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Thread: Cycle 10 Makeover.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    My favorite makeovers were Anya, Katarzyna, and Aimee's.
    My least favorites were Whitney, Dominique, and Stacy-Ann.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    I don't like Claire's make-over.. I hope I will come to like it as the show goes on.
    Fatima looks much better now, but I just don't like her. And her eyes are sooo dark, they're just black.
    I would have thought they made Katarzyna blonde/darkblonde, because she has the kind of look that you see on the runways right now.
    I do think Whitney looks great, and i like Stacy-Ann's make-over, but I don't care so much for her :p

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    aimee= good, like the color but the length :nono
    anya= very nymph and I actually love it minus the eyebrows
    amis= good, a bit rat-weave
    allison= meh
    claire= great one, love it
    dom= now we can put a price on this and it's cheap
    fatima= good, a bit too long for me
    kat= it's good but she was wayyy better before (color and length)
    lauren= good improvement
    marvita= huuuuhhhhhuuu but it works for her, interesting idea tyra or should I say tyra's hair master and stylists, because I'm sure it's not HER idea
    stacy= too ambreal-esque but she looks good
    whitney= this girl looks freat, blonde/dark suits her and the length is good, she VERY lisa marie presley imo

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Lauren and Whitney need to stop sticking their guts out when they pose.

    Anya looks like Celine Dion now, unfortunately. She was way better before the makeover.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Am I the only one who feels that Anya looks a lot older?

    "Even though I didn't win, I still feel like I am on top of the world." -Dominique

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