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Thread: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Whitney, Anya and Fatima had the best photos this week.

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    My call out order:


    Bottom Two:
    Stacy Ann & Claire
    Eliminated: Claire

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    1. Fatima - Very elegant and graceful, from head to toes.
    2. Anya - Very nymph-like; only complaint is that I wish we could have seen more of her body, which would create a more aesthetically pleasing silhouette, similar to Fatima's.
    3. Dominique - Has the best energy and movement out of all of the photographs, but it doesn't capture the elegance of Fatima's or the serenity of Anya's.
    4. Whitney - Very interesting, but I wish her face was tilted slightly more toward the camera; providing a more flattering angle.
    5. Katarzyna - The most overrated, in no means the best, IMHO. I feel that her body shape isn't all that interesting. Nevertheless, it is still a good photo, but not her best. Does anyone else see a little resemblence to Natasha (C8)?

    6. Claire - Better than last week's; would have been better if her face wasn't smooshed against the glass and if we could see more of her body. Unjust elimination, IMO.
    7. Lauren - Worst photo yet, but it's not as bad as the judges said.
    8. Stacy Ann - The body positioning is nothing special, neither is the face.

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Quote Originally Posted by Dara;2892179;
    No way this is the only picture of Tyra this cycle that doesnt look bad
    That picture of Tyra looks 10 years old, at least. She hasn't looked that young in a LONG time.
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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    Wow, this photo could be easily my favorite EVER.
    Anya is the best of the bunch, hands down.

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    fatima's and anya's are my faves
    they're very graceful and eloquent

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    I love Anya's! She looked majestic! Whitney was also amazing and she pulled a "Yoanna". Kat and Fatima looked great too.
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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    This was a beautiful photoshoot.
    Fatima's looks really posed, and the judges always talk about how looking posed is bad... whatever, it'll justify her going further.
    And while I love Katarzyna, her picture is a little overrated... she did deserve third, though; her film must've been amazing.

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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    1) Anya
    2) Whitney
    3) Kat
    4) Fatima
    5) Lauren
    6) Dominique
    7) Claire
    8) Stacy Ann
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    Re: Photoshoot Six: Fuerzabruta

    I love Anya, Whitney, Katarzyna and Fatima.

    Dominiqie looks like she is giving some orgasm. And whats with Stacy's lips? Pressed on the glass much?

    And I thought Claire's was pretty good. Didnt see anyting bad about it.
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