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Thread: Dominique - Cycle 10

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    Re: Dominique - Cycle 10

    Why is she still there? She has no potential at all! Nigel even said, her commercial made him laugh but for all the wrong reasons. Surely that's a sign then, Nige, that she should be gone. The director looked horrified by her performance too.

    Edit:Actually I think it was Paulina that said it, but thats not the point.
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    Re: Dominique - Cycle 10

    Of course, she's the main pet of Tyra this season. Eew
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    Re: Dominique - Cycle 10

    She is such a clown and even Miss Jay is making fun of her!
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    Re: Dominique - Cycle 10

    She is on there just for drama and because she is someone you can laugh at. Her commercial was hillarious. So I dislike her immensely, but I am very amused by her. But I am beginning to feel a bit sorry for her, since she is kept so they can laugh at her, and that is really kind of mean to do. It is definitely not for modeling potential--just about every guest has remarked on her lack of potential or how old she looks. Even though the haircut aged her, even with long hair she still looked old. I am beginning to wonder if she is even really 23.

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    Re: Dominique - Cycle 10

    Ms. Jay: "I still think she's a brotha."

    This quote sums up life, or at least the fuggest thing about it.

    Really, though, Dominique is the poor man's Jade and should probably host Girlicious, or at least gain significant reality television exposure. She's a laugh-a-minute, and brightens my life.

    That brightness... is almost... blinding. Not to mention priceless.

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    Re: Dominique - Cycle 10

    Her commercial had me on the floor... I loved how Miss Jay couldn't contain herself...
    It was just a hot mess and a joke...

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    Re: Dominique - Cycle 10

    Quote Originally Posted by Starbucks880;2944987;
    I am beginning to wonder if she is even really 23.
    And what her gender is. This "girl" is an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

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    Re: Dominique - Cycle 10

    She is seriously amazing...she's so funny. Dom makes for some amazing television.


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    Re: Dominique - Cycle 10

    Her commercial made me laugh so hard. She's like is Mr. Burns became a model. It wouldn't have looked weird or out of place if she started groping her hands, raising an eyebrow and saying "egggggselent" lol
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    Re: Dominique - Cycle 10

    She has zero potential or talent. She needs to get the boot.

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