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Thread: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    I can feel the energy in Lauren's shoot!

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Quote Originally Posted by dashinbohemian;2872628;
    i've been waiting for you, scarlett! thank you
    No problem!
    They took along time to put up the photos today. I dont know why.

    Stacy Ann should've left.
    Im sick of her doing the exact same head tilt and "fierce" expression in every photo. Even her makeover photo. Someone should do a side by side comparison on all her pictures. Ugh.

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Quote Originally Posted by scarlett1616;2872655;
    Stacy Ann should've left.
    i agree 100%... i just posted this in her thread.
    i hope she goes soon!
    team unsuspecting weirdos.

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    hands down, the best were Katarjenah, Anya and Fatima. Dominique channels Pocahontas. Whitney's channeling Avril.
    Aimee is ok. Stacy's was the worst.
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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Love Kata's picture! So gorgeous! <3 I also like Lauren's and Aimee's. Hate Dominique's.

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMADDICT99;2872643;
    Katarzyna looks like Avril Lavigne in the picture.
    whitney's face too ...maybe her eyes in there ..
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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Kat's photo was pure emo gorgeousness. Anya was ferocious as usual. Fatima's photo was fun and interesting.

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Why is Katarzyna spreading her legs in the pic? That is not flattering at all!
    "You are not even worth it, sweetheart." -Fatima

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    I didn't like this photoshoot very much. Katarzyna and Whitney had good pictures but the rest didn't impress me. I attribute a lot of it to poor photography and styling, to be completely honest. Claire's clash of an ensemble was a complete exaggeration of country and bordered on pure redneck trash.

    I'd love Fatima's if not for the tongue. I understand that it was in character but it makes for an ugly picture, in my opinion. She looked amazing with a normal face.
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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    1. Katarzyna - ok, her and Whitney are really neck and neck for the top spot, but since Kat's my favorite, I'll give her the edge. Plus, she looks sexy as usual.
    2. Whitney - I didn't see the episode so I was wondering about everything praising her shot this week and I have to say, it really is pretty great.
    3. Claire - um, what's wrong with this shot? Nothing. Tyra and Co can be so cliche. Just because she's "country" doesn't mean she has to be smiling and dancing.
    4. Dominique - Ok, I can't really hate. This is not that bad of a shot. Yes, the getup is lol-worthy, but that's not her fault. I like that her hair is in motion.
    5. Stacy Ann - I think considering her music genre, this shot makes sense. But at the same time, it's the same ol' face SA always does. She needs to change it up.
    6. Aimee - I don't think it looks as bad as I expected after all that's happened. I think she pulls a soultry R&B diva just fine.
    7. Lauren - that looks like pop on crack. And not in a good way, if there is a good way. The outfit doesn't help, but I just think Lauren is clearly wrong there.
    8. Fatima - I don't "get" this shot at all. I think there's a high fashion way to do, even a heavy metal, but she doesn't. Plus, she looks like she's laughing or smiling?
    9. Anya - maybe she doesn't deserve to be the last one on the picture alone, but I'm very disappointed with her. She could've done something amazing with that getup and makeup.

    Yeah, so I pretty much hate this photoshoot. It looked so good from the previews. Was this photographer on ANTM before? If so, for what shoots? I think the idea was right, but the execution - no. Don't know if it's the models' fault or whose, but they're all so blah, aside from Kat and Whitney. I had a hard time ranking them becuase really #3 and #9 are not that far apart.

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