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Thread: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    From Fab to Fug:

    Anya - Simply breathtaking. With the exception of the makeover shot (which doesn't count anyway) not a bad picture in the bunch.

    Katarzyna - She's been pretty low key thus far, but she's the ONLY girl I could understand beating Anya. She's also the most gorgeous girl to ever be on ANTM.

    Whitney - Close. Your. God! DAMNED! MOUTH! ... Otherwise, best plussie portfolio in the history of ANTM.

    Dominique - Surprisingly good. The Paint shot is so pretty. She's hideous in person, though.

    Fatima - Ugh. Lingere/Paint/Music/Meat are all terrible, and she's missing the Plane shot. Sure her portfolio is better than Stacy Ann, but it's s*** compared to Anya or Katarzyna. Plus her walk still sucks.
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    For me:

    1. Whitney - She's taken some of the best pictures out of the last 5 IMO, I don't understand all the hate she's been getting lately, all the fans of the other girls are ganging up on her.
    2. Katarzyna - At first I really didn't see the fuss, but week to week she's improving and I'm liking her more and more.
    3. Anya - I won't deny that she can take a good picture, but she bores me to death with her 'cutesy' personality, she'd get ripped to shreds in the industry.
    4. Fatima - Her Fuerzabruta shot was the best shot this cycle so far, but having just one good shot just doesn't cut it.
    5. Dominique - Another girl who takes undeniably good photo's but in person she looks too old, it's obvious she is being kept around for ratings (which I don't really understand because she isn't entertaining at all).

    Realistically, I can't see Whitney winning, as much as I would love it, she'll be eliminated before final 3. I think Anya and Fatima are definite for Final 3, Fatima won't win though, especially with the whole Role-Model angle they're going for this cycle. It's between Kat and Dominique for who takes the final place in the top 3, my bet is Dominique, unfortunately.

    My prediction for the remaining episodes:

    5. Whitney
    4. Katarzyna
    3. Dominique
    2. Fatima
    1. Anya
    Cycle 10 Favourite's - Whitney, Aimee and Amis
    Best Photo's
    Homeless - Aimee, Makeover - Claire, Lingerie - Marvita, Paint - Aimee,
    Music - Whitney, Fuerzabruta - Whitney, Jetsetters - Dominique, Commercial - Katarzyna, Roman Castle - Fatima, Movie Icons - Anya, CoverGirl - Whitney

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Quote Originally Posted by tylerneal09;2946352;
    i actually think the top 5 all have good pictures; however, there are two girls that i think aren't exactly the strongest in portfolio.

    1. anya.
    2. katarzyna.
    3. whitney.
    4. fatima.
    5. dominique.

    anya has produced a lot of great pictures. katarzyna probably started off not as good but now she takes gorgeous pictures. whitney has the same face, i think, in a lot of pictures but they all surprisingly work. fatima started off bad in my eyes, but has gotten better. dominique is weakest in terms of portfolio.

    just my thoughts
    I think if everybody was truly honest and didn't let favourites get in the way, this is the correct order. But even myself, I find it difficult not to let favourites come in to play. For example, I would rank Kat and Whit above Anya, but in all honestly, it probably wouldn't be deserved. The comment underneath sums up the girls pretty well too.

    But thats what makes the show interesting, the fact that it's all about opinions and favourites.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Anya is my favorite (since they let go of my Lauren ) but now that i look at all the picures I think Kat has the best portfolio. I dont really care for the meat one but the rest are really good, and her music one IMO is the best this cycle. I didn't like Anya's makeover shot or her lingerie shot, but i think her fuerzabruta one was the best. Not a fan of her music one either but i think that's because of the hair and make-up. I did think Anya's comercial was ok though. And i think Kat's was the best.

    I like Fatima, and I hope she does well, but i don't like her homeless, meat or music shot (I think her paint one is so-so). But her fuerzabruta is one of the best. I think her lingerie one was good and i love her makeover shot. Her commercial was prety good too.

    I hate Dominique but she's got some good pictures in the bunch. Her paint one was one of my favorites one that week. Her lingerie I think was good. I like her airport one. I think her music one is boring. I think her fuerzabruta one was horrible and so was her meat shot. Her commercial was funny.

    Whitney... I like her ok (definetly better than Dominique) but her portfolio sucks... her paint one has got to be the worst picture of the bunch. She looks horrible in the makeover one. WTH? with her meat one, it looks like somebody yelled "BOO" and then took the picture. Her fuerzabruta was funny-looking (not in a good way) and i cant even remember what her homeless looked like. I think her lingerie was good and i dont hate her airport one (although she does look kind of "phony"). I think her music one was good. She has some good ones but the ugly ones are REALLY ugly. And I didn't really like her commercial.

    So (portfolio-wise) I would rank them like this:


    Although in my preference 1 and 2 switch and so does 4 and 5.
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Anya and Kat have the best portfolios hands down! Dominique's paint shot is stunning and the rest of her photos are crap. WHitney needs to learn how to close her mouth, in every photo her mouth is open. Fatima has some good ones (Fuerzabruta, Paint, homeless) but the the rest are average.

    1. Anya
    2. Kat
    3. Fatima
    4. Whitney
    5. Dominique
    "Ann and Eva... That was just gay!" ~ Toccara

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    I think Kat is over-rated ... her face looks the same in most of her pictures and its not really that great ... the only shot of her's that wowed me was the music one.


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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    The one with the best portfolio is obviously Anya. The rest of the girls all have a quite similar portfolio.
    Whit, Fat, Kat and Dom all have some great shots, some weaker and some bad shots.
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    1. Anya - not a bad photo in the bunch!
    2. Katarzyna - the only shot I don't really like is the Intimates one; I am only wowed by the Musical Genres one
    3. Whitney - slightly above Fatima; has a few really good shots and a couple of clunkers
    4. Fatima - better than she gets credit for, but some shots are still fairly mediocre
    5. Dominique - again, has a pretty decent portfolio, but she looks too harsh in the majority of her pictures
    My Winners: Elyse, Shandi, Yaya, Kahlen, Nicole, Danielle, CariDee, Natasha, Jenah, Anya

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    This is a great thread, but just to clairify - it's a discussion thread, and we would like to keep it that way. Some of you have probably noticed that your posts are gone. Posting your rankings is perfectly fine as long as you are also discussing them, but posting nothing but a list of names is going to get your post deleted, because it contributes nothing of value to the discussion.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    1) anya is the best SO far, what a great natural poser

    2) kat and whitney are tie for me, they both have some great shots and 1 or 2 mediocre shoots.
    I'm fed up with "the mouth open thing", I just have 2 words to say: coco rocha

    3) fatima, she's VERY pretty but her photos are not that impressive (yet)

    4) dominique the only two shots that I like are the most photoshopped ones, seriously this girl is a joke (and a bad one) ala dora last cycle

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