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Thread: Most successful TopModel?

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    Re: Most successful TopModel?

    Quote Originally Posted by calvinrm;2886236;
    Successful Contestants:

    Kim (c5)
    Nicole (c5)
    Lisa (c5)
    Lisa (c9)
    I agree with these, except for Eva (only as a star/acting), Lisa c5 and Toccara. add Ann, April and Rebecca and you got the list of the most successful antm girls.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tickety;2888333;
    Norelle (Cycle 3) I heard she's a popular model in Hong Kong?
    Yeah, she was. But now she is back to school...

    Quote Originally Posted by envy;2842046;
    For ANTM, i think the most successful ones are :

    Elyse, MollieSue, and Jaslene...

    For other NTMs i think only one : Alice (AusNTM)
    These three are definately the most sucessful ones. In fourth comes Ann I think.
    I'll miss Alamela.

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    Re: Most successful TopModel?

    Quote Originally Posted by KouichiK;2841621;
    yeah Vogue is not special at ALLL.
    you must be kidding no ANTm, has ever gotten that.
    vogue is special... but Vogue australia is not as huge as the others.
    and It was her price as winner... that's why I'm saying it's not special..

    She didn't went there and the people from vogue decided to have her on the cover, she won the cover by winning AusNTM... you know what I mean?
    I'll miss Alamela.

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    Re: Most successful TopModel?

    Rebecca Hardy
    The winner of CNTM cycle 2.
    Now she is signed with Why Not Milan modelling agency.

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    Re: Most successful TopModel?

    Quote Originally Posted by guii;2888417;

    She didn't went there and the people from vogue decided to have her on the cover, she won the cover by winning AusNTM... you know what I mean?
    I agree that AusVogue isn't as prestigious as others, but Alice's prize was only a spread in Vogue. They did indeed decide to give her the cover because they thought she was gorgeous.

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    Re: Most successful TopModel?

    I kind of understand what guii is saying, though.

    While Vogue decided to give her the cover on her own merits so-to-speak, the cover was a consequence of winning the spread (and in that sense, a consequence of winning the show). As much as I love Alice and would like to think she could have scored a Vogue AU cover/spread even if she hadn't won the show, the two can't entirely be separated. (Since she is rumoured to be appearing once again in the magazine with other top Aussie models, it's not that difficult to imagine.)

    However, credit should be given as the cover was not an explicit part of the prize package (i.e., if one of the other girls had won, I'm not certain that girl would have got a cover). Regardless of the prestige of the Vogue, very few *NTM girls land covers (or even spreads) in any international editions of Vogue/Bazaar/Elle. I think if we were just discussing models in general, the issue of prestige would be a valid argument.

    Hopefully she'll land another Vogue cover so we can call it even!

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    Re: Most successful TopModel?

    Well, I don't watch any foreign ANTM and have no idea about any of the girls featured in those shows but Alice is the only one I've ever heard of.

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    Re: Most successful TopModel?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zilverlelie;2808531;
    Hi guys,

    I was wondering which girl from the Next Top Model Cycles all over the world, is the most successful?[...]
    I'd like to here about contestants from Canada's next top model, cycle 1 and 2.

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    Re: Most successful TopModel?

    Thats a hard one I say IMHO that it's between Elyese (sp?) and Mollie Sue maybe just maybe we could add Jaslene in their also.

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    Re: Most successful TopModel?

    Quote Originally Posted by ginger_kids;2887455;
    Alice would actually be the second most successful top model winner. Ksenia Kahnovich, who won Russia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 is at least twice as successful in modelling than Alice.
    Is she? Like I previously stated, I only watch the German one. Anyone know where I could find the Russian one with sub-titles??? I'd love to see her work. I just finished re-watching last years Aussie show, and it was great to see how much the judges actually didn't like her. Oh well, it's what the industry says that ultimatly matters. And if the industry prefers Ksenia, well then, I'd love to see her too!

    As for the Canada show...well...the first season girls weren't really all that great if you ask me (others will disagree, and that's their choice). Last season's winner was a step up, but I haven't heard a thing about Rebecca Hardy since she won. She has an agency in Milan as well as Canada but that's all that I know. Not that I follow all of fashion religiously, but I do check up on my favorites every now and then to see how they are doing. Oh, and both of their winners had previously signed with an agency, so...
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    Alex Perry is the greatest judge ever to appear on a top model.

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    Re: Most successful TopModel?

    ^ Hun, Ksenia Kahnovich is signed to IMG in Paris, Milan, London, and New York. (IMG Models) If you Google her, you'll find a few threads on other forums that detail all the shows she's done since FW05...they're big names. For her past two seasons, she's walked for Versace, Dior, Valentino, and D&G, to name a few.

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