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Thread: 1st Annual Fiercee Awards

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    Re: 1st Annual Fiercee Awards

    Quote Originally Posted by daCVingwolf;3025375;
    im sorry but diana was huge!

    I thought she could lose some weight after show.. but whatever
    Osakini?? It sounds like old-socks-and-bikini (NORELLE)

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    Re: 1st Annual Fiercee Awards

    I just watched them and if I'm honest I got bored after part 3 and couldn't be bothered with the rest, so stopped watching it. It was more about the drama than the modelling, and with categories such as "craziest phonecall" and "ugliest cry" I can't say I was too impressed.

    I've never liked the Tyra show and always found it soooooo cringeworthy, and this was just the usual over the topness of the Tyra show with ex top model girls. There were long pauses when there shouldn't have been, the whole thing was a complete mess. (I say whole thing, when I only watched half but I doubt it got much better) Caridee was the only one that seemed to have a clue, but if that was true she'd be out there working and not presenting crap on the Tyra Banks Show.

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    Re: 1st Annual Fiercee Awards

    Anywhere one can watch this online?

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    Re: 1st Annual Fiercee Awards

    I looked on page 15 and a few pages near it and it says there is a link to the video but I can't find it

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