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Thread: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaizen;2804680;
    Im watching it again and allison is so cross eyed.
    LOL I thought the same exact thing

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    About Marvita, I... dont like her. I do find her pretty and all but I think the only reason why she is here is to have another Jaslene story.

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    This seasons I see some look-alike... (judging mostly from the CWTV portfolio shots)

    Kimberly looks like Julia Stiles (and a bit pinched).
    DoMANique looks like Coryn.
    StacyAnn looks like a fuglier Dani.
    Amis' profile looks like Megan C7 rocker chic.
    Kata looks kind of like Rebecca+Tatiana C4 (she is edgier than Rebecca though IMO).
    Fatima: I get the Iman vibe, but Iman looks better. Fatima's skin is just not good, at all.
    Atalya: kind of looks like Tiffany from C4

    Whitney looks very proportionate from the pictures and from what I recalled. She definitely looks better than Whitelle-Fug-Personality and the other plus-size girl from C8.

    Lastly, I cannot resist: Marvita looks like a man/monkey. She isn't even ghetto, she's just street gangasta... be uppin your face kinda. I'd love to put her and Brandy and Monique in the same room and let them coochie juice fly.
    I only saw part of the episode, but Marvita makes me go gah gah sick vomit, quoting Ms.Spontaneous: [she] just naasty (IMO).

    Overall my impression is that this cycle the girls don't look as good as last season, which was probably one of the best in terms of potential models. Hopefully the retouchers will do a great job and wow us.

    Ty-J-Jay seems to like Kata/praised her quite a bit, but usually early favorite doesn't win the competition. Look for a semi-decent girl that's kind of blah and then turns it out later...

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Alright, opinion time.

    Aimee: ugh, still love her. Can't walk, though, but since when did that really matter? Please get a fire-engine red makeover and stay for a long time because you're fierce.
    Allison: not as modelesque as I thought she was going to be. Still, chop your hair off and you'll be fierce.
    Amis: I love you! The tan is horrible, but it seems like she got rid of it. Love her personality and love her look. Makeover ASAP.
    Anya: really like you. Like you better than Natasha, honestly.
    Atalya: who? Please go home you average looking Saleisha numbero dos.
    Claire: gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. The only person who can walk it seems. Please get a Naima fierce-hawk and rock it. You can do it.
    Dominique: alot girlier than I thought she was going to be. Too much hair and too harsh, though. Maybe chopping it all of would work.
    Fatima: absolutely absolutely stunning. Kinda bitchy, but I kinda liked it. It was like Renee's kind of bitchiness to me, which is actually kinda endearing. Her moments of tenderness were real, and this chick's got a brain. Probably won't win just because of that.
    Katarzyna: love the way her name is pronounced, and really quite classically pretty. Like the Ivy League thing goin' on.
    Kimberly: a lot less innocent and alot more whorish and stupid than I thought she was going to be. Love it.
    Lauren: having a walk worse than Heather's doesn't help. You're tall and unique though! So I hope you turn it out.
    Marvita: ugh, go home please.
    Stacy Ann: ugh, go home please.
    Whitney: meh. Does the whole lip pushing cheek sucking thing. So annoying.

    Fatima, Katarzyna, Claire, Aimee, Amis, and maybe Anya are definitely worth watching.

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    General Comments:

    -Kim is painfully dumb, but still gorgeous
    -Lauren is a lost cause through and through and a seriously hope she goes home next episode because she's acting as though everything is a game
    -I liked Marvita better last season
    -My top 3 is Kata, Fatima, and Amis as it stands right now
    -Allison needs to CALM DOWN because she's really not all that
    -Dominque shouldn't pull her hair up into high buns and ponytails
    -Whitney's body is amazing for a plus size, apart from her hips
    -Stacy Ann is Dani and Keenyah's lovechild, but she's really grown on me
    -Amis looked a lot like Lisa (C5) in this episode

    Ideally, this is my elimination order before we see real photos [I know my opinion will change drastically after that]:

    14. Lauren
    13. Marvita
    12. Atalya
    11. Dominique
    10. Allison
    9. Claire
    8. Stacy Ann
    7. Kim
    6. Aimee
    5. Whitney
    4. Anya
    3. Amis
    2. Fatima
    1. Kata
    why can't any of my antm favorites ever win?!

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Fashion_Nazi;2804613;
    After watching this debacle tonight, it's safe to say the end is near for this show. I couldn't believe how ugly most of the girls were. With the exception of Allison and Lauren, the rest have no potential as models.

    Here's my opinions of them

    Whitney - Like with all past plus size girls, the panel will gradually cut her apart. I can hear Nigel sharpening the knives of "I secretly hate fat girls". I give her five episodes.....

    Allison - A sexy version of Sara Silverman. She'll make it to the final three and is the runner up.

    Lauren - The panel latest pet project in the mold of Heather and Shandi. She can't walk, has that ugly pretty vibe and marches to her own beat. I say she'll make it to the final four.

    Claire - At first I thought she was extremely fugly. But, she has such a unique face. I think she would be a great editoral model. I pick her as my wildcard. Makes it overseas.

    Stacy Dweeb - I can't believe somebody was stupid enough to marry her. Her head is shaped like a box and just as empty. I peg her for elimination in episode three.

    Anya - Russian surfer accent??? Nice body, but once she opens her mouth, there goes any chance of winning. I say out in episode six.

    Amis - Somebody give a jar of Oil of Olay. Her skin was so oily that I had to adjust the tint on the TV screen. I going to say the sixth girl eliminated.

    Domanique - Add Lisa, Coryn and Jeada into a large bowl, mix 2 gallons of male growth hormones and add a pound of attitude. She'll miss out on the makeover...

    Katwhateverhernameis - All I see is Bud, Coors Light, Barcardi and Hooters, but she has a slammin body and beautiful face. Plus what's better, she's a hot Ivy leaguer. I pick her as the winner........

    Marvita - Do you think Covergirl execs would ever have her as a spokesperson? Nope and she misses the flight to go overseas.

    Kim - She gets the dumb blonde tag slapped on her. Her face resembles a pug. She's the eigth girl to get canned

    Fatima - She'll get the Iman card thrown at her. She probably has the best body for runway. She makes into the final three

    Amiee - I really have no opinion of her.....Fourth girl gone.

    Atalya - I read that she went to Barbizon, anybody that gets scammed by them doesn't deserve to win. I say she's gone next week.....
    This is a modeling competition, not Miss America, thus, being "pretty" in the modeling world is totally different from being "pretty" by everyday standards. Moreover, I would assert that Fatime, Kimberely, Kat and Dominique are are FAR FROM BEING UGLY. My boyfriend even thinks these girls are hot (esp. Dominique). Overall these girls are quite beautiful.

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    I was soooo excited about tonight, but then i ended up missing it
    Does anyone know when the episode will be on the CW website???

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Alright, new order of what I want to happen:

    14. Marvita
    13. Atalya
    12. Stacy Ann
    11. Whitney
    10. Dominique
    9. Kimberly
    8. Lauren
    7. Allison
    6. Anya
    5. Amis
    4. Claire
    3. Katarzyna
    2. Aimee
    1. Fatima

    Quote Originally Posted by EmeraldLionEyes;2804709;
    This is a modeling competition.
    Since when?

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Here are notes I took on the girls during the show (yes I am aware I'm a dork for taking notes ):

    Amis - Funny, likeable, sweet, random.

    Anya - Funny, cute, driven, grateful.

    Allison - Funny, tells-it-like-it-is, outgoing.

    Aimee - Better looking in person. Loves mom but rebels from mormon upbringing.

    Atalya - The "I LOVE YOU TYRA" girl, sweet, passionate about modeling. Lisp.

    Katarzyna - Cute, Cornell, sweet, down-to-earth. (I love her! The fact that she went to Cornell doesn't hurt).

    Kimberly - I initially wrote slow, and then I added a very before it. Cute, bubbly, nothing going on upstairs.

    Marvita - Defensive, ignorant, reminds me of Robyn (C1) because of the Jesus thing.

    Dominique - Confident, tells-it-like-it-is. Abused by former boyfriend.

    Lauren - Bad walker, doesn't like screaming, nice.

    Whitney - Confident, tells-it-like-it-is. Happy with her plus-size-ness.

    Claire - Mother & wife, funny.

    Fatima - Two-faced. A little Melrose in her, like she's mean to the girls and nice to Tyra. Perfectionist. Pretty, though.

    Stacy Ann - Upbeat, spunky, married, always wanted to give a lap dance. Loved her music.

    What I want:

    14. Marvita
    13. Fatima
    12. Stacy Ann
    11. Dominique
    10. Claire
    9. Allison
    8. Aimee
    7. Whitney
    6. Lauren
    5. Anya
    4. Amis
    3. Atalya
    2. Kimberly
    1. Katarzyna

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    Re: 2/20 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    I think without a doubt the girls to watch for are

    Aimee,Amis,Lauren,Kata,Anya,Cl aire,Fatima,Atalya

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