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Thread: Claire - Cycle 10

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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    wow... she's soo mixed. european,american and asian!

    but yeah, she doesnt look like a model if i would describe her in our language she looked,"losyang" i dont know whats the translation to english. but im going to describe it. kinda looked oldie and not fierce. she should have a makeover. total makeover.
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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    Quote Originally Posted by topmodelx3;2820647;
    i don't think she should win.

    1) she is 24. that is very old to start.
    2) she has a child, she does not have time for modeling and won't take her career far.
    3) her look isn't high fashion, its edgy and fierce but lacks what this industry wants
    4) a good role model, but not a good model

    enough said.
    I soooo agree with you.

    She is fugly and looks old.
    BAD skin.
    I bet in a few weeks time nigel will harp on her oldness like what he did to renee.
    Take good photos, but that doesnt equate to high fashion.
    She cannot make it as a high fashion model.

    This season calls for a high fashion winner, and you know what it means.
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    Claire definately has potential and her pre-show pic was so unflattering. She has a few things going against her but I feel she could definately have some post-show success.

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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    i'm not warming up to her really, not one of my favorites. although her homeless picture was great, i just don't know yet...
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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    It is undeniable that her picture was awesome, that she looks younger and fresher than a lot of the girls, that she has a unique look as ms. jay said, that she is interesting, has a good personality, intelligent, well spoken, obviously a person of the people since she won cgotw therefore she would be the best winner ever, maybe the first to really be a huge star. I think she is already.

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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    her and katarzyna are my favorites=D

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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    I love her way more than pre-show! She's my fave.

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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    I love how people say she is too old and won't make it far because of that

    cycle 1
    robin was 26, made it to top 4
    ebony was 24

    cycle 2
    xiomara was 25
    camille was 25, made it to top 5

    cycle 3
    amanda was 25, made it to top 3
    magdalena was 24
    leah was 24

    cycle 4
    brita was 25
    christina was 24, made it to top 5

    cycle 5
    lisa was 24, made it to top 6

    cycle 6
    mollie sue was 25, although she didnt get far look at her now!
    nnenna was 24, made top 6
    furonda was 24, made top 5
    jade was 26, made top 3
    joanie was 24, runner up

    cycle 7
    oldest was melrose at 23

    cycle 8
    cassandra was 24

    cycle 9
    oldest was janet at 22

    most older girls that took bad photos were sent home early
    older girls with good photos got very far

    claire is one of the older girls with great photos, so she will get far

    plus I think the judges already like her more than other girls because her hands in the hobo picture didn't look great but she was still called 2nd

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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    I love how Claire has her own style and she is just so full of life and very energetic and spunky and of course a COVERGIRL

    America's next top Model is.... WHITNEY

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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    i think claire is beautiful point blank.
    team dominaire all the way
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