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Thread: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    My favorite photos were Fatima's and Anya's.
    I thought Stacy-Ann or Claire should have went home.

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Good Ones
    Boring/Average Ones
    #4Fatima-someone said she looked like a doggy and I cant get that out of my head
    #6Stacey ann
    Bad Ones
    #7Anya doesn't even look like a person. But thats more the fault of the set and hair
    #8Claire what is she doing with her face? It doesn't match. When I watched her photo shoot I was doing country poses that looked way better
    #9Lauren There are more interseting poses she could do
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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    I actually really disliked this photoshoot. The costumes and concept felt very low-budget, and it overall just didn't feel fashion.
    Some of the girls turned out nice photos, such as Katarzyna (the only girl who really utilizes posing with [as per her genre, probably self-inflicted] pain), Anya, and Fatima. I don't think Aimee deserved to get cut, albeit that her shot was quite boring. Lauren's is just creepy.

    The two worst photos were Dominique's (the only reason it looked so "soft" was because the face was horribly blurry, which was quite disappointing coming from such a reputable photographer) and Claire's (teehee, o hai obvious wig).

    Naic getting them up so quickly.

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Claire and Dominique should've been bottom two...
    Aimee's picture was actually better than theirs

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Quote Originally Posted by puffter;2874038;
    BTW ....Does anyone else agree with me that Tyra's Pciture looks horribly posed.

    I don't understand....sometimes M.Jay or Tyra herself accuses one fo the girls as being too "posey"....isn't that an OK thing?
    she has been posey ever since she gained weight. i noticed all or most of her pictures look forced. urrghh..

    and yeah, whitney is a gorgeous girl but she always does it. the open mouth thing? its annoying! thats the hoochie. i know that wasnt aimee's best shot but she didnt deserved it. she was pretty! even though it looked meh.. unlike dominique's that looked soo opposite to her photo. she's supposed to be laid back but her eyes was too strong. not good
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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    whitney's picture is really gorgeous. i love it. i love the edge.
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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    Aimee's picture reminds me so much of the photoshoot (Celebrity Look-Alikes) that AJ (C7) got eliminated .

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    yeah Aimee's might have looked liek a bad Vegas ad, but hey at least she doesn't do the same pose every photoshoot like Stacy Ann and she doesn't look like Sutan like Dominique
    Claire,Lauren, Katarzyna & Anya

    TOP 4

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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    i LOVE katarzyna's.

    anya's and whitney's is very good too.
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    Re: Photoshoot Five: Musical Genres

    This photo shoot turned out great and was fun.

    The only girls who truly got their concepts were Kata, Whitney, Anya and Fatima

    Lauren's picture is the best in my opinion, simply as a fashion shot. She looks like working models today and her face is freaking amazing not to mention her body (those legs!).

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