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Thread: Best Model of Each Position

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    Best Model of Each Position

    Don't know if something like this has already been done before but i was wondering about it last night whilst I was in bed, (because i'm sad like that) and it got me thinking.

    Who's been the best model of each position. i.e best winner, best runner-up, best 3rd, 4th etc. I'm just gonna do top 6 cos it gets a bit much if you do anymore.

    When i thought about it I had more than one for each position so i'm gonna do my fave in CAPS and any honourable metions in normal text. Try to pick a fave and just one or two extras (but of course it's up to you!) You can judge it both on performance in the show and post show work.

    So here goes:

    Best Winner: YOANNA, hons go to Nicole and Jaslene
    Best 2nd place: KAHLEN, hons go to Chantal and Joanie
    Best 3rd place: JENAH, Elyse and Renee
    Best 4th place: APRIL, Brittany and Ann
    Best 5th place: CHRISTINA, Heather and Brittany (but I like Kims post show work)
    Best 6th place: LISA C9, Nicole C3 and Lisa C5

    What does the rest of FORT think?

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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Best Winner(s): Nicole, Danielle, and Eva are equally successful
    Best Runner-Up(s):Chantal, Joanie, Kahlen
    Best Third Place:Jenah, Elyse, Renee
    Best 4th Place:Brittany[C4], April
    Best 5th Place:Christina , Heather, Brittany
    Best 6th Place:Lisa C5!! Lisa C9, Nicole

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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Winner: Danielle
    Runner-Up: Kahlen, Chantal
    Second Runner-Up: Jenah, Elyse, Renee
    Fourth: Brittany (C4)
    Fifth: Heather (C9), Michelle (C7), Norelle, Furonda
    Sixth: Lisa (C5&C9), Michelle (C4), Nicole (C3)

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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Best Winner(s):Yoanna,Adriane,CariD ee
    Best Runner-Up(s):Chantal, Kahlen,
    Best Third Place:Jenah, Renee
    Best 4th Place:Brittany[C4]
    Best 5th Place:Brittany
    Best 6th Place:Lisa C9, Nicole C3.

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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    1st: Caridee, Jaslene, Danielle, Adrianne
    2nd: Kahlen, Joanie, Natasha, Chantal, Mercedes, Yaya
    3rd: Jenah, Shandi, Elyse, Jade
    4th: Jayla, April, Dionne
    5th: Michelle C7, Heather C9, Furonda, Brittany C8, Kesse, Christina, Norelle
    6th: Lisa C9, Sarah C2, Jael, Nicole C3
    7th: Anchal, Brooke C7, Toccara
    8th: Rebecca
    9th: Ebony C9, A.J., Mollie-Sue
    10th: Felicia, Janet
    11th: Kari C6, Cassandra C5, Monique
    12th: Samantha, Ebony C5, Kimberly
    13th: Kathleen, Mila, Katherine, Brita

    The bold means my favourite models
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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Best Winner: Caridee, Danielle and Yoanna
    Best 2nd place: Kahlen and Joanie (I can't pick)
    Best 3rd place: Renee Jenah and Amanda are right behind
    Best 4th place: Amanda
    Best 5th place: Heather
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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Winner: Yoanna, Nicole, Adrianne, Danielle
    2nd Place: Joanie, Kahlen, Mercedes, Shannon
    3rd Place: Jenah, Elyse, Shandi, Amanda
    4th Place: April, Brittany (C4)
    5th Place: Heather, Brittany (C8), Kim, Michelle (C7)
    6th Place: Both Lisas, Sara (C2), Jael
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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Best Winner: YOANNA & JASLENE
    Best 2nd place: KAHLEN & NATASHA & CHANTAL
    Best 3rd place: JENAH & AMANDA & RENEE
    Best 4th place: APRIL & BRITTANY
    Best 6th place: LISA C9 & NICOLE C3 & MICHELLE C4
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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Best Winner: Danielle
    Best 2nd place: Kahlen
    Best 3rd place: Elyse
    Best 4th place: Brittany
    Best 5th place: Heather
    Best 6th place: Lisa C9

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    Re: Best Model of Each Position

    Winner: Nicole
    2nd: Chantal
    3rd: Amanda (C3)
    4th: April
    5th: Michelle (C7)
    6th: Lisa (C9)
    7th: Brooke (C6)
    8th: Rebecca (C4)
    9th: AJ
    10th: Felicia
    11th: Victoria
    12th: Samantha
    13th: Christian

    These girls all should have gone further, haha (except for Nicole who already won, obviously).
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