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Thread: ANTM girls with prior modeling experience?

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    Re: ANTM girls with prior modeling experience?

    Quote Originally Posted by hotsauce;2793023;
    I've seen the Anchal pics. She was actually in the background.
    I know, ive seen it too... she was doing an editorial with NATALIA VODIANOVA... the biggest supermodel like ever

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    Re: ANTM girls with prior modeling experience?

    Quote Originally Posted by derekt;2798481;
    sometimes i wonder is that a lie ?
    i love renee but ........
    I don't know if it is. But, I won't truely believe it until she comes up with proof.

    I don't like Renee actually. hehe
    Joanie. Jenah. Yaya. Anya. Fatima. Katarzyna. Elyse.

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    Re: ANTM girls with prior modeling experience?

    Quote Originally Posted by StarrieEyedKat;2798621;
    I just think it should be either all the contestants have had some experience or none of them have. It's an unfair competition to scout someone or accept someone who's never had any experience and doesn't know the first thing about being in a photoshoot and pit them against someone who's been in those situations and knows about angles and posing and lighting and all the technical things already.
    Yeah because the modelling industry is all about being fair! I think NOT.

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    Re: ANTM girls with prior modeling experience?

    Quote Originally Posted by emynndajl;2798801;
    All of you that are complaining about experienced models are making no sense. Its not like all of the experienced girls are suddenly supermodels. Take Saleisha or even Kimberly from cycle 9. They had experience. did that make them good models? No. Jenah, and some others who had little to no experience were the stars of that season. And we also got girls like Kahlen, Dani, Jenah, and so on who have had zero experience, but performed 10 times better than the experienced girls in their season.

    Another reason why it shouldn't matter is because the 'experience' that you all are whining about is 9 times out of 10 just a young girls pitiful attempts to get the foot in the door of modelling. If they banned girls with anyn previous modelling, we would be missing quite a few fan favorites, like Lisa J, Jaslene, etc, and many fan favorites from this coming season like Whitney, Anya, Marvita, and many others wouldnt have been allowed through the door.

    Basically, just because we had a bad experience with Saleisha, we shouldn't take it out on everybody who has attempted to model already.
    Just what I was about to say, thank you. For every Jenah, Kahlen, and Danielle that has come into the game with no experience and rocked it, there have had plenty of girls who had done a lil' this and that who are just as beloved by fans.

    In another thread, someone said that they hate girls who come on ANTM and don't want to model. A lot of times, if a girl really wants to be a model and comes on ANTM, she will have tried to get into the industry before. I know a lot of people have similar feelings--that is, they want to see a winner who loves fashion and modeling and considers it their passion. A passion like that isn't likely to be discovered in a girl who one day says "what the heck, let's try and win ANTM!"

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