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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    it seemed in this episode like CLaire and DOminique solved their problems...
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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    Aw, Claire just seems really sweet. I don't understand her elimination at all. She was in the top half of this year's roster (as is Lauren) so it's a little weird when sh doesn't even make it overseas.
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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    Personally, I was never on the Claire bandwagon. Her photos have never been amazing, in my eyes, and her general look is nice, but not as memorable as it should be.

    But damn, they really edited her into the ground these couple episodes, didn't they? Her stock took a huuuuge nose dive.

    I would've much rather have kept Lauren too.
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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    i'm glad she's not the winner. i seriously thought she was going to be with the editing involved. she's too old to model anyway, she should stick to producing or whatever she does. or she can go on another reality show, she seems to like making the rounds between runway moms, antm, and there was another show she did while pregnant too.
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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    im kinda sad she's gone. but im happy coz kata won CGOTW
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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    I'm surprised she went early, she was also one of my favourites. Even though her performance was getting worse I think she could of pulled it together again, but I think she would of been eliminated before final 3 anyway, I just can't imagine her in the Covergirl shoot.
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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    Claire is a bit oblivious and fake, I'll admit even though I am really a fan of her overall look before the stupid wrong aging makeover.
    I think it was really telling when that designer said that she had a great walk but the wrong look, and I'm pretty sure that had she had a more natural-looking haircolor and her hair a bit longer, the response would have been totally different. Am I wrong or she did win the two challenges with her natural hair?
    In any case, it's obvious that Tyra had it out for her since the last episode, which was a sudden change, because she loved her before.

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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    I wish the best for Claire. I'm so sad she's gone bye bye now. Her pose in the Meat Packing is stamped in my mind. I love her.
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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    Quote Originally Posted by Tickety;2880719;
    She's interesting but I just do not like her anymore. It definitely looks like an edit for someone going home soon, and I wouldn't mind if she does!
    I'm so glad Tyra listened to me. Now if only she'd listen more...

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    Re: Claire - Cycle 10

    Claire's like the Bear Stearns of ANTM. Everything was going great for her (I think prior to the music shoot, her call out was the highest) than in one episode she takes a major nosedive and is surprisingly eliminated the next.

    I do think she was purposely edited negatively in the last two episodes. She was winning CGOT and the editors realized they needed to portray her more negatively in order to prevent some backlash for giving her the boot.

    I'm fine with her going, as long as Stacy-Ann and Dominique follow in the next two weeks.

    Her meat-packing shot is one of my faves for this cycle though.

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