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Thread: If ANTM Had the Make Me A Supermodel Format

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    Re: If ANTM Had the Make Me A Supermodel Format

    The one thing I liked about MMAS is that you got to see a lot more INDUSTRY things. When I watched that show, I actually felt like I was learning something about the modeling business. The final four got in to see known design companies, auditioned for commercials and all the contestants got to go to industry parties where hopefully they made come connections, and the models actually got to walk (and get paid) for Fashion Week. They also showed different types of modeling as well, like for department store events, art installations, etc. There was drama, but the drama never got in the way of believing that you're seeing the modeling industry. I also like the way they made them do runway every week. The only thing I didn't really like was the voting system.

    When I watch ANTM, I don't even see it as a legit modeling competition any more; it's a reality show with a bunch of drama and catfights with some modeling thrown in haphazardly for good measure.

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    Re: If ANTM Had the Make Me A Supermodel Format

    I think if they did have qualified people to vote like casting directors and agents then people like Jaeda and Dionne would've been eliminated really fast which I would've loved!
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    Re: If ANTM Had the Make Me A Supermodel Format

    If ANTM had the the MMAS Format then the editing wouldn't been as heavy. Plus MMAS is filmed in real time and ANTM isn't. Ken Mok and the dirty editors play a huge role in who is a fan favorite and who isn't and they would lose alot of influence on who is favored by them. Plus like somebody said alot of ANTM fans aren't FORT, TWOP, CW Lounge members and they have their own influences on who they like. Plus their is no safe guarantee who is going home. Whitney (C8) won CG of the week and so did Bre.

    Also it would lead to outside influences having an influence over Top Model for spiteful reasons. For example some radio hosts were getting their listeners to vote of Sanjaya to stay in AI even though he should have been eliminated weeks ago. You have people right now that have voted for Kimberly to be CGOTW even though she been eliminated (people did the same thing for Heather last year).
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