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Thread: 4/2 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

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    Re: 4/2 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    let's all chip in and send Tyra an up to date dictionary, she says the same crap over and over again

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    Re: 4/2 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    Quote Originally Posted by duckiies;2892771;
    In her photo? She looks like a goddess in her photo. Dominique's the 'hoochie' one in her photo.

    I just realized how much I hate the word hoochie. Get a new word, Tyra
    Shoot Domanique looks like she's getting it up the arsehole!
    "For what it's worth you're like the first juicy booty to make it on the runway."

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    Re: 4/2 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    I'm beyond happy Tyra and Paulina put Nigel in his place... What an annoying stuck-up person.

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