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Thread: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    Aimee- Amazing face! Her eyes are striking and she's working it. From all-American to high fashion, Aimee is awesome!

    Allison- It's ok. I could I understand why she's one of the weaker photos under the judges eyes.

    Amis- I actually like Amis' picture. It may not be the best, but it's pretty. I guess pretty doesn't cut it though...

    Anya- Awesome photo! She's working the camera and is totally modelesque. I wish I saw more of her face though but yeah, she's totally a top pick!

    Atalya- I agree with the judges, she's pretty but I don't think she's totally amazing. A bit too commercial though I find it weird this was the reason Tyra used to eliminate her (i.e. Saleisha). But anyway, made sense why she went home.

    Claire- Tyra was right. STUNNING! Her hands may be a bit off but the pose and face - FIERCE! She embodied a homeless person while looking amazing at the same time. This is why she is my favorite! The person from Claire's Cover Girl of the Week win was right, she rocked it!

    Dominique- A bit short, but she has great bone structure. However, I don't like Dominique just for her pictures. I like her for her confidence. That pause and walk in judging was priceless!

    Fatima- She's ok as a model. The one photo she took great on was amazing though and also embodied a homeless peson. Facial expression was great!

    Katarzyna- Amazing face, very European looking, name it! All she needs to use less make up and she'll be even more picture perfect.

    Kimberly- It kinda got obvious that she was going home and it was a shame really, but at least her photo was pretty good.

    Lauren- I love Lauren's transformation from punk rock to high fashion. She really looks great with make up and Paulina was right when she said that Lauren had the bone structure and look. Yay Lauren!

    Marvita- It was good but it totally looked like her pre show pic. Doesn't it?

    Stacey Ann- Her picture was surprisingly awesome. I liked how Tyra said she did a cycle of posing though haha.

    Whitney- One of the best plus size models ever! She rocked it and even had wind in her hair!
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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    Aimee - Looks a little upper east side snobbish, but that face is gorgeous. Its a picture to die for. She's one of my favorites now.

    Allison - She needed more life in her eyes.

    Amis - If she wasn't so lost in the eyes I think it would be an okay shot.

    Anya - No neck, but it works in the shot. Love it.

    Atalya - They eliminated the right girl for a change.

    Claire - Surprised me. Love her shot.

    Dominique - I'm not loving her, but she's okay. Her shot wasn't great, but I think she has potential.

    Fatima - Like the face, but I don't like the body.

    Katarzyna - Gorgeous shot! Love her face in it. She does get a little lost in it though

    Kimberly - Such a great shot. Such a shame.

    Lauren - Beautiful shot.

    Marvita - I didn't like it that much. I didn't get why the judges liked it. She looks like she's about to close her eyes and she looks like her eyes are closed from the far-away image.

    Stacey Ann - Okay picture. Her face was good in it.

    Whitney - Love it. She's gonna make it far. I can tell! But let me knock on wood just incase.

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    I kinda like this cycle, theres alot of girls that has potential. My personal fav must be that polish(?) girl, the one that Tyra cant pronounce her name BTW.. what was that clip of tyra playing homeless for a day(!!) thing?.. Kinda creepy to be honest, Im from sweden and they dont air her talkshow over here. Was that from her show?

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    I actually loved this photoshoot to death. Its not only edgy, high-fasion, and kickass, but it combines a theme tyra finds important, kind of like cycle 9's with smoking. I'd say this is my all time favorite first episode photoshoot along with C6's bald shoot.

    Faves: Anya, Kat, Aimee, Fatima, Whitney, Claire, Marvita, Claire, Lauren, and ironically, Kimberly's

    Fence: Stacey Ann, Dominique

    Debbie Downers: Amis, Atalya, Allison

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    in the order that tyra evaluated them:

    lauren: gorgeous jaw line. not the best photo, but it's very good. i definitely didn't expect that from her.
    anya: i LIKED it. her body language was superb, but i wish i could've seen more of her face and neck. but the photo's still sensational.
    amis: i don't like it. i think the times where she was just listening to what jay was saying would've been a better opportunity to snap a fiercer photo than the poses she did.
    aimee: aimee, aimee, aimee. her face looks phenomenal. it looks very regal even though she's trying to portray poverty.
    fatima: i don't think it's overrated at all. she actually understood the concept of the photoshoot. i would've loved to see a bit more exaggeration.
    dominique: her right eye is a bit squinted, but i love the bone structure. it's OKAY.
    allison: i LIKE it. on a scale of 1-10, i'd give it a 5 or 6. the pose reminds me of saleisha's busted up broken down burning car in desert photo. she looks like she's in desperation, but i expected a LOT more from her.
    whitney: love the stance. love the wind in hair. love the face. definitely not homeless, but i like it.
    marvita: i think it's alright. the photo's just okay. she stands out the most though.
    katarzyna: it looks like she's about to go to sleep. i like the stance and her arms, but the face - i don't like it at all.
    claire: stunning. i could stare at her picture all day. her face is so dynamic. i would've liked to see her left hand somewhere else, but it's still the best shot imo.
    atalya: i strongly dislike it. she's just standing there. definitely not the worst, but still.
    stacy-ann: her face is fierce! i wish her eyes would've been a bit more open. i love the body language.
    kimberly: it looks haunting. not really homeless, but i still like it a lot.

    MY call-out order would've been:

    1) claire
    2) aimee
    3) fatima
    4) anya
    5) whitney
    6) lauren
    7) kimberly
    8) stacy-ann
    9) marvita
    10) allison
    11) dominique
    12) katarzyna
    13) amis
    14) atalya
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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    Katarzyna's makes me think of a cat.
    i don't know, her face and hair has that feline thing going.

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    I would have liked this episode better if they had involved the homeless girls a little more, as in doing a couple closeups of them during the photoshoot and maybe a little airtime of them talking/hanging out with the other girls. they were just kind of like props in the background.

    although it was good that tyra pointed out them in the shots when they were being f i e r c e

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    Isis rocks

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    Whitney (of course), Lauren, Claire and Dominique pictures won me over this week.

    Allison is ok, i like it but i can see why it doesnt won over with the judges.

    Fatima, well, i do like it but i dont understand the overly hype about it.
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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    ok for the people who are like this is a bad photoshoot and blah blah...i think you guys need to relax and stop being so negative...I mean come on these look like real ads in a fashion magazines....look after 6 cycles of crap a new one comes about and hits the nail on the head...i love this photoshoot it looks highfashion I can see people wearing some of these clothes and designers having some on their runways...

    Cycle 1-Jlo swimwear NYC
    Cycle 2-Eves NYC
    cycle 3-Swimwear in Jamaica NYC
    cycle 4-Aliens in Manhattan L.A
    cycle 5-Superheroes L.A
    Cycle 6-Bald with crystals L.A
    cycle 7-Model stereotypes L.A
    cycle 8-political statements L.A
    cycle 9-effects of smoking L.A
    cycle 10-homeless NYC

    out of 10 cycles only 5 had a beautiful first photoshoot and they are the three from New York and two from L.A
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