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Thread: Cycle 10 General Thoughts and Comments

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    Cycle 10 General Thoughts and Comments

    Well it's 7 down and 7 to go and we're just approaching the halfway point so what do you think of cycle 10 so far? Has it matched up to other cycles or your expectations?


    What do you think of:

    The photoshoots?
    The choice of girls?
    The eliminations?
    The chalenges?
    Your faves performances?

    etc etc

    So far I'm quite pleased. There are 7 girls left and I really like four of them and can bare another one. So that means there's a 5 in 7 chance that a girl I like will win this cycle!

    I thought the choice of girls has been quite good although there's the odd "What were you thinking?" *Cough Dominique Cough*

    I not too sure on the photoshoots although I liked the idea of the paint one. Would like a few more beauty shoots please.

    And I think the eliminations have been quite fair although I thought Allison and Aimee had a little more potential than what they were able to give whilst they were there.

    Overall I'm quite pleased and looking forward to the second half!
    What do you guys think?

    (MODS delete thread if deemed unnecessary.)

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    Re: Cycle 10 so far?

    What two do you not like ANTopmodel? I'm guessing Dominique (definitely) and Stacy Ann?

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    Re: Cycle 10 so far?

    Lol. You got Dominique right! Fatima is the other, and Stacy is the one that I can just about bare, she seems sweet.

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    Re: Cycle 10 so far?

    I don't care if Dominique or Fatima go....and if Lauren has one more psychotic outburst she can leave as well.

    If Stacy Ann, Whitney, Katarzyna, or Anya win...I will be a happy man.

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    Re: Cycle 10 so far?

    Lauren is just UGGH ! Her tantrums are _____________.
    I want her to leave now.

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    Re: Cycle 10 so far?

    I've been loving the photoshoots so far, but the elimination of Aimee and Claire definitely dealt a blow. But as long as Dominique and Stacy Ann leave as soon as possible, I will be completely satisfied because I really like Anya, Katarzyna, Lauren, Fatima, and Whitney.

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    Re: Cycle 10 so far?

    i would have to say this is a huge step up from the latter LA seasons. The girls are pretty awesome, and the photoshoots are way better than fashion witch and the negative effects of smoking. The lessons are more relevant than choosing your model names. Plus, the OBB is really swell, compared to the OBB of cycles 7-9.

    I would say this cycle is really amazing.
    Birds of the same feather make one helluve featherduster

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    I miss cycles 1-6! :( youllseemeontv's Avatar
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    Re: Cycle 10 so far?

    I wish Marvita wouldnt have given up. She had so much potential.

    And although I cant stand Dominique, I find myself LOVING her photo from this week.
    HOMELESS- Aimee/Marvita | WATER- Anya/Dominique
    LINGERIE- Marvita | TRAVEL- Dominique
    MEAT- Whitney | RENAISSANCE- Dominique/Fatima
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    MUSIC- Whitney/Fatima | COVERGIRL- Whitney

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    Re: Cycle 10 so far?

    I like the fact that they're actually including important designers/brands, at the end of the day they will decide to book them or not. It would be good though, that the best photoshoots became actual printed ads like they did in previous cycles.
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    Re: Cycle 10 so far?

    The photoshoots Fuerzabruta. Most definetely
    The choice of girls Very mixed up, but the fillers are lasting too long... (I'm looking at you Domadick and Stacy-DooDoo)
    The eliminations Aimee. I mean what?.
    The chalenges meh, They're ok...
    Your faves performances Fatima, Anya and Katarzyna, they all floor me, specially the Somalí goddess

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