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Thread: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    1. Fatima! *.*
    2. Anya
    3. Katarzyna
    4. Dominique
    5. Whitney
    6. Stacy-Ann
    7. Claire
    8. Lauren
    Homeless: Whitney. Makeover: Fatima. Lingerie: Aimee.Meat Packing District: Anya.Beauty Shot with Paint: Dominique.Musical Genres: Katarzyna.Fuerzabruta: Fatima. Airplane: Dominique. CoverGirl Commercial: Fatima. Roman Castle Couture: Dominique. Famous Movie Icons: Fatima

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    I think cycle 10 is most quality ever!!!!

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Loved this photoshoot, especially after last weeks awful concept.

    My call-out order:

    1. Whitney
    2. Katarzyna
    3. Fatima
    4. Anya
    5. Dominique
    6. Claire

    7. Lauren
    Eliminated - Stacy Ann
    Cycle 10 Favourite's - Whitney, Aimee and Amis
    Best Photo's
    Homeless - Aimee, Makeover - Claire, Lingerie - Marvita, Paint - Aimee,
    Music - Whitney, Fuerzabruta - Whitney, Jetsetters - Dominique, Commercial - Katarzyna, Roman Castle - Fatima, Movie Icons - Anya, CoverGirl - Whitney

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Kats photo is my favorite hands down~
    Get yourself ready, and we're gonna have band practice!!!-Amis [Cycle 10]
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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    less themed photoshoot,tyra.look how stunning these photoshoots are

    1.fatima ,very good pose
    2.anya ,the eyes are good as if she is praying
    3.whitney,she looks like a baby that still inside her mother
    4.katarzyna, the pose not good ,but the close up is the best of the bunch
    big gap
    50.Dominque , i think the face is not as bad as you guy says, bout the pose really bad
    100.scary ann, she looks like Marvita in this photo, which destroys all .the pose is good though . how can you model when you cannot be recognized??

    10000.lauren , is she drowning

    999999999999911111111111112222 222222.claire ,so ugly

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    This was a fantastic photoshoot! I loved that it was more artistic and less "modeling" (even though it's ANT Model :p)
    "I miss Aimee...." "I stomp the KATwalk!"
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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    I love Anya's photo, it looks so alive!
    We Will Always Love You Anya!
    You Are Our High Fashion Top Model Forever!

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    The Best Photos: Anya's & Fatima's

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Fatima, Anya, and Kata did the best. Dominique, Whitney, Lauren, Stacy Ann and Claire didn't do so well. Claire's was so boring, Do-man's facial expression was gross (haha she was in the bottom 3), lauren looked awkward, and stacy ann looked ugly.
    Yeah, instead of just looking homeless, itís kind of changed to homeless chic. I dress up my flannel with pearls. -Jenah cycle 9

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Fatima, Anya and Whitney did the best by far.

    Kat's face is gorgeous but her body isn't shaped as uniquely as the other three girls.

    Dominique did ok. The rest did bad.

    Stacy-Ann better get the boot next week.

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