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Thread: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta


    Fatima - undeniably beautiful and so glorious. No doubt hers is the best. She's like a goddess


    Katarzyna - It's reminiscent of Yoanna's underwater photo.


    Anya - I didn't like the face too much but it's good and she's also like a goddess or a fairy or something.


    Dominique - I think she's hurt.
    Whitney - I think she's being killed in the picture.


    Stacy Ann - Ugly
    Claire - Ugly


    Lauren - the photo is nothing.
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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Ive got to admit Fatima's photo is the best.

    Kata's amazing too!!
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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    I have to go with the majority and say Fatima's was the best. She get's a 10 from me.
    I'd give Kata and Anya a 9 (I'm almost positive they'll be the final 2)
    Whitney gets an 8
    and those were the only ones I liked.
    Is it me or does Lauren look plus-size.
    I don't wanna get fat like you
    Don't even believe in the F Word...FAT
    ...Perhaps you meant PEE AYTCH AY TEE
    Yeah...I did
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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Best to Good

    1. Anya
    2. Fatima
    3. Whitney
    4. Stacy Ann

    Worse to No good

    5. Lauren
    6. Katarzyna
    7. Claire
    8. DoMANique - Go home!

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    #1 Fatima
    #2 Anya

    The rest were ok. Whitney's was horrible in my opinion. I don't understand the hype surrounding her photo.

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    I'm surprised that Claire went home too, but they always have to get rid of the exotic dancers, plus-sized girls, and the young mothers at some point for Yoda knows what reason! Maybe because they don't fit in with their Covergirl/Seventeen demographic?

    Lauren, Lauren, Lauren. Tsk, tsk, tsk. She takes such great photos, but that walk really is dreadful! I wish she would practice! Has she been practicing? If she has, they have sure edited it out.

    I too am beyond sick of Dominique! Aside from her tranny-grotesque OLD look, her pictures are not that great! I think the ONE pic I was semi-impressed by was the paint picture, but so many of the other girls outdid her! Hmmm, Tyra casts one girl every few seasons that look like her in her younger years (Kisse and Felicia), maybe Dominique is around because she MIGHT be a drag version of Tyra in 15 years. Oh let's not forget that Dominique LITERALLY patted herself on the back!

    As a side note, I hate that ANTM is sending the girls out without any lessons. Reason number 456958796786 the fashion industry doesn't take this show seriously. If you want to produce at least decent girls for the world of real modeling, you need to teach them SOMETHING. Isn't that why Miss Jay was originally on the show? I'm getting sick of Miss Jay being only a judge and having like 2 walking lessons with the girls! In the first couple of seasons, they had nutritionists on, gym coaches, Miss Jay as the walking instructor, things models NEED to know. If this is about a supposed journey, then a little sherpa along the way can help, right?

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Quote Originally Posted by ofter;2891210;
    less themed photoshoot,tyra.look how stunning these photoshoots are

    1.fatima ,very good pose
    2.anya ,the eyes are good as if she is praying
    3.whitney,she looks like a baby that still inside her mother
    4.katarzyna, the pose not good ,but the close up is the best of the bunch
    big gap

    50.Dominque , i think the face is not as bad as you guy says, bout the pose really bad
    100.scary ann, she looks like Marvita in this photo, which destroys all .the pose is good though . how can you model when you cannot be recognized??

    10000.lauren , is she drowning

    999999999999911111111111112222 222222.claire ,so ugly
    ITA with you there

    Anya's photo looked like a "Lady in the Water 2" (movie) in the making
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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    I didn't like Whitney's that much. She looks like a Who!

    But I did love Fatima's... Damn it.. Can't stand her :p

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Quote Originally Posted by Zilverlelie;2891602;
    I didn't like Whitney's that much. She looks like a Who!

    But I did love Fatima's... Damn it.. Can't stand her :p
    Um possibly the best post ever, and I totally agree. hhaha

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Tyra's photo was the worst this week.

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