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Thread: Cycle 10 Makeover.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Aimee: Looks good, I like it.
    Allison: Not great, but she’s gone, so who cares?
    Amis: The basic idea was not bad, but they really went overboard.
    Anya: The color works better in photos.
    Claire: She is so hot I can’t stand it.
    Dominique: “Soccer Mom” is right. The girl already looked older than her given age; this ’do just added another decade.
    Fatima: Better than what she had before, but I’m still not feeling the Fatima-love.
    Katarzyna: : Okay, now she looks even more like Tatiana Dante.
    Lauren: Looks a little messy, but I hope she learns to rock it.
    Marvita: I was afraid they’d just cut off the Mohawk, which would have made her look far too butch. The makeover works, though, and she likes it, so hopefully it will boost her confidence.
    Stacy Ann: As noted above, it makes her look like Ambreal. It’s cute, though.
    Whitney: Yes, she looks like one of the Real Housewives of Orange County. I liked the dark hair better.

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    Aimee: I prefered Aimee's old hair to her current hair but her current hair will work wonders for her.

    Allison: Oh Haii Eva Longoria*~

    Amis: I think it looks alright, Personally I didn't feel she needed a drastic change but I can't help but love long blonde hair.

    Anya: She didn't need a makeover but damn, what an upgrade.

    Claire: I think this is my favourite, she looks really stands out now (even though she already did, lets just say she's even better).

    Dominique: It seems our Dominique has evolved from a drag queen to a soccermom. At first I was like its not that bad but when I saw it on film I was like "HELL no".

    Fatima: I didn't think this would work for her but it did and it looks awesome.

    Katarzyna: Yet another one who didn't really need a makeover but I love her new look.

    Lauren: Hands down one of the best, I was afraid she wouldn't like it but she seems to have embraced her new look quite well.

    Marvita: I actually like it, Its going to be interesting to see what the stylists will do with it.

    Stacy Ann: I think this is exactly what she needed. do doo dee do*~

    Whitney: I think it looks nice actually, I think she can work either blonde or dark hair so I'm fine with this but her makeover shot is asstroscious.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Yay for finally showing the entire makeover shot instead of a screencap.

    Aimee: talk about the perfect makeover. Love the color and the style, though it could have been a little bit longer and just a little brighter. Love her body.

    Allison: I love the makeover, so too bad she's gone. Her makeover shot looks like crap, though.

    Amis: very pretty, though it kind of looks fake. Don't really like her face or her body in the photo, though.

    Anya: gorgeous, stunning, fabulous. The perfect makeover for her, except for the slight over-lightness in her brows. Her body and pose are sick.

    Claire: ugh, super edgy and gorgeous. Another perfect makeover, but she needs to relax her eyebrows. I'm scared for when her roots start to come out, though.

    Dominique: go home. Crap makeover, crap shot.

    Fatima: what an upgrade. She needed either super long or super short, and this is perfect for her. Love the color, love her shot, love everything about it.

    Katarzyna: really makes her look a little bit oversexed because it's a little too dark. Overall quite pretty, though.

    Lauren: stunning. Did anyone notice that they totally used a different picture for the fadeaway?

    Marvita: I don't really get it, but her shot is stunning.

    Stacy: perfect makeover, again. Length is great, and her cheekbones look stunning.

    Whitney: don't really like her makeover and her makeover shot is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Her body is pretty, though.

    Overall, love the makeovers. Some of the girls received the perfect makeover for them (Aimee, Anya, Claire, Fatima, Lauren), and the rest were pretty good, too. Not too many tears either.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    in order of best makeover.

    1. aimee.
    2. claire.
    3. lauren.
    4. stacey-ann.
    5. fatima.
    6. allison.
    7. whitney.
    8. amis.
    9. katarzyna.
    10. marvita.
    11. anya.
    12. dominique.
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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    For Laurens makeover...YES I TOTALLY NOTICED!!!

    And for Marvita,i actually had a feeling she was gonna get something like this

    Amiee got the red we wanted,but its more Tia CNTM2 than Supermodel Alice!
    Whitneys shot looks ROUGH!She reminds me of a bigger Lisa Marie Presly the way she sticks out her stomach..

    Overall the fierces makeovers and shots in a LONG C6!!!THATS LONG!
    Whitness to Whitneys fierceness.
    Anya way to the top!

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Aimee - Looks pretty good.

    Allison - I like the pose but looked way too short

    Amis - Love the hair!

    Claire - Honestly... eww. She looked much better before. At least stay black

    Anya - Double eww.

    Dominique - Too motherly but it works fine

    Fatima - I prefer her hair shaved off. Long is too much for her face

    Katarzyna - Wow, dark hair... so whats so interesting about this?

    Lauren - I like it a lot! Looked very sophisicated

    Marvita - HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Stacy Ann - Eww... Ambreal much? And where's her boobs?

    Whitney - What the hell? She looked fine but her face in the picture looks like a zombie
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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    My views on the makeovers and makeover pics
    Aimee: Her makeover and picture are okay.
    Allison: I dont like her makeover or picture.
    Amis: I really like her makeover. Her pose in the picture is weird but her face is good.
    Anya: I have definetly grown on Anya's makeover. Her look is just so memorable and thats whats important. If she went to a go see, she would be the one person I think they would really remember because her new look is unique, and high fashion. I love her pose in the picture but her face is a little off.
    Claire: I dont like her makeover at all. Her picture is ok.
    Dominique: Her makeover is ok. Its growing on me. Her picture is great.
    Fatima: I LOVE her makeover, and LOVE LOVE LOVE her picture.
    Katarzyna: I really like her makeover but in her pic she looks like skeletor.
    Lauren: I love her makeover and pic.
    Marvita: Dont like her makeover, but her photo is fantastic.
    Stacy Ann: Her makeover and picture are both absolutely terrible.
    Whitney: I like her makeover, but it makes her look too commercial. I hate her picture.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    If you compare the skin between the preshow pics to the makeover shots, it looks like they got a tan.

    alright first of all, HI EVA LONGORIA!!! (lol to Allison)

    2nd ofall when isaw Anya at panel in front of the judges, she looked WASHED-OUT!!!! i was like "is that a ghost?" lol. but it will look better when i get use to it and it gets a little worn-out.
    Im really missing Aimee!

    ANYA FTW!!!

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Not a big Marvita fan but I think after this week everyones been loving her! Including me. Everyones hating to say it but she really looks like a model. No joke. New style though Ive never seen a horse mane makeover.

    Anyway, too many blondes. But thats okay. Im glad Aimee got the red hair makeover. I wished Fatima had short light hair. Something like Ambreal but with a lighter color. That judge from cycle 2's CNTM. Shes pretty! Anya with white-ish hair? Maybe that brings out her eyes. Im not really digging it. And then I am. Maybe because its the first episode with their makeovers. I'd have to get used to them. Anyway, they all look gorgeous. Except for Dominique. Ick!
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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Aimee:I never really thought she was a good-looking girl, and this make-over just made it worse. sorry but, DOWN WITH AIMEE!

    Allison: I dont really like it, it isn't HORRIBLE but, i think she could've looked better. Glad she was eliminated, I couldn't stand her in the last episode.

    Amis: I really like the hair, she needs to learn how to brush it though. The way she had it in the judging room was nasty.

    Anya: She scared me when I first saw it. HER EYES JUST POP! But, it's ok.

    Claire: I really like her blonde and shorter, I think she can rock it.

    Dominique: At first I was undecided, then in the judging room I thought she resembled Saleisha's tootie mushroom head cut and made me want to throw up a little but, in the picture it looks awesome.

    Fatima: I think it's really good. Not awesome, it doesn't make her stand out but, it is definately better than what she use to have.

    Katarzyna: I hope this will help her a little, I thought I was going to really love her but, she comes off too sexy. Then again with darker hair she can look too sexy without trying. I think Tyra wanted this to challenge her.

    Lauren: SHE ACTUALLY LOOKS PRETTY! But, she is still boring me a little.

    Marvita: AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! This is by far the most craziest, greatest, sickest (in a good way) transformation I have ever seen on ANTM. She will definately rock this new look. She really looks like SHEEVA from MORTAL KOMBAT but, it's ok cause that is my favorite character in the game.

    Stacy Ann: I really like it, it brings out her facial features A LOT. But, I wouldn't have cut it so short. Maybe chin length would've been better.

    Whitney: LOVE IT! I think making her blonde will help her. She looked awesome before and she looks better now. She will stomp all over most of the others.

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