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Thread: Amis - Cycle 10

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    Re: Amis - Cycle 10

    Quote Originally Posted by Dax;2774815;
    I'm not judging by those photos because I thought the photos of Jenah were horrible and she ended up being awesome.

    Still I'm not over the tongue.

    really!? i loved jenah's pre show photos! thats what made me a jenah fan...

    anyways, amis isn't my cup of tea... her body needs work and her jaw is slightly unflattering
    !The Fiercest Photos Of Cycle 10!

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    Re: Amis - Cycle 10

    I thought she looked really ugly. Really really bad and then pow!, she surprised me in the show.

    Hopefully Amis will do the same. I really want this cycle to prove that ANTM can and have the potential to develop great models so I hope everybody does well.
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    Re: Amis - Cycle 10

    ^^ me too.
    Katarzyna should have won ANTM
    Take this, Tyra!

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    Re: Amis - Cycle 10

    Quote Originally Posted by hottfroggy77;2774817;
    her jaw is slightly unflattering
    Are you serious?? I love her jaw.
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    Re: Amis - Cycle 10

    based on what we've seen so far, she's really good at transforming into different looks.

    in one picture she looks like milla jovovich, in another she looks like megg(c7), and in another picture she looks like brooke(c6).

    i think she has got tons of potential.

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    Re: Amis - Cycle 10

    in the group shot she looks like lisa cycle 5 imo and a bit of megg cycle 7. love her! she is one of my favorites. what a beautiful personality BOMB. she is stunning and has the longest neck ever and most beautiful skin.

    i hope she, aimee, and lauren are top 3 or fatima

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    Re: Amis - Cycle 10

    love amis ... I love both of the amys, along with stacy, lauren and atalya.

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    Re: Amis - Cycle 10

    i get an adrogynous vibe from her
    Bring on cycle 11. cycle 10's winner = YUCK.

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    Re: Amis - Cycle 10

    her profile view is to die for. gorgeous girl. at first i didn't really like her, but i'm falling for her! darn you amis!
    i keep bleeding love.

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    Re: Amis - Cycle 10

    She looks so good in the promo.. i get an amanda peet vibe from her.. i hope she doesn't look like jenna that much or even worse, tyra giving her jenna's makeover cause i never really like jenna. Amis looks promising, I love her along with lauren and kimberly

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