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Thread: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    The plus size girl had the best photo- absolutely fierce

    Fatima's was nice, along with Kat. and Stacy-Ann

    Not liking Kimberely's or Atalya

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    I will be totally happy if Claire wins. That first photo shows that CLAIRE has model potential! She isn't the typical beauty but she is FIERCE irregardless. So, do not underestimate or disregard her!
    Should have been like this!!>> 14. Kimberly, 13. Alison, 12. Dominique, 11. Atalya, 10. Amis, 9. Marvita, 8. Stacy Ann, 7. Fatima, 6. Aimee, 5. Whitney, 4. Claire, 3.Lauren, 2. Katarzyna, 1. Anya

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    Here are my rankings:

    Lauren (she rocked this shoot)
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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    Tyra said Kim's photo was the best, that mean she going to call first ??

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    Personally, I think they ought to see about signing up a couple of those homeless girls for Cycle 11.

    Isis looked great in most of the photos. Cool name, too.

    Claire, Lauren, Anya rocked this shoot.

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    I cant believe Kimberly did what she did
    I loved that photo. It was so high fashion, dude.
    Like not even kidding. I wished these shots were close ups! Excellent work!
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    Amis, Lauren, Anya

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    First photoshoot is so important for me.
    Top 6: Fatima, Claire, Whitney, Anya, Kata and maybe Aimee or Amis.

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    Great photoshoot. It was so high fashion, despite really not having much to do with homelessness. My rankings:

    1. Anya: absolutely gorgeous. Love the body language as well.
    2. Claire: great all around except for the hand. Love this girl.
    3. Aimee: stunning face, though the body isn't really serving it.
    4. Katarzyna: gorgeous, and her face is amazing.
    5. Whitney: surprisingly pretty, and the body is great as well.
    6. Fatima: it's pretty overrated and a little contrived, but pretty.
    7. Kimberly: unexpectedly pretty, but oh well.
    8. Lauren: the body looks good, but the face looks puffed up and average.
    9. Marvita: kind of funky and looks the same as she does all the time, but pretty.
    10. Stacy: surprisingly pretty good.
    11. Dominique: not bad, but not super good either.
    12. Allison: love the contrast between her skin and her hair, but really quite average
    13. Amis: quirky, but clearly not a good shot.
    14. Atalya: I cannot believe Tyra eliminated the right girl. Her photo was awful.

    Honestly, most of these shots are gorgeous except for the last 2 or 3. I have high hopes for this cycle.

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    -I honestly don't care if Anya's shot is overrated, that shot is amazing! The face, body, outfit, scenery, it all comes together.
    -Besides the extra noticeable hand, Claire's shot is pretty good, she photographs great.
    -The face gives Aimee's shot justice, it's a good shot but it's not amazing.
    -Katarzyna's shot is beautiful, her face is amazing.
    -Whitney, I had expected less do to the past, a good description for her shot would be, surprisingly amazing.
    -Fatima's looks a little to much of a still of a movie, surprisingly I don't like her photo that much, still love her though.
    -Kimberly, ugh, amazing photo, I literally pulled my hair when they showed it after she left.
    -Lauren's seems ok, not that great, but compared to how she looks in person is pretty great.
    -Marvita's shot just looks like Marvita.
    -I honestly didn't think Stacy Ann could be able to produce a good shot the first week, definately not one of the best but it's pretty good.
    -I expected a little more Androgyny from Dominique's shot, it would have made it a lot more striking.
    -Allison's shot is pretty mediocre, I have to agree, she looks like a Gossip Girl character, (LOVE Gossip Girl! )
    -Amis's shot was terrible, it looks like she's not paying attention that she's getting photographed.
    -Atalya, I'm pretty surprised that the right girl was sent home, that photo was so weak. Goodjob panel!

    Overall I liked the turn out of the photoshoot and a lot of the girls gave some amazing shots!
    omg, stunning~*~.

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    Re: Photoshoot One: Homeless In An Alleyway

    My favorite pictures:
    Aimee, Anya, Katarzyna, Whitney, Lauren, Fatima, Kimberly.

    Least favorites:
    Atalya and Amis.

    The photo shoot in general was great. It was really high fashion and different. The execution was great.

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