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Thread: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    Awkwardness works for Lauren and I hope she dosen't lose that.
    For both of her photo shoots she was called reasonably high and I think that's based upon how her awkward poses can be turned into high fashion.

    I have a feeling that Aimee is going to make it amongst the Top 5 or at least reach the go-sees and I think she's going to have one of the best and most high fashion portfolios out of the girls.
    Her bone structure during the 'Homeless' shoot was ah-mazing and it may not have looked homeless but like Ms.J said, it was fierce!

    Fatima's shots are beautiful from the waist up and I agree with Tyra on that.
    Her face is stunning and with the new long, chestnut brown hair I think she could do wonders. Her attitude puts me off a little but I think you're always going to have a pretty btch.

    Dominique does look very commercial with her new hair and I can't wait too see what it looks like with it's new coloring.
    I think her 'homeless' shot was fierce despite herself looking shorter than her real height but her Elle Macpherson Lingerie shot wasn't very high fashion, fierce, sexy, ect... at all!

    Amis just looks lost and confused in both her shots to me but I know she has potential. I can't wait to see her 'Meat-packing' shot [next week] because I'm hoping she'll rock it since I know she has potential.

    Stacey-Ann's first shot was pretty and I love it but her Elle Macpherson isn't among my top 5 favourites of the week, not to say that it's not sexy or high fashion and that I totally dislike it but I think she can do better.

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    Quote Originally Posted by operakatz;2829083;
    Actually, I saw the pictures before I was able to watch the episode on youtube and thought Allison's was definitely in the worst 2. It's just so unattractively posey and I don't think her face is that photogenic in general...too undefined and bland.
    I finally caught this episode in the re-run and wow, Allison's picture surprised me. I didn't think it was possible for someone with so much experience to look so completely vacant and have such a 'dead' expression in their photo. Blech.

    I honestly think they may have given her a pass for this bad photo considering her look and her experience if she had shown a shred of humility or humanity at panel (before they eliminated her and she cried, of course). I really wanted to like her, she reminded me of Sarah Siverman before the terrible makeover. Unfortunately, she was all snotty attitude and no substance. If you're going to be a diva on this show, you really have to back it up at the photo shoots.

    Also, I noticed that they gave Aimee, who I'm guessing is one of the favorites, and Allison, almost the exact same makeover. Coincidence?

    As for the photos, my favorites were Aimee, Lauren, and Marvita (I know!). I never thought I'd put either Lauren or Marvita anywhere near the word 'favorite'.

    So far the 'best' photos have been a bit underwhelming this season. Hopefully things pick up in the next few episodes.
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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    My favorites were Fatima, Marvita and Lauren's (with the exception of that unflattering shot of I don't know what between her legs). They really should have photoshopped that out along with Dominique's dimples.

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    For this photoshoot Aimee should have definetly been called first. She had
    the greatest photos followed by Marvita's.

    I don't think Lauren should have been called first at all.

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    Lauren really lucked out that the sun was in the right place during her part of the session for the photographer to take advantage of it in that photo.

    Claire's shot is the one that I think worked best without any "tricks" like that (although to be fair, Lauren's expression kind of works too--the fortunate position of the sun just helps even more).

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    Quote Originally Posted by scarlett1616;2826564;

    Stacy Ann:











    My favorites are Aimee's, Anya's, Fatima's, and Marvita's. Lauren's and Katarzyna's are great too.

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    Quote Originally Posted by syang;2831634;
    i hope lauren gets over her awkwardness real soon.
    i dont. that would screw up her potential
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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    I would say that the bottom three are:


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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    nigel:"it rude to made me touch your booty"
    I remember when first i saw her,i was like "This girl is gonna win" :nono
    I guess I'm the SALEISHA in this competition *Laugh loudly* -Dominique

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    Re: Photoshoot Two: Elle Macpherson Lingerie

    I was impressed only with Claire and Marvita They were the only two who looked editorial to me. The others looked more "undressed" than model

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