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Thread: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    Some comments.

    One, a lot of people seem to be asserting that because Whitney has a positive outlook about herself, she's a diva. That's just absurd. If generalizations like that are being made, wouldn't that mean any girl who doesn't talk about herself has no self confidence? I think it's off the wall.

    And I absolutely don't think Fatima's a bitch. At all. It probably does stem from something cultural. She is a black woman who came from a very poor upbringing, and she still presents herself intelligently. I totally understand her sentiment. Maybe I won't be able to ever understand the other side, being a middle class white male, but as of now, that's where my opinion stands.

    These videos have totally rearranged my favorites. My current top six (in no particular order) would be Claire, Whitney, Fatima, Stacy-Ann, Amis, and Aimee.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    I don't mind truly "bitchy" personalities as long as they don't excuse it with "I'm just being real and honest." Real and honest does not mean rude.

    But there isn't enough to go on for anyone, really, from the Yahoo preview. Fatima got the obvious edit, which probably means she'll end up being best friends with the girl she made the ghetto comment to ...

    There are some possible models in the group. I've got a few I'll keep my eye on.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    I don't see really how Fatima is bitchy. All I gathered from the video about her is that I like how she looks in pictures better than in person. It's the opposite with Anya, I like her more in person.
    I'm a little sad Kat looks old in person, but at least she doesn't in pictures (not to me, anyway.) I didn't really hear much of an accent when she talked. I still like her.
    I'm surprised about Stacy Ann because I thought she would be the tough girl but she's just a bubbly girl, so I like her a little more. Although she screams one of the first four eliminated to me.
    I LOVE Claire now! Looking at some of her shots in group pictures makes me realize she actually does photograph well. She certainly has a lot of personality with the whole breastfeeding thing in her audition and she looks good in person.
    Aimee and Amis to me were forgettable.
    I still like Atalya, Kat, and Kimberly. I like her smushed face as Tyra said.
    Lauren I'm not so thrilled about. She's bland and something tells me she doesn't want this too badly.
    Marvita & Dominique are whatever for me.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    Aimee - Very Beautiful

    Allison - don't get this girl...SOOOO boring

    Amis - Interesting....reminds me of someone

    Anya - I love her...Tall and seems like an interesting girl

    Atalya - Pretty, funny, gap!

    Claire - Soo hilarious. Hate dher at first but now I love her.

    Dominique - Looks like a mixture of Coryn + drag queen(sorry, its true) + Jade + third person + mama

    Fatima - Channelling Iman... I like her voice...Hate her hair... I don't really think she's bratty...She's just sorta straightforward and in-yo-face!

    Katarzyna - Very european Love her accent and runway walk.

    Kimberley - Love her different look. She lloks like a more commerical Gemma Ward. But hate the boots....urrgh

    Lauren - Ummm...don't really like her look. Personality is okay though. Sooo Rocker Chic!

    Marvita - Don't understand her look...And last cycle wasn't she from Alaska but now she's from California....hmmmmm

    Stacy-Ann - So amazingly cute. Hated her before but now shes awesome.

    Whitney - Oh My God! The best plussy since Toccara. I love her intelligent personaltiy. She is one of mmy favorites since watching the video.
    Favorites: Whitney, Aimee, Anya, Kat, Claire, Fatima

    Maybees: Stacy Ann, Amis, Dominique, Lauren

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    This Video Made Me Love Whitney & Katarzyna even more.

    Love Everything about Whitney except her tension in her lips when she thinks she's fierce, but Kat is perfection (IS She FroM America?)

    1. Shannon | 2. Shandi | 3. Amanda | 4. Kahlen | 5. Nik | 6. Joanie | 7. Melrose | 8. Jaslene | 9. Jenah | 10. Anya

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    My thoughts on the girls:
    Allison: B-I-T-C-H!!! When I saw her she was gorgeous though. But she doesn't look NOTHING like Jaslene as I thought she did. Also, Allison reminds me of Filipina actress who I just can't remember. She's more beautiful than she is shown on the promo pictures and I like that. If only she wasn't a bitch...But if she's abrasive, she might be a Victoria.. hmmm. I might like her after all.

    Aimee: Beautiful and cute.. Not fair that she didn't get to talk. Looked very different from her pictures.

    Amis: BeautifuL!!! And i Do see the Eva Mendes thing that she says she have. She is beautiful and I love her still

    Anya: Gorgeous! I don't see the annoyingness in her. However, if she is like Natasha, she's bound to be annoying BUT in a good way that I like XD

    Atalya: Beautiful and intellectual in my opinion. I see a bit of Yaya in her. Something-that-makes-her-snobbish-because-she's-smart-thing. But hopefully she doesn't turn out to be like Yaya. BUT SHE IS BEAUTIFUL STILL

    Claire: Beautiful!!!! I guess prejudgement is so unfair and untrue. Claire is wonderful and I lover her more than ever. The hair is interesting too. Naima look will do wonders for her time in ANTM!!!!

    Dominique: cplc1592 thinks Dominique is interesting because cplc1592 thinks that the third person thing is funny. cplc1592 thinks Dominique is beautiful and hope that Dominique is not a bitch. cplc1592 hopes she does well but might not after all.

    Fatima: Old looking woman... I wonder what made her look young. However, I didn't like how she looked in the ad because she looks silly. Her individual pic is beautiful though. I really think she's overrated

    Katarzyna: Beautiful and interesting. I get that Amanda Cycle 3 feel from her. Stunning eyes. Wonderful if with blonde hair because SHE LOOKS THE BOMB!!!! Beautiful walk too

    Kimberly: lol! Squeeshed face!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I find that funny. She is beautiful still. I think she'll do fine.

    Lauren: OMG is it just me or when she was speaking, SHE LOOKED MEGA-OLD!!!!! AS HELLL I WAS SHOCKED! She walked terrible too. I hate her even more than I do already.

    Marvita: Frustratingly annoying. I don't find her pretty at all. But I'm glad she had an epiphany. However, I feel that she is like Tiffany Cycle 4 and I don't like that she may be like that. She isn't pretty at all to me

    Stacy-Ann: Beautiful and Dani-cloan. Her voice reminds me of my classmate.. meaning I don't like her.

    Whitney: WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFULLY AND AMAZINGLY MODELICIOUS!!! TOP OF THE LINE PLUS SIZE. Although I thought her voice didn't fit her look! LOL! I really pray she does well because she is extremely beautiful.

    MY current Rankings
    1. Whitney
    2. Anya
    3. Claire
    4. Amis
    5. Aimee
    6. Katarzyna
    7. Allison
    8. Kimberly
    9. Atalya
    Might like
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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    Quote Originally Posted by antmlove1;2784144;
    Ew, fatima looks disgusting in person. she looks like an insect mixed with brandi cycle 4. she resembles nothing of iman. she looks boney and ew. im grossed out and the hair looks like trash to me. im sorry, but i lost all the love from her smiling with the eyes in the group shot. her personality seems fug also. she also doesn't have a accent to, man i wish for some african fire baby, fatima is ew.

    katazyna looks pretty boring, im not impressed, i think she is overrated , but i like her personality.

    aimee looks pretty dull in the preview, i have to see more of her, but i love her face she is stunning

    stacey ann looks pretty commercial, not high fashion. but if you put a lot of makeup i think she can make it work. shes cute though

    whitney sounds confident and lovely. but im not feeling her face

    allison- she can't walk imo. her face resembles nicole and jaslene mixed together. i swear to god.

    lauren- loving her, but she needs a make over fast. and she only looks good with make up, but i think she has the most beautiful face. her neck is a bit short, but i still love her.

    anya looks like ann cycle 3, her nose bothers me to the max! but she looks cuteish, but not modelesque without makeup and beautified

    dominque- looks like a charlie's angel very gorgeous, but her eyebrow looks pinched 24/7 what is up with that. but she looks beautiful, but not high fashion.

    claire- im starting to like her, she has a interesting personality, but not modelesque look, but very interesting personality and sparkle

    amis- i love her! personality bomb, shes my favorite. she, lauren, then aimee are my top 3! i love her, she looks beautiful. she is the same in the promo and in this video to me, bubbly, sexy, and very ambrealish.

    kimberly- big forehead, she will probably get bangs for her makeover. but i love the face. she resembles nothing of gemma ward, she looks completely different. but still high fashion

    atayla- she is boring to me, i don't like girl next door. that makes them boring (cough saleisha) she probably be sent home first.

    marvita- sorry i still don't like her. she looks like a grandma

    im really confused on how this is the best cast. to me only like a few girls pop out, none of these girls look like models without make up and standing there. maybe except kimberly and aimee. the others need alot of work to make it to the top.

    still to me cycle 9 was the best cycle. jenah, lisa, heather, kimberly, victoria all looked like models from the start even in the intro.

    this season im disappointed, none of them are doing it for me. but my favs are lauren, amis, aimee, kim, stacey ann

    Are you honestly kidding? You think Atalya is nothing special. She has that nice, sweet endeering bersatile, great bone structured amazon beauty. You will be surprsied.

    Aimee is soooooooo forgettable abd si us Stacey- Ann she's like a abby. She's gone first.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    They look great but I'm still slightly concerned that Tyra's opening sentence was "there's alot of personalities here" hinting that she's still stuck on her obsession with personality...? Also when she said ANTM is all about giving chances to those that may be deprived. Does this mean that those with more potential may not have made it because they didn't have a story. Just speculation, but I hope this isn't still the case as it's getting kinda boring!

    On the whole I'm quite pleased though, they seem to have quite a good range even if a couple do still look the same to me *cough Aimee/Anya cough*

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    Also, it's all up to opinion. In my opinion, Atalya isn't one of the standout girls. She's beautiful but pales in comparison to a lot of the others--like Stacy-Ann and Aimee.
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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    Quote Originally Posted by bianca=ANTM9;2784819;
    Are you honestly kidding? You think Atalya is nothing special. She has that nice, sweet endeering bersatile, great bone structured amazon beauty. You will be surprsied.

    Aimee is soooooooo forgettable abd si us Stacey- Ann she's like a abby. She's gone first.
    Atalya is soo boring, imo. Remember guys, she likes waking up and seeing how good her face is. Concieted.

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