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Thread: 4/23 show thread ***** SPOILERS*****

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    Re: 4/23 show thread ***** SPOILERS*****

    Did she really say that Fatima looks sick most of the time anyways?... I read it on LJ
    If that's true I'm gonna hunt her down

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    Re: 4/23 show thread ***** SPOILERS*****

    I'm sad to see Lauren go, but I agree, she's just the look, she reminds me of Heather from Cycle 9. She has the look, but she cant really function as a model other than print work. She definitely should've stayed over Dominique and Whitney though.

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    Re: 4/23 show thread ***** SPOILERS*****

    Quote Originally Posted by Allie;2943046;
    OK, the way you write it it sounds almost cute. A funny exchange. I probably wont' be able to watch, so am I off on this???
    Yes, but you can tell the claws came out later, because in the judges deliberation it REALLY seems like most (if not all) of the other judges thought Kat did the best. But of course when it's time to announce the callout, who do you think got the last word on who got first? Not the majority of judges, I'd say. The one big fat mouth, who seems to dislike Kat, seems to have over-riden all of them.

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    Re: 4/23 show thread ***** SPOILERS*****

    who won CGOTW ?

    owh got it .. Anya ..
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    Re: 4/23 show thread ***** SPOILERS*****

    i love domiique on this episode she's funny.,.,

    go dominique for the win =)

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    Re: 4/23 show thread ***** SPOILERS*****

    Decent episode, but the Kata vs Tyra thing was uncomfortable at best.

    To be honest, i thought Kata was slightly offputting by saying "it's time for a new lesson on how to say my name" it had a bit of... "jesus dude, how freaking hard is it to say my name right" which comes off as a tiny bit rude, but like.. a physical slap to Tyra and her delusions. I knew it wouldn't end well, but Tyra seemed to get past it and compliment her on talking more. but I mean, it's Tyra, so of course she didn't get over anything.

    Tyra came down and called Kata's commercial boring but it felt like a personal attack, I found myself thinking "my god she really DOES hate her like everyone says" something I hadn't felt before. Then when she dismissed Kata and kata playfully said "Kata what?" and she said "whatever, go to your spot" I was like "damn. that was vicious"

    I'm surprised she wasn't in the bottom 2, despite everyone loving kata's commercial best. Tyra wants to make sure you know she's the alpha dog, but you just walk away thinking "my god, what an egomaniacal bitch."
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    Re: 4/23 show thread ***** SPOILERS*****

    Quote Originally Posted by syang;2943313;
    9 minutes into the show, and I'm wondering how many times whitney can mention she's a plus size model in one episode.
    I would say make it a drinking game, but then people would risk being rushed to the ER for alcohol poisoning.

    Anyway, I am kind of curious what clothes they will put Whitney in, since the sizes are so small.

    About the Kata name correction, i thought she handled it rather well. I have a name that despite what I do to have people pronounce it right, even shortening my name, I hear it butchered all the time. It is really irritating when that happens. So I think she handled the name thing in a classy way. Her name isn't THAT hard to pronounce and if they can't do it, call her Kat, problem solved. I do think Tyra has it out and the way she was going back, it did seem like she was seething underneath, but trying to keep controlled. I was actually surprised she didn't be bottom two, but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw more about her "attitude" or being boring or too sexy or something like that.
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    Re: 4/23 show thread ***** SPOILERS*****

    Rome is so cool. Two weeks ago, I was in Rome, and during the episode I all the time was like: I did that! I was there, at that exact spot! You know, when Fatima stuck her hand into that mouth, I did that too. And you know, when they took pictures on that bridge, I was on that bridge at that exact same spot, with that fountain too!

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    Re: 4/23 show thread ***** SPOILERS*****

    ^ It's only been like 5 years. but maybe tyra rounds up
    Oh, that was my mistake! I was thinking 10 cycles must = 10 years.

    It's only been 5 or so? Wow--I stand corrected.

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    Re: 4/23 show thread ***** SPOILERS*****

    Finally! Lauren should have been voted off a long time ago. Yes, she was tall and took good pictures but she had a bad attitude, couldn't walk or talk on camera. I think she wanted to go home, she acted like she didn't care anymore, I think she got a taste of what model life was really like and decided it wasn't what she wanted.
    I hope Kat wins!

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