocker- quirky and fun
    6) fuerza buerta- gorgeous, its like a painting.

    Next is Whitney
    1) homeless- love the hair and her pose, and great face
    2) lingerie- haha, she looks like a fat pig, worst picture EVER.
    3) meat- boring, i don't understand the praise. the face is like Opps i farted. not high fashion at all.
    4) paint- very ugly, her face is not stunning close up. she looks sleepy and her mouth looks like she is mentally challenged.
    5) grunge- i don't get why its praised either. it doesn't do it for me. it just looks like she is standing there and the make up is doing everything. most overrated shot EVER. her hair looks fake and ugly and her face is ugly. don't like it.
    6) fuerza buerta- best plus size picture EVER. it looks like a fetus ready to burst out. stunning. best picture in her portfolio.
    7) airplane- fake and just not modelesque at all.

    Worst portfolio is Dominique
    1) homeless- probably her best overall shot, her bone structures give her an advantage and her hair looks great.
    2) lingerie- soccer mom anyone?
    3) meat- sexy, old face, not high fashion
    4) paint- soft but the face is not fresh at all. its a great picture for her, but not a great picture overall compared to the other girls.
    5) Folk music- she looks mean and about to ram me over? isn't she suppose to look soft? horrible picture
    6) fuerza buerta- face looks whatever, body is horrible. to me the clothing and photoshop saved her life.
    7) airplane- looks old and ugly. not loving it at all

    This is why these are my rankings
    1) anya- versatile and gorgeous, works for any type of looks
    2) katarzyna- stunning but not very natural in photos
    3) fatima- good face, but body language fails
    4) whitney- body language is bad, but some pictures her face saves her life (homeless, fuerza buerta)
    5) dominique- old, not fresh, not high fashion, not inspirational, and did i mention old?

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    homeless. kat, dom, whit. all great.
    lingirie. anya. (only one of these that I liked)
    meat. anya, in second comes kat.
    paint. fatima, in second comes kat.
    music. kat, in second anya.
    water. fatima
    airplane. anya and dom

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    homeless. anya, dom, & whit.
    lingirie. anya
    meat. anya
    paint. fatima, dominique, anya
    music. fatima, anya.
    water. fatima, dominique
    airplane. anya, dominique
    couture. anya, fatima, dominique
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Um Anya's was not the best

    1. Shannon | 2. Shandi | 3. Amanda | 4. Kahlen | 5. Nik | 6. Joanie | 7. Melrose | 8. Jaslene | 9. Jenah | 10. Anya

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    ^^ on what?
    Tyra: Lets hear it for the 6 baddest chick in this competition. Now it's time to get on that private plane.. but guess what? you guys aren't top models yet. My judges are already stars, and they travel FIRST CLASS, PRIVATE. See you later, have fun on your commercial flight. (Tyra & Judges leave for the plane) See you (long pause) in Rome ladies (Final 6 models cheer) Chao Bella.

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