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Thread: Photoshoot Four: High Fashion Beauty Shots In Paint

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    Re: Photoshoot Four: High Fashion Beauty Shots In Paint

    This photoshoot is already sooo much better than the last few cycles.. Yet some things bother me; some of the jewelry looks really cheap, and in some shots they used too much paint, and/or even made a complete mess of it (wich ruins Stacy's complete shot, I don't like it, it's such a mess), and these coloured plastic things on their head, I think that's a bit too much.

    I don't understand what's so special about Aimee's. Or flawless about her skin. I don't see what everyone else sees.
    Anya's eyes penetrate just as much as Katarzyna's, I don't understand Tyra. Favorite of the week.
    Minus the silver paint and the blue plastic Claire's picture rocks!
    Dominique's lips bother me, and I love the pink/gold combination, but they made a mess. I hate to admit it, still a good picture.
    Tyra should've just photoshopped it. They should've kept it with green and purlpe, the orange is too much. And without the purple screen Fatima's picture would be soo much better.
    Marvita.. sigh. The paint on her hair bothers me.
    I just want to rip off Laurens earrings and screen and put on another shade of lipstick. Other than that, nice job.
    Stacy, you're a mess. You should've hit the paintman.
    Whitney, that's a dissapointment. And the blue/yellow, alright. But the purple lipstick? Nah. And again, red screen off, please. Thanks.

    I can't stop staring at Anya. I'm so glad you can't see her hair, it would ruin it. Stupid makeover.
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    Re: Photoshoot Four: High Fashion Beauty Shots In Paint

    I really loved Dominique, Anya, Claire, Stacy Ann, and Lauren's pictures' this week. Those five pictures were amazing.
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    Re: Photoshoot Four: High Fashion Beauty Shots In Paint

    I agree that some people had much more paint than the others, Stacey Ann has WAY too much her shoulders and chest look disgusting with all the mixture of paint whereas Whitney didnt have enough. Lauren is fierce

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    Re: Photoshoot Four: High Fashion Beauty Shots In Paint

    I think Claire, Anya, and Lauren rocked the photoshoot. All of them were beautiful and were amazing! Definitely my favs.
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    Re: Photoshoot Four: High Fashion Beauty Shots In Paint

    aimee - i agree that she has sensational skin. i would've loved the shot even more if her head wasn't tilted THAT much.
    anya - love the neck extension. i would've loved more intensity in her eyes. at least she didn't snarl.
    claire - does look like a music artist. but i love the body stance.
    dominique - very ethereal. love it.
    fatima - love the face, but i agree that the hair on her arm pit stands out.
    marvita - i see no emotion whatsoever MAYBE besides a little sadness.
    lauren - a little less pout and the shot would've been wonderful.
    stacy ann - love it.
    whitney - there she goes with the mouth again ._.

    i know katarzyna's photo isn't up there, but i thought it looked really sophisticated from what i saw on youtube.
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    Re: Photoshoot Four: High Fashion Beauty Shots In Paint

    Quote Originally Posted by NoBody;2855719;
    Excellent photoshoot (idea and execution).

    1. Anya - this is absolutely brilliant. Most likely will end up my favorite shot of the cycle. Firt fo iD cover (one eye and everything).
    2. Stacy Ann - I am so glad she finally delivered. I love her and this photo is pretty great.
    3. Claire - I don't like her look in person at all, but the girl delivers week after week.
    4. Aimee - though from the previews I thought she'd have a better shot. Still great though.
    5. Lauren - something just doens't quite work for me here. Don't know what it is.
    6. Dominique - I'm not a hater so I'm kinda glad she was called up that early, but this shot is really not THAT good.
    7. Katarzyna - she HAD to have had a better shot. Tyra is really trying to fail this girl.
    8. Fatima - the face is pretty good, the body is kinda off.
    9. Whitney - she looks kinda dead and not in a good way.
    10. Marvita - I feel bad for her, but yeah, this is the worst shot of the bunch.

    Good job by everyone overall.

    I want to edit my ranking (change from preious ranking)

    1. Anya (=)
    2. Katarzyna (+5)
    3. Stacy Ann (-1)
    4. Aimee (=)
    5. Lauren (=)
    6. Dominique (=)
    7. Fatima (+1)
    8. Claire (-5)
    9. Whitney (=)
    10. Marvita (=)

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    Re: Photoshoot Four: High Fashion Beauty Shots In Paint

    kata's shot is the best for me hehe
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    Re: Photoshoot Four: High Fashion Beauty Shots In Paint


    Anya: Minus the paint it could be an iD magazine cover.
    Kata: Good picture but the paint got in the way of her eyes making them look kind of sleepy.
    Lauren: Effortless and so simple, but good.
    Claire: She kind of lost her neck (I usually don't harp on stuff like this but it is beauty shot so...). I like her expression, but I didn't really like the color scheme. Not her fault though.
    Fatima: It looked weird to me. Still pretty minus the pit hair lol
    Aimee: Her eyes looked so good.

    Meh/Least Favorites/Ew Horrible
    Domatranny: Okay, but still horible.
    Whitney: Close you mouth and Stop sucking in your cheeks. I love how she's all ~pro normal sized woman~ but yet she's sucking in her cheeks to make her face look skinnier.
    Marvita: She looked really miserable.
    Stacy Ann: One of the worst. At least Tyra didn't like it. Nigel did for some reason. I'll excuse it since he's pretty.

    Thoughts about the photoshoot: Overall, I really liked it. Sure the paint was kind of messy, but that was kind of something they couldn't help. They didn't over photoshop it either. I was really impressed with the photographer's credentials. They should do more extreme beauty shots for future cycles.
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    Re: Photoshoot Four: High Fashion Beauty Shots In Paint

    Quote Originally Posted by RealityLovesMe;2856393;
    Marvita - the worst photo in antm history! Worse than any of the cover girl queens from last season, worse than Lluvy's fish, and Saleisha's rock climbing.

    Whitney - I'm really surprised that her picture is so weak. Mr. Jay seemed to like some of the stuff she was doing during the shoot ... and then Tyra chose one that was not so great. Disappointed.
    I hate it when that happens. Jay is always like girl you rocked it and at panel they are in the bottom. Grr!

    That pic wasn't the best but it is not as bad as any of Saleshia's. Marvita is at least tranny fierce...Saleshia and the word fierce do not go well together.
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    Re: Photoshoot Four: High Fashion Beauty Shots In Paint

    Homeless: Claire
    Lingerie: Lauren
    Meat Packing District: Lauren
    Beauty Shot w/ Paint: Aimee
    Music Genres: Whitney & Katarzyna

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