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Thread: 3/5 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

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    Re: 3/5 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    So about 3PM here? It sucks that non American's can't watch it on the CW
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    Re: 3/5 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    I'm probably a minority here, but so far I'm disappointed with this cycle. Not because Allison is gone - I'm actually so glad she is! None of the girls really interest me.. except for Fatima, who is this cycle's nemesis. Don't get me wrong Fatima is one fierce/entertaining girl, but she makes for a boring antagonist. I mostly blame the poor editing/low budget for the lackluster episodes. Maybe, I'm just in a pissy mood, but hopefully things will begin to pick up... Dear Ken Mok - bring Jade back or something?!?

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    Re: 3/5 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    Seriously. I cringed every time Tyra said Katarzyna. She was saying it fine in the first episodes. Kah-tah-zhy-nah. Not. That. Hard. It probably wouldn't bother me as much if I wasn't Polish haha but still.

    And what a lame as way to set her up with that shot.

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    Re: 3/5 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    katarzyna aka katar jenah is such a easy name to say. im disappointed that katarzyna doesn't go up to tyra and say my name is katar jenah you bitch! or slap her hahaha. i can't wait to see it. im disappointed that the east coast gets to see it first. and antm is in the cw bay area in california but east coast gets to see it first. man that stinks. i like allison, shes so cute. i wish stacey ann or dominique goes home. there contestants that we all know won't make it big. i like stacey ann shes cute but dominique is just not high fashion at all. and kick claire out shes old and will not take this seriously if she wins. and kick that hideous marvita a la grandma looking guy out shes horrible.

    aimee, lauren, amis, katarzyna, fatima, anya for top 6!!

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    Re: 3/5 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    What's all this about Anya's weave? I must have missed something because all I saw was Anya's hair bleached like Melrose's and cut like Natasha's. Her hair's the same length. There was no weave.

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    Re: 3/5 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    A friend of mine went to Cornell with Katarzyna, and she said that she goes by why do they have to make it so difficult on the show?

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    Re: 3/5 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    As far as makeovers go, JMHO, but one thing I've long been tired of is that when they get down to the end, you've got roots showing, weaves looking tired, etc.

    If they're going to do extremely drastic makeovers on these girls, to me, they should be committed to keeping those looks MAINTAINED up until the time a girl is booted off.

    I mean, c'mon, it's not like they're hurting for money and can't afford to keep these girls' looks up. The girls didn't pick them, THEY did.
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    Re: 3/5 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    Ok, what does Tyra not understand about giving high-fashion girls blonde hair???? I mean after last cycle's disaster with Jenah, why why WHHHYYY did she give those awful makeovers to Whitney and Anya???
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    Re: 3/5 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    Tyra, you must hate my tastes for girls.

    Megan, Samantha, Kimberly, Allison were all my favorites eliminated second!!!! =[

    -Aimee-hott red head. I just wish it was a little bit longer and straightened.
    -Allison-horrible makeover. I hope you go back with black hair.
    -Anya-lol albino much?
    -Amis-she looks like a little school girl. And her picture! Brooke C6 lovechild.
    -Claire-lol Megan C7 and Naima. She looks um alright?
    -Stacy Ann-fish. I don't see any potential, seriously.
    -Marvita-alright this week.
    -Fatima-Bitch of cycle, and the weave is doing you no justice.
    -Whitney-lol she looks like someone in high school trying to stand out.
    -Dominique-she looks like a mom. I hope she gets a Jaeda.

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    Re: 3/5 Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    Quote Originally Posted by ajlrf03;2826214;
    A friend of mine went to Cornell with Katarzyna, and she said that she goes by why do they have to make it so difficult on the show?
    because it is more modelly, per tyra's standards.
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