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Thread: Cycle 10 Makeover.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Quote Originally Posted by hydrangea;2827182;
    am i part of the minority who finds anya's new do very alluring. i mean, it brought out her eyes. the makeover was very amanda swafford.
    100% agree hopefully she will make good photo then
    I remember when first i saw her,i was like "This girl is gonna win" :nono
    I guess I'm the SALEISHA in this competition *Laugh loudly* -Dominique

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    anya looks so awkward in her pic

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Anya's look is very strong with the new hair. Its either a yay or nay when you first see it but I think the majority will get used to it even if they may not like it.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Kat's and Lauren's poses are fierce

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    marvita's hair is so cool! and claire's makeover picture is really good!

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    My favorite makeovers are Marvita, and Claire. Edgy ones are always my favorite.

    My least favorites are Amis () and Whitney.

    I think they had the right idea with Amis, but it ended up being like a Jenah weave. And Whitney's, I dont like the hair and her makeover photo was HORRIBLE.

    And I hate Anya's eyebrows. It makes her look like an alien or something.
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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Quote Originally Posted by klmnumbers;2827422;
    I'm happy they have an actually plus size girl. Whitney is rocking her full figure, and her face is gorgeous. I'm happy she's not a fake plus.
    YES. I thought her makeover shoot was the most gorgeous minute of film I've ever seen on TV. I recorded the episode, and watched that segment over and over again. She's utterly breathtaking, and I love the super-confident way she poses her body.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Quote Originally Posted by tjvalerio;2828462;
    Kat's and Lauren's poses are fierce
    Those are actually poses I really don't like. Lauren's just standing there, and not in a good unposed sort of way. Kat looks like she's trying to cover herself up. JMO.

    As for the makeovers themselves (and perhaps a thought or two on the pics):

    Aimee I really like this look for her, it makes her stand out more. The picture is great too.
    Allison She looked better with the black, they should've kept it dark, perhaps a dark brown colour. The pic is OK.
    Amis She looks good, she just needs to work on posing her body better though.
    Anya Not an improvement. I really don't like it, and something's off with the picture, but I can't put my finger on what it is.
    Claire I'm torn with this one. While I personally don't think it looks that good I think she can pull it off and it will look great on her - as it does in that photo.
    Dominique She's a hard one. In the picture it looks OK, but when it's not styled it does in deed look soccer mom.
    Fatima I love her face, but her hair was a disaster before. The dark hair really brings out her features and she look wonderful.
    Katarzyna She reminded me of Tiffani Theissen before, so they add dark hair to make her look more like her? She does look good, but I can't help of thinking of Kelly Kapowski.
    Lauren She looks good, the more "girly" aspects of her hair complements her look.
    Marvita She could be the one to pull this off. Her androgyny was a trademark of her and this has potential to go both ways. The picture is great as well.
    Stacy Ann She looks good, less childish in a way.
    Whitney Something's off with her picture for me, but I think she looks good. She looked goor with the dark hair as well though.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Lmao, Dominique's face in her pre-show and makeover shot are 100% identical.
    Cycle 10 Favourite's - Whitney, Aimee and Amis
    Best Photo's
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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    I think this is the best overall makeovers to date. No bald = good news.

    Aimee - I knew she'd go red as soon as I saw her.
    Allison - Its alright. Her face there looks like Eva Longoria.
    Amis - Great look on her!
    Anya - Oooh the platinum blonde. I'd perfer jet black, but its alright! Her pose is weird, her face looks like an alien. o.0
    Claire - Me likey! Hawt!
    Dominique - They should've kept it long. I don't like it much.
    Fatima - Definitely better than that UGLY brown hair. Urgh.
    Katarzyna - Hands down the best makeover. I've always pictured her going black/red. She's hotter than ever.
    Lauren - Lauren surprised me! I like it a lot.
    Marvita - Who else but Marvita can work a horse mane? Her photo is fierce.
    Stacy Ann - Now she looks like Ambreal. Its alright I guess.
    Whitney - Brunette or blonde, this girl is great.

    I'd like Tyra to makeover as well, her Chantal-hair is so boring now I despise looking at it, its so last cycle.

    And the best makeover goes to...

    Miss J.
    Question: What did you do in your downtime?
    Anya: We made up Couture Twister and Model-opoly! Katarzyna made it up.
    : Awwwwww!

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