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Thread: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    This is my favorite shoot in ANTM history.

    It is gorgeous, almost artistic, and even Dominique, my least favorite, rocked it.

    Good job to all the girlies.

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    great photoshoot. i tried searching for fuerzabruta on the internet and i was blown away by their trailer... it was nice. I loved this photoshoot. fatima is like whaaaaaa. BEAUTIFUL. Although i like stacy ann her lips on this one is not so good. I used to like claire, but every contestant that had an argument with DOM (i dont really like her, but starting to...) turns me off. It like DOM is bringing the bad sides of all of the girls..... still my ranking

    1-2 Kat or Fatima (they're tied for me)
    3 Anya
    4 Whitney
    5 Dom
    6 Stacy
    7 Lauren
    8 Claire

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    [QUOTE=NoBody;2890500;]Very cool pictures. Different and unique and interesting, without being tacky and over the top.

    I agree This was definetly unique and iit didn't feel cheesey. I loved whitney's photo i felt it looked like art and not just a picture of a model
    squirrel please!!!!:nono

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Wow, now this photoshoot was GREAT! So artistic!

    1. Fatima (like a dream! so elegant, simply beautiful.)
    2. Anya (i LOVE how nymph like she looks. and the hair is fiery gorgeous!)
    3. Kat (love her face, i wish i could have seen a better body position though)
    4. Whitney (fetus! LOL. the face is good, but not so crazy about the body honestly)
    5. Dom (i think she could have done a little better on the body, but oh gosh...the orgasm face??? haha!)
    6. Stacy (the body isn't too bad, but the face isn't at all impressive for me.)
    7. Claire (the face is alright, but that's about it)
    8. Lauren (i'm sorry, but everything about this photo falls flat for me! )

    Overall, I loved the idea of this photoshoot!
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    Jay: "No, she's just posing".

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    anya _ so ethereal. i love the hair. her film must have looked awesome.
    claire _ good body movement, but i wish she would've tilted her head a little.
    dominique _ legs look a little short. i also thought of orgasm when i saw it.
    fatima _ absolutely gorgeous. i love the hand, love the neck extension. it works.
    katarzyna _ it does look graceful, but i'd prefer it with both arms bent, not straight.
    lauren _ looks like a dead fish in water
    stacy-ann _ looks like a crab. i wish her face had more softness in it.
    whitney _ love it. i agree with miss jay; it does look like a full-figured fetus.
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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Gorgeous photoshoot, but I probably would have preferred it if we could see the girls a little bit better. Most of the girls did really well.

    1. Fatima: she looks like an ethereal painting. Everything is working in that photograph.
    2. Whitney: I absolutely love the pose, and the intensity with the hands is amazing.
    3. Anya: the intensity in the eyes is fantastic, and everything is working, too.
    4. Katarzyna: I love the raised arm.
    5. Dominique: she even looks great. Love the face and the pose.
    6. Claire: actually don't really like the face, but the body is quite good.
    7. Stacy: meh, very medicre.
    8. Lauren: horrendous.

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    I'm so happy this week, my goddess Fatima was called first and moped the floor with Lauren in the bitch off.
    She looked gorgeous

    1- Fatima
    2- Anya
    3- Katarzyna
    4- Dominique
    5- Whitney
    6- Stacey-Ann
    7- Claire
    8- Lauren

    Lauren's pic was horrible, a big blurr of nothing. Hideous.
    Claire's was a mess, but Lauren's was worse, AND her pics have been better than Lauren's, her walk was obviously better and I bet she booked more jobs, won two challenges... Again, why are they keeping Frankenstein in there?... Specially over Claire.
    Whitney DID look like a Fetus, I can't get over her tiny chubby feet xD. Stacey-Ann's was as irrelevant and boring as herself.
    Katarzyna's was beautiful, like a dance, so was Anya's a gorgeous mermaid.
    And Fatima... WOW, she really blew me away, I mean, a GODDESS, just graceful and beautiful, looks like a drawing

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    I'm too cool for rankings, but I've got some thoughts nonetheless.

    Anya- It's one of the best... but I think she looks a little deranged. The intensity of her expression is great really close up, but far off, she looks kind of loony.
    Claire- I actually like this one. It's not spectacular--not the best of the shoot and not Claire's best, but I think the pose is awesome, I love the action feeling of it, almost like a shot out of a comic book.
    Fatima- It looks wicked, good on her. I agree with the judges--it doesn't look real, it almost looks drawn. She's unnaturally skinny to begin with, and the way the light hits her makes her look almost inhuman, totally bizarre, but it's cool.
    Dominique- The body really ruins it for me. The facial expression, as orgasamy as it is, totally catches the feeling of energy and flow and movement, but the body just isn't catching it.
    Katarzyna- The face is beautiful--as someone previously said, she looks a lot like Scarlett Johannson here. Like Dominique's picture, the body is a big problem for me. It feels forgotten below the arm.
    Lauren- Not her best, but her rack looks faaaabulous.
    Stacy Ann- Not her best either, but the body hit the spot. She needs to work the face better.
    Whitney- My absolute favorite. Quite frankly, everyone who says that it's overrated must be looking at a different picture. It has phenomenal intensity--just fantastic. I can't get over this picture.

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    well to me, It IS overrated. Her tubby cramped feet, her *gasp* expression, the squashed bug body and the jazz hands. Horrible pic in my opinion

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    I lokked at Katarzyna's photo once again, and I think her back looks cut. It is not a very good shot.
    Whitney won!!!

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