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Thread: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    i love Lauren's even know the photo wasn't so POP at all but it looks real high-fashion she really looks like a model there...

    Karta's was great too!!
    you guys should use standard look (teal) if you want FORT to look more sexy!

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    I like the concept of the photoshoot but it could have been executed in a more 'hi-fashion' way I guess.

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Not everything has to be "high fashion" in my opinion. I like this shoot, it's fun, although I have to agree some of these would never be placed in any magazine.

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    i would love this photoshoot if they were all portraying a rock group and was a stand-out one. anw, here are my thoughts:
    aimee: i don't see r&b but she looks beautiful
    anya: when you are given such a strong set, you don't have to exaggerate your poses. i think it's a little too much.
    claire: she looks short... i don't think she should be dancing to portray country but in this pose she looks really bored. she could do something better i guess!
    dominique: she is one of the very few who are standing and yet she looks really short. she also looks old, a bit plus size and pissed and i see no neck. why wasn't she in the bottom two??
    fatima: i looooove the body, i HATE the face.
    kata: i don't get what is so special about this picture. i love her hair like that but that's probably the only positive on it. if she wasn't given a black manicur for her nails then she should hide them because my eyes go straight to the red nails and scream "fake emo". plus, she looks short and her face looks scared.
    lauren: she was the only one not given a set... her body looks really long, her lips full and while she supports the garment still screams high fashion. i like it!
    stacy ann: if i hadn't seen all her previous photoshoots i would really like it but now i'm really bored of the same face. to her defense though this is the only time and shoot that this face works for her.
    whitney: wow! i see the photo and all i see is her. she took advantage of the set and took some risks but didn't exaggerate like anya. she looks really tall but that's because the photographer was on a lower level than her so this credit goes to him.

    to me, the best were whitney and lauren (with that order) and the worst dominique and claire. the others were all average.

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Aimee - it was okay, she didn't deserved to go thou.
    Anya - Loved the legs and the intensity in her face.
    Claire - Pretty Boring ( surprised )
    Dominque - Average photo, liked her facial expression
    Fatima - Loved the legs again, great photo
    Katarzyna - FAV! feels like its from a magazine, BEST!
    Lauren - Good photo, <3 FACE!
    Stacy Ann - Okay.. dont think she have performed good enough to stay in.
    Whitney - loved how she placed her hand on the other. great photo ;D
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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    WHAT IS UP WITH TYRA's FACE?!?!?!?!?!
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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    i love katarzyna's photo so much best of the week,and why did tyra call whitney first?
    I remember when first i saw her,i was like "This girl is gonna win" :nono
    I guess I'm the SALEISHA in this competition *Laugh loudly* -Dominique

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Aimee's hair looks like Alicia Keys' in the music video "no one". But I don't know the reason why she was eliminated.
    Anyway, I love Katarzyna's photo. She looks gorgeous. Stacy is cool. I think she's my favorite this week.
    And Lauren's photo looks weird. It looks smaller than others.Is that why she was called so late?

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    I was expecting Kat to be called first ):
    I can't wait for her to get that haircut next week, < 333 Is it just me or does Kat remind me of Kelly Clarkson in this picture, you know the old kelly.
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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    My least favs are Claire's and Anya's. Claire's epression is more hooker-ish than country, I'll give her props for having to work with that hideous outfit.Anya's is more of the makeup's fault cause she looks more like an emo clown than a punk singer. Fatima,Kat and Lauren did the best!
    I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! How Dare You!

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