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Thread: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    All the girls need an extreme makeover.
    The only model is Anya and maybe Kimberly, i don't like the rest, especially Fatima, she is really thin, REALLY thin.

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    Re: Everyone Look What I Found

    Quote Originally Posted by bianca=ANTM9;2783749;
    This Is What I Think Of The Girls

    Katarzyna- Sweetheart
    Allison- Rude Girl
    Lauren-edgy Not Fitting In Girl
    Fatima-really Mean
    Atalya- Great Walk And I Don't See The Commerical
    Aimee- Aw..... Sweetie
    Kimberly- Best Natural Blonde Ever
    Dominique- Hello Ms. Jade
    Stacey-ann- Tries To Hard
    Claire- I Still Dont Like Anything About Her
    Marvita- Stands For What She Believes In
    you forgot about whitney.. i think she's a white version of tocarra or whitney cycle8
    trust in God,have faith
    "KATAlyzing the KATwalk"

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    Quote Originally Posted by Celsiso;2783979;
    Haha, I'm kind of disappointed that my two pre-preview favorites (Allison and Fatima) are the mean ones.
    Tell me about it! But you know, Nata was a complete bitch during her audition and then they that all seemed to change. Same with Eva (kind of ). A lot of people are saying that they think Fatima (who looked beautiful, by the way) was like Yaya, but I really see it more like Natasha because I think her comments were culturally driven and not bitch-driven. I guess I will just have to wait and see. And as for Allison being a bitch ... say it ain't so, Tyra! Victoria was abrasive and we all know what happened to her. Hopefully she won't be the one starting the arguments. My last comment is that I will just die if Whitney, Allison, and Fatima argue with one another! I love them all!

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    Quote Originally Posted by RealityLovesMe;2784313;
    Same with Eva (kind of ).
    No, Eva was a bitch during the whole season; Hate her.

    Ebony C9 was a bitch in the casting

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    Dominiques hair is sooo long!!!!
    Fatima is a total b**ch!She sounds like jade!
    Lauren cannot walk,either can many actually!

    Wonder when the shots from the photoshoot wil be out
    Whitness to Whitneys fierceness.
    Anya way to the top!

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    Aimee - a bit disappointed but she's fresh and loveable I hope she's not dull because if she is, she won't be in the top 5
    Allison - well she's tall but I need to see more of her
    Amis - I like her, not very modelesque though (she's more on the tv reality side I think)
    Anya - I love her ,minus the nose as a lot of people
    Atalya - She is pretty but nothing really special
    Claire - her personality seems to be her biggest asset so she will go far.Other than that she's not that great.
    Dominique -she's ok but I think coryn was prettier at the time
    Fatima - beautiful girl but I hope she's not bitchy like the edit wants her to be
    Kata - I agree with tyra, she has a romantic face, she also has the bedroom eyes ala chantal
    Kimberly - she's interesting but right now I'm not a fan
    Lauren - fug, I'm sorry I see nothing in this girl except her height
    Marvita - She's prettier on photos
    Stacy-Ann - well actually she seems nice and she's prettier in person
    Whitney-diva attitude? well we'll see but she's interesting too

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    Fatima looks ridiculously beautiful in those videos. IMO, she's really one of - if not the best contestant they've ever had.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    #1 Dominique is wearing a weave everyone should know that and she looks old
    #2Aimee seems dull pale and boring
    #3 Kat looks old, good walk
    #4 kimberly looks great
    #5 ata looks great an good walk
    #6clair seems so cool
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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    My views about the girls now.

    Aimee - She's prettier than what I expected but she's too cutesy.
    Allison - kinda bland
    Amis - I didn't like her face at the end of her runway walk. Plus, I now didn't see the lesbian part I saw from her before.
    Anya - I still love her. However, I think she's prettier in photos. Her face is also striking and unique.
    Atalya - I like her face now more than ever before.
    Claire - I think I'll lurve her. Very unique and I also saw the Mandy Moore in her.
    Dominique - I now appreciate her body but the face is still meh to me.
    Fatima - She's still my no. 1 favorite. What a gorgeous woman she is.
    Kata - I like her runway walk but I think she'll be boring and too technical.
    Kimberly - I love love love her still but she's too mysterious for me.
    Lauren - I thought Lauren's gonna win this at first but now, she just in the bottom. Runway=disaster
    Marvita - She looks like a meerkat.
    Stacy-Ann - She's like Kelle I think.
    Whitney- I think I'll love Whitney's attitude and for sure she'll not be boring like Sarahc9 is.

    There you go.

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    Re: Cycle 10 Yahoo Preview

    Quote Originally Posted by madman;2784058;
    Even if Fatima is a bitch (which we do not know for sure, since the show hasn't even started) what does that have to do with her modelling potential?

    Didn't we complain last cycle about Tyra focusing on bubbling personalities and rainbows?

    Don't we all love Miss Elyse Sewell? The one girl that bitched about how stupid the other girls were?

    Seriously, let us just wait for the cycle to start.

    With that being said, I do hope she becomes a bitch and stays 'till the end. Bitches are the ones that make this show worth watching.

    darn, I'm so agreeing with yah.

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