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Thread: Photoshoot Seven: Jet Setters Boarding an Airplane

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    Re: Photoshoot Seven: Jet Setters Boarding an Airplane

    1. lauren.
    2. katarzyna.
    3. dominique.
    4. anya.
    5. whitney.
    6. stacy ann.

    no fatima!
    i keep bleeding love.

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    Re: Photoshoot Seven: Jet Setters Boarding an Airplane

    1. Dominique
    2. Lauren(i don't like her, but her photo is amazing!)
    3. Katarzyna
    4. Anya
    5. Whitney
    6. Stacy-Ann
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    Re: Photoshoot Seven: Jet Setters Boarding an Airplane

    Close ups!

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    Re: Photoshoot Seven: Jet Setters Boarding an Airplane

    Quote Originally Posted by ILikeThat;2925556;
    Tyra does look possesed. On the meat photo she looked like a devil too. And this woman claims she's versatile!!!
    And when did Ms. Banks exactly say that?

    Anyways, I really like Anya here. And Dominique. I could see it in an ad at Payless stores, lol. And Tyra, she looks great!
    && thanks for the close-ups, bigmofobuba!
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    Re: Photoshoot Seven: Jet Setters Boarding an Airplane

    This photoshoot was sadly disappointing considering that this cycle's in in low budget & it looks cheap. I think Fatima woudve rocked the photoshoot if she got back in time.

    Anya- Her pose was very fashionable & yet realistic at the same time.
    Kat- She stands out with her pose there.
    Dominique- Even though , she may look old. Her pose worked for this photoshoot
    Whitney- She looked too pagenty like.
    Lauren- She just stood there looking like dood she always is. The only thing good about her was the extensions of her legs.
    Tyra: Lets hear it for the 6 baddest chick in this competition. Now it's time to get on that private plane.. but guess what? you guys aren't top models yet. My judges are already stars, and they travel FIRST CLASS, PRIVATE. See you later, have fun on your commercial flight. (Tyra & Judges leave for the plane) See you (long pause) in Rome ladies (Final 6 models cheer) Chao Bella.

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    Re: Photoshoot Seven: Jet Setters Boarding an Airplane

    Anya & Kat owned that photoshoot once again. (Although Anya did better... as always)
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    Re: Photoshoot Seven: Jet Setters Boarding an Airplane

    tyra still has that dead eyes.

    stacey and whit were the worst.

    but dom's still tranny
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    Re: Photoshoot Seven: Jet Setters Boarding an Airplane

    I have to agree with those who don't particularly like this photoshoot.

    This photo gives me the creeps for some reason I can't put my finger on. Maybe the sky...along with the poses of the models, I don't know what it is but it creeps me out.

    I think Fatima should have been eliminated also, but I think Tyra favors her. I also think Stacey Ann should have been eliminated possibly sooner.

    And there you have my thoughts! lol. big deal, huh?

    btw: Whitney's face reminds me of somebody famous but I can't recall who it is.
    and Anya is kind of pretty but that voice of that accent real? and was she that blonde when she came on the show? I can't remember but she looks awfully white all over.

    I don't usually appreciate all the makeovers Tyra selects for these girls, I think she has made some real bad errors over the cycles.

    'Course, that's nothing compared with her selected winners some cycles, lol.

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    Re: Photoshoot Seven: Jet Setters Boarding an Airplane

    I hate when they make up a reason to criticize the girls that they have no control over. I'm thinking of Stacy Ann, when they complained that it looked like she only had one leg. They placed the other girl in front of her - the person they should be complaining to was whoever photoshopped the picture together. Stacy Ann had absolutely nothing to do with them putting Whitney, a larger girl, in front of her. You can see Stacy Ann's leg behind Whitney in the close ups.
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    Re: Photoshoot Seven: Jet Setters Boarding an Airplane

    my call out just based on photos, not challenge and body of work

    5.Anya [for some reason I really don't like her picture]
    6.Stacy Ann
    Claire,Lauren, Katarzyna & Anya

    TOP 4

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