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Thread: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    1 - Anya, she has been the best so far, every week a great picture, I love her lingerie picture, SO fierce, but I don't like her paint photo so much.
    2 - Katarzyna, she is fierce fierce fierce, her emo picture is one of the best of the cycle.
    3 - Fatima - She is inconsistent, her homeless and Fuezabruta pictures are stunning, but her meat one is hideous.
    4 and 5 - Whitney and Dom, both are dreadful.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    1. ANYA- even the makeover pic i dont like that much its still not bad

    2. Katarzyna- I love her face. She just looks like a model.

    3. Whitney- I know people hate the mouth thing. But I think in the meat picture its very fashion forward. It didnt work for me in the paint picture.

    4. Fatima- I think her shots are mediocre minus the fuerzabruta

    5. DOMINIQUE- Absolutely dreadful. She is not a MODEL at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really think people are bashing Whitney. Some of Whitney's pictures destroy Fatima's and Dominique's pics. Remember these girls are skinny and Whitney is plus. Dominique does not deserve to be in the top five IMO.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    1. Fatima - She may of missed a shoot, but her shots are gorgeous and make up for them.
    2. Anya - She takes gorgeous pictures, except her makeover isn't working for me still.
    3. Kat/Dominique - They take gorgeous shots, but some are just mediocre.
    44565646756. Miss America...I mean Whitney - I don't like any of her shots except, Grunge...and...yeah.
    ANTM = Eugena + Fatima =
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    I'll rank them now:

    1. Anya: Simply amazing. Her Homeless and Lingerie (!) photos are two of the most amazing I've ever seen on ANTM. She really knows how to model.
    2. Whitney: She has some stellar shots in here, too. Her Paint, Music (outstanding), Fuerzabruta, and Homeless shots are nothing short of ingenious.
    3. Fatima: She's my favorite girl this cycle, yet I would've ranked her higher if it wasn't for the fact that most of the styling (dark lipstick, etc) she had in many of the shoots really oversaturated her otherwise amazing face. Her last three photos are brilliant.
    4. Dominique: Her makeover photo is just a slam dunk; it's perfect. She has some gorgeous features. I like her airport and Fuerzabruta shots, too.
    5. Katarzyna: I've explained my qualms with this girl numerous times. Her Paint shot is stunning, but her look just isn't the type that I like.

    This is a brilliant top five, though I would've loved to see Aimee or Claire here.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Here's my very indepth opinion of their portolios:


    Homeless: Beautiful. She looks stunning and great. She's selling the homeless life to me!
    Lingerie: Pretty good, although I hate her outfit. I just wished she looked a little less disgusted.
    Makeover: Her weakest. There's no way that was her best shot, though. Still not a bad photo, though.
    Meat: Gorgeous. Just amazing. You don't even notice the meat. Oh great, now I sound like Nigel
    Paint: It's a little blank in the eyes but I still see some fire. The pose is just amazing.
    Music Genres: Very cool. I like it a lot.
    Fuerzabruta: Amazing. So nymph-like and beautiful. She doesn't look phased by the water at all.
    Airport: Great shot. I just wish we could see her eyes a little more.


    Homeless: It's actually not bad. Although she does look short.
    Lingerie: Terrible. She looks bored.
    Makeover: Looks just like her pre-show shot. Not great. Still kind of strong, though.
    Meat: Like the face, hate the pose.
    Paint: She looks scared. It would be much better if she didn't look so fearful and wide-eyed.
    Music Genres: Looks mad. No neck.
    Fuerzabruta: Worst shot of the cycle for me. The judges liked it but it's horrible. She looks like she's in the middle of having sex, which is not what the shoot was calling for.
    Airport: Not bad. Looks a little worn out though.


    Homeless: Really good. I just wish she hadn't slumped so much, because she's already short enough.
    Lingerie: Too stiff. She looks uncomfortable facially and her legs are, as you all know, glued together.
    Makeover: Beautiful. Stunning. One of her best.
    Meat: Terrible. I actually like the leg positioning, but the face is just...yikes.
    Paint: If her armpit was shaved she probably would have been called in the top three that week. But I don't like that she raised her arm, it looks like she's smelling her hairy arm pit But it's pretty good otherwise.
    Music Genres: Cute, but she's not really modeling.
    Fuerzabruta: Gorgeous. Love the hand positioning.


    Homeless: She did a good job, but I don't think it's amazing. She looks almost sleepy. Still a good picture, though.
    Lingerie: It's more Playboy than anything, but it's lingerie. It's not like her legs were wide open and her mouth was like Britney C4's in the dog shoot. And it was NOT her best shot, she did some really gorgeous poses.
    Makeover: Pretty good. Nothing too special, though.
    Meat: I really like the face, but the legs are a little too forced. It still looks good though.
    Paint: So gorgeous. She should have been called first for this shot, hands down. It's so beautiful and sophisticated.
    Music Genres: Another great shot. If only the shoot wasn't such a joke. This shot shows her versatility.
    Fuerzabruta: Beautiful. Graceful and she looks like Scarlett Johansson, which is never a bad thing.
    Airport: So sophisiticated. She thought outside the box.


    Homeless: Great shot. Well done.
    Lingerie: Stiff and boring.
    Makeover: Not great. The mouth does not work in this shot.
    Meat: I really hate this shot of her. I don't see the fashion forward-ness of it, I just see a girl who is shocked because she has to wear meat. She looks disgusted and the bottom of her body is doing nothing.
    Paint: Bad bad bad. Her nose looks like she's had a nose job in this shot. The damn mouth is open again, too.
    Music Genres: Not bad, but it's not great. I don't understand why she was called first for it. Her mouth is open, AGAIN, and she is holding her arm like it hurts. That doesn't scream grunge to me.
    Fuerzabruta: It's okay, but I think it's really overrated. Her body is a big blob and her mouth is open once again. It's not working for her.
    Airport: Fake. Boring. Too generic.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Portfolio wise for me it goes:

    1- Anya
    2- Katarzyna
    3- Whitney
    4- Fatima
    5- Dominique

    I don't think I can explain Anya. Her performance is enough. She's the best out of the bunch.

    Katarzyna is my favorite but as much as I love her I can't put her in number one because Anya is better. If they are top 2 I am sure it will be a difficult decision for the judges. Katarzyna will not doubt win against Anya in the runway but I'm not sure how they will perform in commercial and the Covergirl add. If we use the last commercial we can assume Katarzyna will do better but in the ad I think Anya will have the edge. Again, I think it's very difficult.

    I really think Whitney's pictures have a wow factor but I think they are not versatile enough. I understand that she thinks opening the mouth makes her face better but it doesn't. She has a great face and should embrace it.

    Fatima is in this position for me simply because she's now getting better. I don't think she produced a strong performance at the beginning.

    Dominique is last because... I don't need to explain myself.
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    i love anya to death, but i see more range in katarzyna's portfolio. with anya, all i see is dynamic, grace, and commercial. with katarzyna, i see bliss, conceit, sophistication, melancholy, and allurement.

    idk if it's just me, but katarzyna's portfolio is much more appealing to the eye for me. still, anya's portfolio is very strong.

    my rank:

    1) katarzyna
    2) anya
    3) fatima
    4) dominique
    5) whitney
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaizen;2947035;
    I think Kat is over-rated ... her face looks the same in most of her pictures and its not really that great ... the only shot of her's that wowed me was the music one.

    Work it, girl! I agree wholeheartedly. I honestly don't think her look is as perfect for the fashion industry as everyone's making it out to be.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    1. Anya: Overall the most consistent portfolio, although I'm not wild about the makeover or lingerie shots.

    2. Katarzyna: No really bad pictures; I wish she were less reserved and went for it a little more in her photos.

    3/4: It's a toss-up between Dominique and Fatima. For every good photo there's a bad one.

    5: Whitney: Her mouth is hanging open in every single photo. Why does the panel overlook this?

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaizen;2947035;
    I think Kat is over-rated ... her face looks the same in most of her pictures and its not really that great ... the only shot of her's that wowed me was the music one.

    I actually (not just because I love her) think Kat looks really different in most of her photos. For example, if someone showed me her homeless and paint, I wouldn't think they were the same person. If someone showed me her music shot and any of her shots I definitely wouldn't think they were the same person. I think she looks totally different in her music genre shot. I agree with your list though except I think Fatima's stronger than Whitney.

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