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Thread: When did you first start watching ANTM?

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    When did you first start watching ANTM?


    Around the summer between C8 and C9, I was flipping through channels, and on MTV there was a C4 marathon, and it was the episode with the Zodiac photoshoot. Being an avid Zodiac fan (obsessor actually ) I watched the episode and became hooked! Then I got all of C8 of off iTunes, and fell in love with Renee from the moment she walked into castings. After that I started watching C9 as it aired, and I watch it every Wednesday ever since!
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    Thanks to VH1ís marathons. I remember that one of my first episodes was the Cycle 2 finale and I was mad when they eliminated Shandy but I loved the show. At that time they were airing Cycle 5 and I started watching it in the fake elimination episode. I watched all the cycles thanks to re runs and I became a fan. My favorite show ever ever.

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    Re: When did you first start watching ANTM?

    hmm.. My grandma was watching a little bit of the second episode of cycle 6, waiting for other program. so I find a great show and decided to search about it, and started to watch all the cycles on youtube, started to watch on tv... everything!
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    Re: When did you first start watching ANTM?

    Somewhere during the original showing of C3.

    Loved the photography, hated all the drama in the house (still do).

    Couldn't believe some the stuff Janice would say, miss that....although Paulina has potential!
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    Re: When did you first start watching ANTM?

    my mom was watching tv and so i came over to see and it was America's next top model Cycle 1 (when it first aired). so i always watched it with her until she stopped watching it after Cycle 2. ...but i continued to watch it. and still is today.
    Im really missing Aimee!

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    Re: When did you first start watching ANTM?

    The first time I ever watched it was winter break Dec 2006/Jan 2007 when vh1 had its annual week of showing nothing but ANTM. I caught a few episodes here and there during that week. Then I watched cycle 8 when it was on, and I've been hooked ever since (especially after finding tausili's youtube videos, which allowed me to catch up on the first 7 cycles).
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    Re: When did you first start watching ANTM?

    My first episode of ANTM was in Cycle II where the girls just got to Italy and were doing the solstice shot, the only reason I watched it was because so many of my friends in school were watching it and always talking about it the next day, so I figure I catch one episode, and I fell in love ever since. i really thought the idea of a "model competition" reality show was so stupid, but I really grown to love ANTM and appreciate it.

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    Re: When did you first start watching ANTM?

    I would watch marathons of cycles 1-6 every now and then. Before the finale of Cycle 7, there was a marathon of it on vh1 and I watched the whole thing. And then a long time later I found out there was already Cycle 8. So then I started watching it on the CW on the episode where they had those nicknames and went to 50 Cent's SmartWater party and did that 4 personality shoots. Now I watch it every night its on! This cycle i'm more hooked than ever.

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    Re: When did you first start watching ANTM?

    I started watching it when Adrianne was crowned the first winner. Been a fan ever since.

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    Re: When did you first start watching ANTM?

    the first episode I saw was the C2 garden of eden shoot
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