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Thread: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Fell outta love with Fatima
    Fell IN LOVE with Stacey and Kim....HILARIOUS!love d lap dance...*squeaky voice*deh deh dede deh..i need sexy music*squeaky voice*

    That Fatima is something else...fake crying to was so obvious...and that crying in front of the girls...i know its a bad thing but shes so fake...

    And that Marvita doesnt even want it...Jaslene almost had a spasm when she was called...Marvita just 'for real' as if it was...'i knew that anyway'

    I LOVE Dominique...shes soo well spoken..'all this'...her hair is FIERCE!

    I really like Amis and Amy now...i didnt as much before!
    I feel sorry for Lauren...i hope she works it out and proves them wrong!
    But not win...i dont know who i want to win yet!
    Whitness to Whitneys fierceness.
    Anya way to the top!

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Watch it, Shaya will be the next Jaslene and Marvita and she will join Cycle 11.

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Im gonna win antm c12!!!!

    Write so im gonna be on antm 11 and be kinda mean,but kinda nice...and get to the final call-outs of the semi-finals....


    Ill audition for c12 and say ive gone throught therapy yada yada and then ill take an AMAZING first few shots and then ill get kinda bad and then ill BE AMAZING at the end and

    Whitness to Whitneys fierceness.
    Anya way to the top!

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    It was a great episode, and I'm so excited for more to come. It seems so short to me, gimme more!

    As for the girls I think...
    Aimee - still #1, I like her even more, shes cute, pretty, and can be edgy.
    Amis - she's funny, and wild like Lisa C5. She has an interesting face but I have doubts that she would make it to top 3.
    Anya - she's cute and passionate. She knows what she wants. The voice doesn't bother me at all, and it's endearing. I feel the island breezes when she speaks. .
    Allison - High school. She needs to calm down with those sassy comments and playing it up for camera time. I get a trashy vibe from her. Bottom of my list.
    Atalya - I do see the comparison to Saleisha, but I like her so much more. Any girl that has ever appeared on top model > Saleisha.
    Claire - I don't know what to think of her yet.
    Dominique - I liked her pre-show but it fizzled out now.
    Fatima - She's sad, in every aspect. She's being exploited in this show. Her face looks sad, she looks so enfeebled and weak and looks like she will fall over any minute. 2 faced as many have said.
    Kimberly - Didn't like her pre-show but I like her a lot now. I hope she makes it far. She reminds me of Reese Witherspoon in legally blonde! She's hilarious.
    Lauren - She's a hot mess and I love it. She went from the bottom of my list to almost the top. I want to see how Tyra tries to transform her.
    Marvita - I am really excited to see what her pictures will be like, her look is different. I also like her personality, she says it like it is.
    Stacy Ann - She's cute but I don't see her making it far.
    Whitney - an opened lip in every picture and poses does not make you a model. Least favorite plus size. No one beats Sarah yet.
    Katarzyna - Almost forgot about her, but she's insanely beautiful. I'm not sure if I like her yet though. I see her going over seas.

    So my favorites are A-cubed: Aimee, Amis, Anya haha.

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by tes;2805205;
    Is it just me or the people this season seem a tad immature? Miss Jay is starting to annoy me. Other than that I'm totally cool, love that they're going back to NYC!
    From the premire I like Claire and Lauren.
    They are my two faves also! I think Claire is drop dead gorgeous and from the previews she looked like a true model on the catwalk. Amazing bone structure.

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    You guys know the walking challenge they had where Lauren fumbled? Katarzyna said in her interview there were a few winners of the challenge and she was one of them. I bet Atalya, Whitney, or Kimberly was on of the other winners. They all are good walkers.

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    The kristen reminds me of norelle cause both has dark hair and oriental looks. But norelle more prettier for sure

    I agree kim looks like reese witherspoon in legally blonde. abit dumb lol
    Don't worry, anya. I still love you

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