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Thread: Cycle 10 Makeover.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    actually if you watch the episode
    you will love the makeovers if 100% better than cycle 8 & 9 one
    and the girls look great in person with new makeovers than the photo
    example anya

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    I have to say, I dislike a lot of the makeovers..

    Claire's is GROWING on me.. I must be one of the few that actually really liked Anya's. I think she'll rock it. Aimee looks FANTASTIC.

    Side note, when they said this cycle would look cheap, they MEANT it. Those "bathing suits" look like the just cut white cloth and rolled it up, on some shots, you can see the fringing from cutting it with scissors. They're not spending any money photoshopping either.

    On another side note, I'm happy they have an actually plus size girl. Whitney is rocking her full figure, and her face is gorgeous. I'm happy she's not a fake plus.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Aimee - meh.
    Allison - i don't find her attractive... nor will i no matter what is done to her hair.
    Amis - sex bomb.
    Anya - they left the bleach on her eyebrows too long... now it looks like she doesn't have any...
    Claire - hot. she looks great!
    Dominique - tyra said she's going to get the color that she told the stylists to give her... so i won't judge until then.
    Fatima - STUNNING. it's perfect. in my opinion best make over ever.
    Kat - not a big difference... she's the kinds girl who will be pretty no matter what's on her head.
    Lauren - PERFECT! it's EXACTLY what she needed! and i love that they didn't change her hair color... it's nice having a prety red head around.
    Marvita - what???
    Stacy Ann - maybe she will be able to style it differently?
    Whitney - her hair is gorgeous, no doubt... i just don't really like her face. she needs lip implants or something.
    team unsuspecting weirdos.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Aimee: I personally think that her hair was better off before.
    Allison: I also think that her hair was better dark.
    Amis: One of the good ones
    Anya: 'Salright I spose. I don't have too many opinions this way or that on this girl.
    Claire: I think it's great, but she looks like that one workout lady from the 90's. Anyone know who I'm talking about? She was in a bunch of infomercials.
    Dominique: I think someone with strong features like Dominique needs longer hair.
    Fatima: Excellent! She IS Iman now.
    Katarzyna: I think her hair was fine before. Just another makeover for makeover's sake.
    Lauren: Better after.
    Marvita: When Tyra was describing it I was like, "WTF." But it's actually pretty nice.
    Stacy Ann: Poor girl. They made her look like Ambreal.
    Whitney: I must be the only one who thinks she would have been better off if they left her with dark hair.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    I know that workout lady that you are talking about. Well I know who she is. I don't KNOW her. Jeez...why'd you have to say that? Now I'm going to think of that whenever I see her.

    I think Whitney should have stayed dark too. Now she looks even more commercial to me.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Tyra PLEASE fix Anyas eyebrows!!!!!

    ANTM is LOVE

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    there is no denying lauren is rocking this competition! (yet for some reason i dread the covergirl and runway themed future)
    !The Fiercest Photos Of Cycle 10!

    ANYA- paparazzi | WHITNEY- covergirl
    WHITNEY- homeless | FATIMA- castle couture
    LAUREN- lingerie | ANYA- fuezabruta

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Aimee: I am liking the cut and bangs work great for her. I'm just waiting for the vibrant red to wash out a LITTLE bit. Right now it is too unnatural in appearance for me.
    Allison: Plain girl before. Even more plain after.
    Amis: No. I think she has such a great face. Not only is the weave a total disgrace but the eclectic coloring reminds me of all those valley girls in high school who thought 4,000 shades of box dye high/lowlight blonde in their hair was attractive.
    Anya: I love the platinum blonde color. Just not on her. And the total lack of any visible eyebrows is killing me. It makes her nose stand out.
    Claire: One of the best makeovers in recent Top Model history. I am in love. It made her jump to the top of my list.
    Dominique: 48 year old school librarian from the '60s much?
    Fatima: I think it helps her look even more exotic than before. I love it.
    Katarzyna: :/ I think it would've been heaps better if it had been glass straight. Looks a little Mila Kunis/Rachel Bilson.
    Lauren: Makes her look like my Canadian babysitter when I was little! So due to my bias I love it already. I don't think a little bit more length could've hurt though.
    Marvita: LOVE LOVE LOVE. Didn't think much of her before. Now I'm a huge fan. Like I said before... it smoothes out her rough edges by adding femininity while still maintaining her signature androgyny.
    Stacy Ann: I like it. But I don't think it's the best choice for her. It makes her face look rounder.
    Whitney: I actually prefer her as a blonde even if she looks a little Orange County-ish with it.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    *sniffle* they made claire look too much like mr. jay *sniffle*
    Alex Perry is the greatest judge ever to appear on a top model.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Makeover.

    Stacy Ann, Fatima, Dominique, Marvita, Aimee, Claire, Lauren, Amis, and Whitney have amazing poses. I like Anya a lot, but shes the only 1 with a picture that I don't like.
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