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Thread: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Nice idea. I think Anya stands out the most, mainly because every single one of her pictures is good (although this is arguable, I honestly think none are bad). Katarzyna is next, she has some mediocre shots, but also very strong ones.

    Fatima is about 50/50.

    I think that Whitney and Dominique are the bottom 2. Some horrendous shots and not much consistency.
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Strangely...I am very happy with the Final 5. Even though a few of my favorites (*cough*Aimee*cough*Lauren) aren't here, I still like pretty much all of them. I'm even warming up to Dominique!
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    I Think The famous F3 of KatFatAnya has the best porfolio of them all.

    I'd rank them


    I think Anya's makeover photo is horrible but she's done consistently great
    Katarzyna's photos are always second to or third to.. She's yet to excel in a photoshoot in the eyes of the judges which the rest of them have. But her paint photoshoot was just pure art and she looked gorgeous in the music and jet-setters as well...
    Fatima's being improving consistently. Her Makeover photo is the best of them all, her poverty picture was amazing as well. Then the lingerie was a little stiff, the meat one was horrible and the paint one was gorgeus BUT the armpit was a big no no. But then she started improving, music was top three, Fuerzabruta is arguably the best of the cycle and her covergirl commercial was amazing as well.
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Dominique, Whitney, and Fatima are chameleons. Anya and Katarzyna are just not pretty to me. I don't like their facial features.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    ANTopmodel, you pointed out something that I have been trying to put my finger on for ages but just couldn't grasp.

    Anya's look has always bothered me, but yet for the most part, her pictures are pretty good--and it's because of her modeling, not her look. She's a total Melrose in that respect.

    As far as the best... Well, Anya does a good job, but I don't find her that attractive outside of photos. When Dominique is on, she looks smashing, but she has more crap than gold in her portfolio. Kat's is good, but not one of her pictures has ever blown me away. Fatima and Whitney, at least for me, have taken the most shots that just totally wowed me. Fatima's Lingerie was my favorite that week, and her paint shot is amazing, besides the pit. Whitney's homeless, music, and fuerzabruta all literally made me "wow" when I first saw them. Yet, Fatima and Whitney have also taken some really bad shots--Fatima's meat, and that sad keebler elf impersonation called her homeless shot. And Whitney looks positively deranged in the jet setter picture.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    I definitely love Anya's portfolio. Its so much superior than anyone elses.
    Whatever people say, i actually love Dominique's too: her homeless photo is amazing,
    her beauty-paint shoot is also terrific, her music photo rocks, the fuerzabruta one is sooo
    strong, so erotic, and the last one is real fun. She works for me.
    Kat's is amazing, but a little bit underwhelming. Although she has some amazing shots in there (JetSeters, Paint-Beauty, Lingerie, Emo), she lacks a little bit in her appearence. She doesn't demand attention. I would just turn the page: her walk is amazing, but she isn't just as bright in her photos.
    Fatima is a gorgeous girl. love her paint shoot. love the fuerzabruta one. she has one of the best makeovers ever on the show. however, she is soooooo inconsistent: hate the music style thingy, i dunno how it is called, hate the meat packing, hate her homeless. its like one week on one week off.
    Finally, Whitney. This girl may have personality, but in her photos she is tacky as hell. The worst portfolio out of the five. She isn't elegant, nor eloquent. The girl is a mess.
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    i actually think the top 5 all have good pictures; however, there are two girls that i think aren't exactly the strongest in portfolio.

    1. anya.
    2. katarzyna.
    3. whitney.
    4. fatima.
    5. dominique.

    anya has produced a lot of great pictures. katarzyna probably started off not as good but now she takes gorgeous pictures. whitney has the same face, i think, in a lot of pictures but they all surprisingly work. fatima started off bad in my eyes, but has gotten better. dominique is weakest in terms of portfolio, but most of her pictures are gorgeous anyways.

    just my thoughts
    i keep bleeding love.

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Anya hands down has the best portfolio (every pic is flawless)

    Whitney comes in second (the paint beauty shot knocks her down a bit also the lingerie shot didn't show her full potential but the rest of her pics are amazing)

    Katarzyna in third (the homeless and lingerie shots are awful and the others are wonderful.....she has improved a lot)

    Fatima in fourth (hairy armpit = inconsiderate and bad hygene also the meat shot and the absence of one pic knock her down but the rest of the pics are great)

    Dominique has the worst portfolio (the promo and makeover are good, the homeless and lingerie are awful, the meat and paint are breathtaking, the music and fuerza bruta are ok, the jet-setters is a little better....she's not improving nor is she consistent....she's just goin up and down like a roller coaster)
    Homeless: Whitney Lingerie: Marvita Meat Packing District: Anya Beauty Shot w/ Paint: Stacy Ann Music Genres: Whitney Fuerza Bruta: Fatima Jet - Setters: Lauren Covergirl Commercial: Katarzyna Roman Castle: Dominique Famous Movie Icons: Anya Covergirl: ? Runway: ?

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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    Kata and Anya have, hands down, the best portfolio.

    Whitney, close your mouth!! Every single photo features her open mouth...

    Fatima's only good shot was FuerzaBruta, IMO.

    Dominique deserves credit for improving.

    My rating:
    1. Kata + Anya
    3. Whitney
    4. Dominique
    5. Fatima

    Am I the only one who LOVES the homeless shoot?
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    Re: Final 5 Porfolio Discussion with photos

    my ranking


    the goods:
    anya-soo modelesque, sweet a real top model
    dominique- chameleon, great personality, masculine bone structure
    whitney- most competent plus size model ever., very eloquent
    fatima- well driven beautiful stunning face.,., delicious skintone.,
    kata- angelic face, sweet, sexy.,, like a victoria secret angel already., i think she's one step away from that

    the bads:
    anya- her accent maybe?? but nevertheless she got away with it.,.,
    dominique: not fresh not young looking.,., we all know that but i love her
    whitney: being a plus size makes her a notch lower than the other girls and her fake-ish personality., too over the top
    fatima.,., she's not consistent in my eyes., can be bitchy sometimes
    katar-boring but she's showing up a bit last episode if she continues to be like that.,., i will love her too., and can be tooooo sexy.,

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