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Thread: New Cycle 10 Spoiler Thread **SPOILERS ONLY**

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    Re: New Cycle 10 Spoiler Thread **SPOILERS ONLY**

    I believe the spoiler for some reason. I mean, its seems so true and i can see it all happening. Belive me, i like those two but its not who i wanted as the top 2. But i think it totally seems bbeliveable

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    Re: New Cycle 10 Spoiler Thread **SPOILERS ONLY**

    Quote Originally Posted by topmodelx3;2860338;
    thats not for you to know hunny, you should be thankful for whatever i have said, watch next week you'll see
    Considering you just spoke down to me like I'm a naive child, I can't wait to see how wrong that spoiler is.

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    Re: New Cycle 10 Spoiler Thread **SPOILERS ONLY**

    Me too. Aimee's going home next week-watch.

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    Re: New Cycle 10 Spoiler Thread **SPOILERS ONLY**

    As much as Aimee is awesome, I'm still not sure because I need to hear from Babycakes. (While it's great the spoiler says that Anya, Aimee, Lauren, and Claire make it to final six...I'm still precautious and I'd rather hear from Babycakes).
    Cycle 10 Overall Favs!

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    Re: New Cycle 10 Spoiler Thread **SPOILERS ONLY**

    Quote Originally Posted by topmodelx3;2860284;
    oh my god, i just have a 100% exact spoiler. i am not joking around. i know who is going to win or gets top 3 and i know the exact order and reason why each girl gets sent home. my spoiler is from "cw top model division in sf and i saw the book and scripts of the orders"

    Next Week:

    You guys can kiss katarzyna goodbye because she is gone. her photoshoot was not horrible, but her face and presence still urked the judges so she was sent home for being too classy and catty in her photos.

    then stacey ann gets eliminated for "not improving enough"

    then its dominique for being too old and just commercial and not high fashion at all.

    As much as I would love this, but with Lauren winning it is FAKE. You did it just so Aimee can win, its not real or anything.

    By the way I have a source and Babycakes and I both confirmed Aimee is gone next week.

    sadly, whitney gets over sea but is eliminated first for being too commercial and just too plain to be on top

    claire is next in the go see. the go see people say she is bland and has a old face and doesn't look high fashion or new in any way and her personality and sparkle goes bye bye.

    according to "my source"

    fatima and Anya are bottom 2 next and either one of them went home. i think it was fatima because she couldn't translate into photographs like she looks in person and she barely improved.

    top 3

    aimee, anya, lauren

    covergirl lash blast photoshoot and commercial

    lauren struggles with commercial, but shines in the photoshoot

    anya struggles to fix her accent . photo was great

    aimee rocks it, relateable and sweet and all american but with an edge, photo was great

    aimee gets called first for being extraordinary.

    lauren and anya bottom 2

    anya goes home for having a heavy accent and not able to work through it

    top 2

    lauren and aimee

    aimee struts herself in the last runway, looking fierce and versatile and beautiful.

    lauren's walk improved but wasn't as great as aimee.

    Judging: both portfolio were versatile and great for industry, judges see both of them are very winnable.
    By the way, jay maneul will be here this time because it wasn't as big as a disappoint since last season.
    Jay states he is happy with both of them and thinks both can work and bring new fresh faces to the industry.
    the judges can't make up their mind and paulina goes crazy for lauren's bone structure and aimee's haunting eyes.
    tyra just doesn't know what she is talking about. nigel just doesn't care. miss jay thinks both are high fashion and

    two girls walk into panel, tyra says both of you are two of our stronger finalest of all cycles. but we feel that both you have
    potential and could bring a flavor to new york and fashion. then she says

    Americas Next Top Model Is..

    LONG PAUSE (aimee becomes very nervous and about to cry, Lauren also)




    our first redhead winner with a stunning portfolio and pure american sweet heart to a edgey sophisicated high fashion woman.

    in the end tyra states: Aimee is one of our strongest high fashion winner we have had and her pure american sweetheart personality has come through and shined into a edgey sohpiscated high fashion girl. Aimee will rock New York and Rock the world of fashion. Aimee is our new Americas next top Model.

    Lauren is sad but says she has enjoyed this competition and learned a lot of about herself and thinks she will continue and she says aimee is a great winner and she is happy losing to her.


    and the winning picture of aimee and tyra is a nymph doll like photoshoot where tyra and aimees hair mix together in crystaline flooring almost like cycle 7's water nymph shot.

    and there are hints of what miss jay says in the end that is for you to find out

    This is so fake, your doing this because you want this to be the order,

    Babycakes and I both confirmed the exact same top 6 and the model going home and that is Aimee

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    Re: New Cycle 10 Spoiler Thread **SPOILERS ONLY**

    Well that's what babycakes spoiler points towards...
    Aimee or Katarzyna...

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    Re: New Cycle 10 Spoiler Thread **SPOILERS ONLY**

    No it was only Aimee, Katarzyna makes it overseas.

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    Re: New Cycle 10 Spoiler Thread **SPOILERS ONLY**

    I'm talking about the 'nice girl and fan favourite' going in the next episode, it could be either of them.
    Although the scale favors Aimee... most likely she'll go home next, but if Katarzyna does... something's 'bout to pop here

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    Re: New Cycle 10 Spoiler Thread **SPOILERS ONLY**

    I know Aimee is gone, watch TOPMODELx3 spoilers are what she wants..... I like both girls though. Aimee doesen't do well. Her elimination is more emotional than Brooke Cycle 7. Would you like me to forward our message?

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    Re: New Cycle 10 Spoiler Thread **SPOILERS ONLY**

    I don't know what to believe anymore! Except for babycakes spoilers and I'll only hear from her

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