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Thread: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    OMG, Lauren's legs are sickkkkkkk. (In a good way)

    I'm really surprised the judges didn't talk about them.

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    O My Lord! Katarzyna did an amazing job! I lve her photo! but wat kinds of music or wat band is "goth/emo" music? is it like near heavy metal? :shy: I think she is going to do extremly well on her shoots and runways! i think with her new hair they are going to be pleased! and she might make it to the top three! yay

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    1. Katarzyna: love the hair, the pose, the attitude. The whole thing is just working, and she embodied the concept extremely well.
    2. Whitney: stunning face, and the body has strength despite the fact that she's just standing there. She needs to close her mouth, though.
    3. Anya: I personally loved the styling and the intensity in her face. Her arms are so weird, but I still like it.
    4. Lauren: I didn't really get her. How is standing there like she always does with a over-the-top outfit embodying the concept? Still better than some of the other shots, though, and she at least looks good and has good energy.
    5. Dominique: love the styling and the fact that she actually looks soft. Could have worked a little bit more, though.
    6. Fatima: I liked how she tried. The tongue is disturbing, but rather smart, despite a little caricature'd.
    7. Aimee: the face and skin are crazy beautiful, but she just wasn't working the outfit nor her surroundings. Should NOT have gone home, though.
    8. Stacy: so boring. Should have been the one going home.
    9. Claire: I hate this shot. The whole styling, pose, lighting, face, body, everything's wrong. Given her past performances and her challenge wins, she should not even have been in the bottom 2.

    My call-out based on past performance and this week's photoshoot:

    1. Katarzyna
    2. Whitney
    3. Anya
    4. Lauren
    5. Dominique
    6. Claire
    7. Fatima
    8. Aimee
    9. Stacy Ann

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    I missed the show (my kid sick was and I was working on an article. NO way I wanted to watch people behave more poorly than a sick 7-year-old), but am ranking based on the pictures posted.

    I liked Kat, Lauren and Fatima (yes, the tongue was cliched, but her's is much cuter than Gene Simmons, at least). Normally I'm not a big Fatima fan, but she tried and lets face it, most of the other girls didn't so much.

    In the OK category I put Claire (she looked very pretty) and Whitney (liked the picture but it didn't scream grundge. It was too soft.).

    In the no-way category, I put most of the girls: Aimee (it was just an average pic. No emotion, no creativity. Pretty girl, that is all), Anya (OK, that outfit was so not-punk it wasn't even funny. Still, she didn't rocky my socks with her pose either), Doninique (uh, no. That pose is just "no." And since I didn't watch the ep, I was not influenced by any alleged naughtiness), and Stacy-Ann (if she was supposed to be a DJ or something like that, girl took too many drugs. She isn't showing any emotion or joy or grooving (yes I am aging myself).

    ETA: Thank you scarlett1616 for posting the pics. You rock!
    Last edited by Allie; 03-27-2008 at 11:42 AM. Reason: Forgot to thank scarlett for her hard work.

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    My rankings, in order:

    1) Katarzyna- LOVE it, well except for the red manicure, that kind of breaks up the spirit of it lol, but overall it's great
    2) Whitney
    3) Lauren
    4) Stacy Ann- not too bad, but I'm getting sick of seeing the same pose and the same facial expression in every pic of hers
    5) Dominique- as much as I hate her, her pick isn't too horrible. It's NOT good, but not too bad.
    6) Fatima- What the hell is she doing! She looks like she's making fun of heavy metal
    7) Aimee- she looks kind of dead
    8) Anya- I'm sorry, but what is she doing in this photo? I see nothing that resembles "music" in any way. And her nose and her chin look really pointy. She looks like a woodpecker.
    9) Claire- she looks bored, not at all country

    Overall, I don't think it was a very successful shoot
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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    this photoshoot is one of the worsts EVER

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    I don't understand how people can call amature photography. This is the work of Russell freaking James!


    With that said, the pictures really do suck. The overexposure in most (namely Kat's and Stacy Ann's) is just not pleasant.

    Why would you get Russell to shoot such a bad concept?

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Quote Originally Posted by psylancer;2872755;
    Fatima... BLARGH!!! You can't do Gene Simmon that's for sure...
    Dominique looks like a lost Dutch Lady
    Stacy Ann... I'm getting bored of her already

    Claire looks like some 60's vintage ad girl...
    Whitney and Katar are my faves
    Aimee's pix... not too bad, but she is losing her wow factor week after week

    Anya... what the... Naima + Claire + Jaslene = wierd?
    Lauren ... Happening shot!

    Tyra.... ... ... (crows fly)
    hahah i was..what the? like she did a mockery of hard metal! and im a metal fan! i love fatima but her photo now is blah
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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    First of all, I have to say that I think Katarzyna did an amazing job. But anyways, here is my call out order:

    1. Kat-I love the pose and I feel she displayed the perfect emotion for her given genre.
    2. Whitney-I liked that she faced her fear of heights to get on the old diving board and she executed her performance well.
    3.Fatima-I think she tried hard which suprisingly resulted in a good shot. She really looked like a rock star.
    4.Anya-Although I can't stand this girl, she had an okay picture.
    5.Lauren-She had a fierce picture but IMO she didn't look like a popstar.
    6.Dominique-She seemed to be doing a good job but I think she had a better photo in her film than the one chosen.
    7.Stacy Ann-Great pose but so predictable.
    8.Claire-Could have had better enthusiam(spelling?) but that "country" get-up didn't help.
    9.Aimee-Disappointed. Sorry to her fans but, she lacks consistency. Photoshoot 1&2-great, Shoot 3-bad, Shoot 4-good, Shoot 5-bad

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Also, did anyone laugh when Tyra criticized Stacy Ann for going for something as obvious as putting her headpiece right next to her ear, yet Tyra does the exact same thing in her pic?

    Anyway, Ambreal, err, I mean Stacy Ann only seems to have one expression.

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