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Thread: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    Agree about Kat & Anya! I never liked Katarzyna, but I like Anya and I expected more out of her! Don't like her makeover. Her picture is one of the worst.
    Whitney won!!!

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    Doesn't Claire look like Mr. I see a relation!!!

    I think the best this week:

    Anya, Claire, Marvita, and Aimee.

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    does anyone have the makeovers photo yet ?

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    Whitney - she looks beautiful and sexy. Its just gorgeous and she is giving off an intensity that isn't trashy, but is still sexy! Her body is beautiful too!
    Marvita - She looks way too serious for lingerie, but her body is amazing (as always) and her face is intense and pretty!
    Aimee - she has a penis and her face is emotionless. Looks like someone took a candid of her while she was trying to stand up. Nothing is great about it (not the pose, face, body)
    Amis: She just doesn't know what she is doing, but at least she managed to look pretty.
    Stacy Ann: Hello?! You are modeling lingerie! Why is she making that face? It is not flattering at all!
    Allison: I don't think she should have gone home because her face is so dreamy and beautiful. The pose is really awkward, which makes me think this was not her best shot. Sure her other poses were "too posed," but at least she didn't look all wrong like in the one Tyra selected.
    Claire: men in lingerie are not hot! Bad body and face!
    Katarzyna: This picture belongs on a trashy website. There is just nothing classy about it and she doesn't look great either.
    Lauren: she is not in control of her body. This never should have been selected! No one else could get away with this shot, and Lauren shouldn't either. If you are modeling lingerie, you shouldn't look like you are stumbling. That makes no sense.
    Fatima: her picture is amateur because of the pose, but I am still very satisfied by her expression. There is something very sweet about her face, but it is still Iman-esque.
    Dominique: its not that bad. They just gave her the wrong hair.
    Anya: I really am impressed by her face even though I don't think that it is appropriate for this set. But her body looks weird. It looks like the bra doesn't fit her and her hand is manly. It looks like she is scratching herself.

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    Quote Originally Posted by derekt;2826661;
    the sad thing is KATAYZNA & ANYA failed this week ! they are my fav models of the cycle .
    claire one is soo EDGY & TOMB RIDER BUT angelina jolie is hotter
    I agree with both not doing so well this week, especially Anya's was just so disturbing to me! Just her face mainly...ayeee
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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    Looks like my breasts are bigger than Anya's and I'm a guy.

    How come nobody mentioned that Stacy-Anne's neck is missing?

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    I liked Marvita's and Claire's.
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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    Fatima looks so gorgeous! Definitely the best pic this week hands down
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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    I loved Marvita's and Lauren's. Aimee's woulda been better if it didn't look like she had a penis. Whats up with Claire looking like Mr. Jay :S

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    I guess I'm one of very few, but I thought Anya picture was stunning! It came up, and all I could think was just WOW!
    Aimee's was really good too, and I have to admit even though I don't like her Marvita's is pretty good too.
    I don't think Claire's is great, it's a little weird to me.

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