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Thread: Whats your favourite ANTM EPISODE?

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    Re: Whats your favourite ANTM EPISODE?

    Quote Originally Posted by sneaky177;2800255;
    I loved The Girl who gets a Mango in cycle 9. Just the whole selling kitchen items with Tyson Beckford and then Heather and her group winning the challenge. My other favourite would have to be in cycle 6 when they did the wild'n'out challenge.
    I thought it was hilarious when Bianca poured water out of the water can and said, "It can get real wet," and when Chantal was selling the popsicle. I can't believe I didn't mention that episode.

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    Re: Whats your favourite ANTM EPISODE?

    I like all the episodes that show never before seen clips or like this year's 2 episodes that included the most memorable clips from cycles 1-9, I always love those.
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    Re: Whats your favourite ANTM EPISODE?

    I'd have to go with The Girls Get Really Naked from cycle 1. First off, if anyone were to tell me that Adrianne would win a challenge involving ettiquette, I'd have pee'd my pants from laughing so hard. Plus it's the beginning of the whole "to be naked or not to be naked" debate. Plus they sent Robin home which made me happy.

    Also, I loved The Girl Who Wants It Bad simply because it's the very first eposide ever. It's kinda like Snow White, the one who started it all and without which there would not be any of the other great memories.
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    Re: Whats your favourite ANTM EPISODE?

    Yeah i really liked the 1st episode too...
    There was something very endering about Adrianne sticking her head out the window with her tounge out doinr rock fingers in Times Square. That episode was so simple,everyone was just starting out,even Tyra!
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    Re: Whats your favourite ANTM EPISODE?

    MY favorite episode is the first of cycle 9, Heather gets called first, awesome fight between Bianca and Lisa.
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    Re: Whats your favourite ANTM EPISODE?

    The first one that came to mind was C7's "The Girl Who Go To Texas": AJ's episode highlight, runway, Monique's demise, overall fun. Also, C7's casting is easy to watch over and over.

    C2's "The Girls Who Go To Milan" eppy was another great one. Fantastic shoot, go-sees, Italy in general.

    C1's "The Girl Who Deals With A Pervert" eppy is up there as well. Watch Elyse kick major butt at the Paris go-sees and tell me she wasn't destined for success in the fashion world.

    C5's "The Girl Who Loves Bubbles and Talks to Plants" or "Lisa's Amazingness in 42 minutes".
    "It's either s**t or champagne; it's either/or, it's either fantastic or it's not fantastic. You can turn it around any which way you want about having real people and real sizes and shorter and petite and whatever, we just wanna see great, big, gorgeous, tall, thin girls walking down the runway."

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    Re: Whats your favourite ANTM EPISODE?

    The Cycle 6 episode where they had the falling photoshoot and the judging test with the Vivianne Westwood shoes was great!

    The Cycle 3 episode with the commercial in Japanese and the Taye Diggs challenge was also great. So was the Spider Shoot actually...

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    Re: Whats your favourite ANTM EPISODE?

    Cycle 1

    The girls go to paris. It's the start of the internation destination that makes the show more interesting. Love the lingerie near effel tower photo shoot. And shannon was so cute in that episode.

    Cycle 2

    The girls go to milan. My most favourite high fashion shoot ever. But the scenery and cultural atmosphere sucks compared to paris.

    Cycle 3

    Erm, the one that janice and nigel showing norelle how to be close to the guy and later nigel kiss janice on the cheeks? That was the highlight of the cycle!

    Cycle 4

    Casting, all the episodes ever since they fly to cape town(animal, kloofing, dance), finale runway(OMG, kahlen and naima are the BOMB!). Who can ever forget double elimination & tyty's ranting at tiffany, "Be quiet...Stop it! I have never yelled at a girl like this."

    Cycle 5

    "Cause we are all going to london!" =)

    Cycle 6

    Episodes that show case jade and her hilarious, dumb comments. Eg: commercial, elephant, etc.

    Cycle 7

    Casting. Controversy photo shoot. The girls go to spain.

    Cycle 8

    Recap episode. Yup, this cycle suck so much.

    Cycle 9

    Casting, all the episodes jenah has done well in =)

    Honourable mention: Cycle 2 shandi 's "YOU HAD SEX?"
    Don't worry, anya. I still love you

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    Re: Whats your favourite ANTM EPISODE?

    I Can't Think of the title, but the episode when Chantal mimics Bianca was comic genius to me.

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    Re: Whats your favourite ANTM EPISODE?

    I dont have fav eps, but here are some memorable eps:

    I love the episode when Heather gets eliminated.
    Its not that I like seeing her go, but it was sooo incredibly touching.
    And her elimination speech was... WOW.
    <3 Heather!

    Jenah's elimination was also memorable...
    Where she spews rainbows.

    And something incredibly memorable...
    The double elimination in C4.
    Tyra shouting for the first time.
    Oh wow.
    'ive never in my life yelled at a girl like this!'

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