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Thread: Whitney - Cycle 10

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    Re: Whitney - Cycle 10

    Quote Originally Posted by Afrocentric;3027427;
    You're right that she's probably not as fair as Anya, but what I was getting at is that Whitney's tan isn't a suntan as in it didn't come from the sun. That is most definitely a mystic tan or some kind of self-tanner. It's really evident in her Versace-esque polaroids and in other recent photos...
    Ahh. Yup. I should have realized that what what you meant.

    Of course all of the self-tanners that I have seen on people have been waaaaaayyyyyy orange, spotty and bad. I have heard that the ones you pay for are better than the ones that come in a bottle and you slop on yourself.

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    Re: Whitney - Cycle 10

    Quote Originally Posted by guii;3027454;
    I think she looks great with both haircolors, but she needs to go back to the length.
    Oh, yes, absolutely. Most plus-size models have long hair, especially the younger ones. I adored Whitney's makeover. It's the look that she won with, and I hope she grows her hair out to the length that her extensions gave her.

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    Re: Whitney - Cycle 10

    Quote Originally Posted by Dara;3027279;
    A tan will fade.
    true, and it could be one of those mystic spray tans.

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    Re: Whitney - Cycle 10

    Well, I'm talking to Whitney on facebook chat right now which is like, real time messenger and she says she doesn't know if her billboard is out yet but she loves New York

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